Originally Posted by titelies I couldn’t be happier having added another dimension to my room space. Your front heights are too far outside your main fronts. Dolby Conference Phone resellers. If you would like to ask a question, participate in a discussion and view attachments please Register yourself. Dolby Voice service providers. The configuration Guttenberg tested utilized a 7. I also think a lot about experimenting from 5. Or does a 7.

Each time, it was nearly impossible for us to discern a difference between when the height speakers were engaged IIz or when they weren’t standard. That’s problem number two: Originally Posted by Tulpa. Leave this field blank. May Home Theater Gallery: So far — not so much.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz

I can’t really say that I distinguish anything different height-wise spatiallybut the sound up front does sound ‘fuller’. Originally Posted by LordoftheRings.

A Lifelike Soundstage Conventional 5. I’ve been switching back and forth here for a few weeks.

About the DSX Wides? Switching back to 5. They sound amazing in 5. You yourself said you thought they should be higher, so I’m confused why you don’t think it would loglc. But the upside is that I never heard it do anything wrong-it never sounded phony or exaggerated. Depends on the movie but both have their merits.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz: Taking a second listen – CNET

Last night I pulled out some spare speaker cables and brought the two front speakers forward a little and assigned them as my DSX wide speakers. Leave this field blank. The Future of Surround Sound. My cieling extremely high, there’s basically no limit on how high i can put them.


The height speakers are shown on the high stands on the photo above; the black speakers sitting directly on top of the cherry Aperion towers are those of the Samsung HT-ASwhich was not powered up during this evaluation. So time to experiment the surround modes and see how it enhance the regular 5. Send a private message to mkohman.


In fact, I had to touch one of the cones of the Atlantic Tech height-channel speakers I was using to make sure it was working. I can’t even tell if I’m hearing anything different. Originally Posted by Lee Uiz Twister? But given the presence of Jason Statham in the lead role, I guessed I wouldn’t be twiddling my thumbs through quiet scenes of philosophical rumination.

Originally Posted by Kratos3 Heights should be at least 1m above the fronts for the best effect. Because new formats such as Blu-ray Disc allow content to contain up to 7.

I tried both and really can not tell much difference.

Dolby Prologic IIz surround mode using front heights in 7.0 setup-Hands on Expereince

Building a Movie Library in the Cloud. I wanted to see the difference the height speakers would make by comparison. The ride I got was only a bit less thrilling than Tatsuand all while sitting on my couch scratching my dog and sipping coffee.


The more action, the more kick-ass the soundtrack, the more exciting PLIIz made things. Ability to generate up to 7.

kogic For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The flexibility built into Dolby Pro Logic IIz provides you with a wide range of choices for speaker positioning to optimize the sound in almost any room. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I couldn’t hear them at all, so I increased the height speaker volume by 3 decibels. DPLIIx doesn’t have any specific content for it, and it can sound weird when using it with 5.

Did you ever figure out what the appropriate placement for your height speakers?

Dolby Pro Logic IIz even makes speaker positioning and wiring easier. Someone else told me “3 to 4 feet” which suggests that 4 is the max Audyssey says “45 degrees or as high as you can get them” but i guess DSX is totally different then PLIIZ in short, how high is too high? What You Need to Know. Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck.