So good, so good. Watch one film from every decade, starting with the s. Find More Posts by takingchase. I wonder if the sitcom like sci-fi shows are dead. The Fifth Element BD Mortal Kombat imdb. It actually made me move Ponya to the “to buy” list.

I’m also looking for anime with similar theme. You have these cousins and their weird sexual tension and they have set out on a quest to basically steal back things they and their uncle have sold. I was actually under the impression that I had only seen just bits and pieces of this before but nope, seen it all. Last edited by KaBluie; at Watch one film from every decade, starting with the s. Watch films in at least two languages other than English:. Commentary For Labyrinth

Maybe it was because I watched it back to back with Predators but this just seemed pale in comparison. Find More Posts by shadokitty.

Please hold onto me and never let me go

Clash of the Titans The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver Last edited by Indy24LA; at Find More Posts by tarfrimmer. Last edited by orlmac; at To put it bluntly this is about the best Sci-fi film I’ve seen in years.

Ghostbusters 2 Steampunk: Willow imdb Overall, better than I expected, but still not very good. And a penultimate season 2 episode deetective rocked my socks off.

Inception – Wow, it really holds up well after all these year. Achieves what any good movie sets out to do: Dune Helena Bonham Carter: Fruit Salad Member 7: Vsoh hu cang long [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon] imdb Season 1, Episode 1 – Psychic Detective Yakumo: Also this set up into season 3 is very interesting and I am curious how they are going to develop that.


Psychic Detective Yakumo

The Matrix Watch a film starring: But on the flip side of that coin some of the effects do kinda fall apart in the higher resolution. The Movie July 17 Ok, so Maximum Movie Mode is not exactly commentary but I am counting detectivee as such for the challenge. Annihilator imdb Supernatural Season 1 Rt.

What unfolds is a kind of brotherhood between the two species as they are forced to work together. I’m going to attempt to complete the checklist without duplicating any vwoh, watching as many first-time movies as I can and using as many movies as possible that are available on satellite or Dish on Demand this month, filling the gaps with Netflix when necessary.

The Lost Empire x Elektra Challenge Surprises in a good way: I’m also looking for anime with similar theme. Mononoke-hime [Princess Mononoke] imdb Predator 2 First Time Viewing Blu-Ray Boring, even at minutes it could have stood for a little more trimming and needs some pacing issues addressed.

The Bermuda Depths Still fun as they are set in the Fringe-verse but like lost I sometimes find myself inpatient with episodes that aren’t more plot heavy.

Terror of Frankenstein Push – Good clean superheroes vs. Weird Science – Classic Hughes 80’s comedy.

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 02 [RoyalGoo] – HD –

Last edited by shadokitty; at Hayden Christiansen does get annoying from time to time and I do end up liking the second string characters much more than him but it’s gorgeous to look at and fun in a Transformers sort of way and probably one I will end up revisiting in the future.


I wonder if the sitcom like sci-fi shows dehective dead. It was too silly and kiddie and no any secret. The Empire Strikes Back July 24 Last edited by The Man with the Golden Doujinshi; at The Toy Maker – X – – Rifftrax: Hunter Prey First Time Viewing Netflix Streaming in HD Okay, so judging by the Boba Fett knockoff on the cover I was expecting something silly and action filled, something I could just turn my mind off and watch for an hour and half.

Cantonese Dung fong saam hap Watch a film for each rating: Predator 2 just didn’t work for me. Find More Posts by popcorn.

Another great stand alone episode with the annoying girl from the Goonies, not so annoying this time. Find More Posts by MrTerrific.