Tum bhi bohat bara subject ho Farah.. Sadaf View all posts by Sadaf Sadaf is an obsessive drama fan and loves reading books. Great show but could have finished upto epi. The dialogues were natural. The drama, penned by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar who initially had a different ending planned, caught the imagination of a lot of people and fascinated the nation like no other serial this year. Sadqay Tumharey- Episode 13 Review.

It was unnecessarily long, I could not watch after 20 episodes. In Pyaray Afzal you can feel the sorrow. Where everything has happy ending. It’s true, Pyar-e-Afzal have no comparison with Humsafar or Zindagi gulzar hai. I had a feeling that I am a part of this drama. I am unable to figure out even a single name whose performance was not up-to-mark.

Which highly attract people. Invoking the bitter-sweet ride that was Pyaray Afzalhere was all the promise, the blind resilience of youth and inexperience as it met the harshness of this world head on, encapsulated in one beautiful song.

Trade Union Ali Bajwa – July 16, 0. ;yaray back at my rwview review for Pyaray Afzal ,it seems we have come a long way baby.

A good friend of mine suggest me to watch the drama and when I started watching it I can’t control myself to watch it at once Near the end, I actually thought Afzal would marry Yasmeen, but thank god that didn’t happen.

Brilliant, restrained, moving and always unforgettable is all we can say for her fabulous performance. This is the reason why Humsafar or Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Naveed Malik is able to translate written words into visual poetry in Pehchan. What an excellent drama pyarat after a long time.

Let us fazal the industry has the vision and strength not to limit themselves, but to move forward and make even better and brighter. This theater of the baroque was dotted with fabulous performances from the amazing Hina Dilpazeer, Waqar Hussain and many others.

After playing with us for most of this episode, offering Afzal really turned to the dark side, we learn that he was working undercover, Quelle surprise, or maybe not. TV has refiew to a point where there’s an inherent sense of despair whenever it comes to women.


However, because we must choose a few above the rest. His shots are beautifully composed and visually astute, and he manages to create magic with his writer and director, in translating their vision. I was glad to see that our Pyarai Afzal is not completely lost, he still recalls his good old times and by observing that, I can say that there is a hope that we will get our very own Pyarai Afzal back soon.

It showed that how the agzal is? Turkish dramas forced Urdu dramas to raise their game. Felt it was a bit stretched and could have wrapped up within episodes but nonetheless one of the very few good ones produced. A simple drama set within “normal” everyday surroundings.

Pyarey Afzal: episode 27 review

She single handedly made Shikwa one of the more interesting dramas this year coupled with her standout work in Marasim — she is a delight to watch on screen. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Pyarey Afzal will remember for long long time due the amazing emotional charged dialogues written by none reviea than Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar.

Excellent Acting ,outstanding dialogues. As the article rightly says, there were a few shortcomings. Mere Humdum Mere Dost is just one more in a line of beautifully crafted serials from this highly talented individual.

The ending I think was the main reason why it got less appreciation than humsafar and zindagi gulzar hain. After playing with us for most of this episode by suggesting Reviww really has gone over to ppyaray dark side we learn he is working undercoverQuelle surprise or maybe not.

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It was sad to see Afzal die but I think it was a great way to finish the show. There are inescapable constraints and compromises in our industry, which I believe must have factored into the final draft. The best part was we all could emotionally connect with each character and empathize on situations. When will Pakistan get its billion-dollar tech company? Bakery in India’s Bengaluru covers ‘Karachi’ on signboard following protests. Believe me, I know. Its a delight to see the class level of Pakistani dramas.


A must watch for every one of you. refiew

Pyaray Afzal

Lubna was so right,Farah has no freaking idea that how madly she is involved in Afzal — she has started watching epjsode related to underworld and gangsters now. Finally, I was expecting that the actress will confess her love. Comments 28 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Sadaf View episkde posts by Sadaf Sadaf is an obsessive drama fan and loves reading books.

I am not friend of dramas and its hard to have time to watch all this.

What &#;Pyaray Afzal&#; did right –

Psychiatrists kabhi ghussa nahi kartay… pause. Every scene began with a disconnected conversation before going into the crux of the story, much like everyday conversations usually do. That is writing faux pas.

Don’t know why such dramas get less appreciation in comparison to shows like Humsafar and ZGH. Subscribe to receive new post. Ahista Ahista for playing shamelessly on every cliche in the book. She clearly told Farah that this time around, she teview in no way going to help her. Screen time was adequately spread over characters and no one could be said to have hogged the camera. Each time Pyaray Afzal started we had to ask the question— are we watching it for the father or the son?

This was an extremely difficult role that only few could pull off; as usual Faisal made it look easy. Arslan Dec 31, What a story by Mr. Pyaray Afzal went strong as fans chose Nadeem Baig as the best director for giving us an excellent execution of a story, keeping all the threads defined, but well integrated, great visuals, acting and production in check.

Well, he 277 always good, but he looked hot in a suit.