Deepika Padukone shares an adorable picture with Sanjay Leela Bhansali on his birthday. Parvin Dabbas is fantastic as the lecherous director and his best in the movie was the press conference sequences. Retrieved 13 May The following scenes will actually shock puritans, but they do work when it is eroticism you are looking at: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Mumbai Mumbai search close. LEAST pretend you’re serious for the genre.. But the meeting goes horribly wrong when Ragini stabs herself brutally in the neck.

I voted just two stars, just for Sunny Leone who happens to be the best thing about this movie. Yes it does lag during the flashback sequences but soon finds it way back. Sign in to vote. The insane mother agreed and the Baba chopped off the daughters’ heads. Post interval, relief is there during few frames where the ghost’s story is unveiled. Most of the time, they look irritating instead. To give you a fair idea of its story progression, after a good scary sequence right in the opening, we have the ‘Babydoll’ song and then the director straight away shows Sunny undressing in her green room, being watched by the in-film director openly. In fact, the movie will remind you early 80’s Ramsay’ classics like Purana Mandir and Veerna which had C-grade actors , blazing lights, big-old broken house.

However, Fagini won’t demand a ban on the movie or vandalize the theaters. When the villagers finally arrived, they assumed that the mother was practising witch craft and punished kss2 by hanging her from a tree, stoning her, and burning her alive. Some scary scenes are watchable but not full movie. The protagonist, played by Sunny Leone, shows off quite possibly everything in here, which, definitely, will work big time with the masses.

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Undoubtedly its a sleaze fest. Barring a few chills, this spooky fest has nothing more to offer. Was this review helpful to you? The makers thought the louder and the more jarring the sound, the more scared the audience would be.

Returning back home they continue with their lives. Even her name is Sunny Leone in the movie. The first song “Baby Doll” featuring Sunny Leone was released on YouTube receiving great response and went on to be a chartbuster.


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To which the director pulls out an epic quote- “Porno se Rituporno kab ban gayi”. But the problem arises when she has to act in dramatic scenes,,,and that’s the area when Sunny fails to act,,but that’s not a thing to worry because such scenes are very less in the movie Songs are the only mlvie lining in this boring flick with “Baby-Doll” and ” Chaar Bottle Vodka” being pick of the lot.

How tacky the film’s editing, script n set was its filled with useless scenes. Start your free trial. Plus, the addition of heavily explicit scenes makes it not only a bad film for children, but also for general people. I would like to see her in hot, glamorous roles indeed but not playing a porn-star.

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Alternate Versions An uncut version features a 42 second added sex scene that was deleted from the original cut. And surprisingly though, she acts pretty well, especially considering how insipidly written mas2 other characters are. In fact, the movie will remind you early 80’s Ramsay’ classics like Purana Mandir and Veerna which had C-grade actorsblazing lights, big-old broken house.

She’s eye catching by her performance. After all these deliberately inserted suggestive scenes the director returns back to his basic theme of horror in the last 15 minutes, exactly like a clean-up activity required post the dirty act. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Things go bad when characters fool around with the haunted location they chose to shoot. Can be watched with a typical Indian family?

The usual tricks of a horror movie are shown here also viz. That makes Rocks comment, ‘Tum Porno se Rituparno kab ban gayi. Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai. Madhureeta Mukherjee of the Times of India rated the movie 3. Ragini MMS 2 kicks off from where the first part ends but is saddened by over-the-top performance and lame script. Its a management concept she took TV stars hyped the movie on Sunny and sleaze and has definitely given a money churner.


Confessions of an Indian Teenager Gumrah: I have decided earlier to skip this movie,,as i wasn’t expecting anything from the movie,,as compared to first part which i liked actually Horror lovers should stay away for it is possible they may even mzs2 the genre for the rest of their lives after watching this.

The horror scenes are very similar to the recent Hollywood horror movie. There are a few spooky moments, but fewer leap-out-of-your-seat scenes. OK, the movie is not without its limitations, the witch’s back story defies logic, but yes then again it is illogical to look mse2 logic in horror features. So its not a movie for hardcore horror movie fans,,unless it is a film for those who wants some skin show and blue humour jokes The fingers from inside Sunny’s throat literally 3.

Ragini mms 2 is a bold attempt of balaji. Quite expectedly, menacing things begin to happen when the vengeful spirit kills the crew members one by one.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone ragin tablet! Kaali Shaktiyon Se Season 2 Upcoming. I would like to see her in hot, glamorous roles indeed but not playing a porn- star.

There’s even kiss shot between her and Sandhya Mridul as a mock-up of her lesbian porn- scenes. Following the same intentions, here is RAGINI MMS 2 ready to make a fool out of the viewers once again, with the western porn star Sunny Leone promising you the glimpses of something which you must have already seen in its complete form earlier.

Want to Make a Cult Classic? The Surgical Strike’ box office collection day Retrieved 19 November Sunny, who takes an instant liking to the script, seeks permission to meet the real Ragini Kainaz Motivalawho is now in a mental asylumto get a better in-depth look of the character she wants to portray.