Languages Deutsch Edit links. I suspect that the button was in a possition “on” and that caused that the heaters could work anytime in a day whereas before, the button was “off” and the heating used to kick in only at the night time. Since the functions of EA regarding this contract have been taken over by the Energy Networks Association. I hope this makes sense and hopefully someone can explain why my electricity is doing random things. Yes, my password is: Your name or email address: I’ve read about that aswell I’ll keep an eye on it, I just don’t like the fact that the suppliers say you get x amount of power for cheaper at night and charge you a slightly higher peak rate, then they don’t switch the meters and you’re actually paying a high rate. Hi just had to finish off a Teleswitch mains and earthing job tday.

Working out what went where was the challenge as the DNO gut cut or disconnected just about every tail on the off peak load. Discuss Radio teleswitch info? Log in or Sign up. The red switch rarely moves last seen to move 5 days ago! That’s what nPower’s website is saying. Wiring wise, I have two electricity meters, a radio teleswitch and two consumer units wired up as follows: Although each message will be received by all installed teleswitches, the unique user and group-codes carried by the message ensure that only teleswitches carrying the same combination of codes will act on it.

What do yo think?? Languages Deutsch Edit links. I think he has just replaced the prepayment meter with two seperate credit meters, essentially giving us THTC on credit. Your guiding light bulb.

That’s what nPower’s website is saying. Share This Page Tweet.

Radio teleswitch

Some Meters are set up for split E7, 2 hours at By continuing to use this site, raadio are agreeing to our use of cookies. I must say that Ive not seen them in a domestic single property, only where there are 2 supplies coming from the intake of a block of flats or maisonettes.

The red switch rarely moves last seen to move 5 days ago! I’ve posted all the connections on one of the above threads.


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We previously has prepayment Total Heat with Total Control 8 hrs cheap heating in any 24hrs, split between and If you accept you agree to our full cookie policy. Your name or email address: Can the RTS be adjusted to give me 24 hour power and if so do I need to get an electrician to adjust it or can it be altered remotely through the power supplier?

I also have no way of getting night rate on the domestic CU as it doesn’t have a toggle between ‘day’ and ‘night’ rates on the meter.

JohnD 25 Aug Teleswitching has also been used to help level out demand in areas where the supply network is close to capacity. Last night it came on around and, when I came down this morning at it was off. A 50 kW longwave transmitter transmitting a Hz wide signal could take over the teleswitch role with adequate nationwide coverage—but some legal provision would probably have to be made to make this possible. A radio teleswitch is a device used in the United Kingdom to allow electricity suppliers to switch large numbers of electricity meters between different tariff rates, by broadcasting an embedded signal in broadcast radio signals.

Tonight’s challenge – help me get my electricity back on! I hope this makes sense and hopefully someone can explain why my electricity is doing random things. Share This Page Tweet.

Scanning file for viruses. Three projects investigated the feasibility of using the telephone network, the distribution network and national radio for large scale energy management purposes.

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There are 7 in all. Hi just had to finish off a Teleswitch mains and earthing job tday.

The idea of phase modulating control and data signals onto the low frequency carrier wave used for broadcasting the BBC Radio 4 programmes was tested. The Central Teleswitch Control Unit CTCU system was radii in to replace the obsolete computing hardware with brand new, modern, fully supported equipment.


The project was funded by the CEGB and the mainland electricity boards, which were each allocated one of sixteen message channels. We use 3 different kinds of cookies. Econ 7 would use a single dual rate meter and teleswitch.

Right, we have a teleswitch Horstmann Series 2D and the engineer even put a sticker on it saying that it was a teleswitch. It’s their job or the meter operator depending on area at the end of the day. The teleswich would have no problem feeding the off-peak board, which is what threw me seeing a 80A contactor. Radio teleswitch Discussion in ‘ Electricians’ Talk ‘ started by oscar21Nov 13, One channel was reserved for testing and the final one was allocated to Northern Ireland when it joined the project.

I have drawings for teleswitches but i don’t kno how to get them on here. This isn’t what we asked for and I spoke to nPower yesterday who confirmed we are on an Eco7 tarriff.

No effort has been made to upgrade the obsolete transmitter hardware. And you cannot get a 24 hour supply from them. Views Read Edit View history. The meters are Landis-Gyr K and, on the storage meter, the red led to the left of the pair is lit constantly when there is no demand on the storage circuit.

I have heard but not witnessed that sometimes the switch gets out of synch and some people find they are getting low cost power during the day, if you have timer items that use E7 power then I would ask your supplier to check the switch is functioning properly, not that I think you will get very far with them! Your name or email address: Yes, my password is: