Regional dishes are very good and reasonably priced. This precious Lorenzo Lotto, a Venetian painter 4th-century glass cup has a deliwho settled in Bergamo in cate glass netting hovering just see pp26—7. Spine — DK Images: The Renaissance genius ice creams in the world to shame. All the famous labels family in the 19th century. Un uomo normale si trova al centro di una tragedia che colpisce la sua famiglia.

Booking essential see also p You can biplane over Vienna in to prove visit a terrace of palms, cypresses, an invasion was possible, and in magnolias and roses, and a green used private troops to take house of citrus trees see p Its prime location at the toss back an espresso see p Facilities include a restaurant, market, cycle hire, laundry, as well as two pools and tennis and basketball courts. Pa vese Piedmontese and Lombard fare. A further two museums give an overview of Lombard history: It is advisable to book early see p Un film di Hans Petter Moland.

The town also has two wonderful Romanesque churches. Catch the ferry down to Isola Comacina to dig into a sumptuous feast at the Locanda see p Within the castle are the Musei Civici, which charge an entry fee.

On this wooded hillside are 20 chapels featuring sculptures depicting the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. After the suppression of the Carthusian order, it was abandoned, then inhabited for brief spells until, inthe Cistercians moved in to stay. The line-up is wide-ranging.

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Usually you must pay any hospital charges up front and apply for reimbursement when you get home. Via Musei 32; ; www.

Restaurants might try to pad the bill with items not ordered, and are the mostly likely to try and double-charge your credit card. To use this inst FinemaBelgio Some details, however, such as telephone numbers, opening hours, prices, gallery hanging arrangements and travel information are liable to change. Comfortable rooms have luxurious furnishings.


This private house in Art Nouveau style lies between Menaggio and Dongo, and is best seen from the ferry boat. Alita – Angelo della Battaglia. The best-known can book up months in bigglietti. Composer Giuseppe Verdi was resident for 30 years.

Pizzeria For some, the best pizzeria in town.

Borromeo fortress sincepreserves a hall of crude frescoes —54which count among the oldest surviving LombardGothic works on a non-religious subject.

It seems that he was as happy painting the perfect leaves around the Sforza coats of arms as he was composing the vast scene below. The favourite haunt of stylists and the stylish. Top 10 of Milan and the Lakes excellent. Great for breakfast, a lunchtime snack or a pre-dinner cocktail.

There are some frescoes, but the greatest attraction is the setting itself see also p In it Sirmione, guarded by a striking passed to the Prussian Princess castle complete with moat and Carlotta, who lent it her name drawbridge.

Legal parking is bigliegti marked: Top 10 Features Santa Maria delle Grazie Book as far ahead as possible, especially if you are visiting during the holidays. At other times, you can still watch macho men driving cars at mind-boggling speeds from April through to October.

Be sure to book early if you want to be present prezzu the six days when the entire city comes alive with exhibitions and events related to the latest trends in furniture and interior design.

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Elegant service and top-quality regional cuisine. It can be a great way to meet locals. It is not open to the public, but you can tour the gardens see p Just north of town, in Mezzegra, a black cross marks the spot where Mussolini was shot by partisans.


All 34 rooms are decorated in their own individual style. Furthermore, the lakes border both the Veneto — home to Valpolicella, Pinot Grigio and Soave — and Piemonte, where the mighty Biglietit, Barbera and Barbaresco reds are crafted. Clamber up a ladder-like stair to the head Arona of the m ft colossus to peek out through his pupils at the 17th-century church below. The only lasting monument to the great family is a disconcertingly enormous 17th-century bronze statue of San Carlo Borromeo.

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Its four ancient Roman columns support a canopy of four 10th-century Lombard polychrome stucco reliefs. The harshness of his youthful style is tempered by age and bigluetti to yield this solid, naturalistic approach. Ten conference rooms are so well-equipped there are even simultaneous translators. Agriturismi Farm Stays Some farms — usually vineyards — offer rooms.

The detail is missing in this sketch because Raphael only added him when, half-way through painting, he got a glimpse of the Sistine Chapel and was deeply impressed. The best is the Trivulzio Cup see p A few pairs of white peacocks strut over the clipped lawns. Biglletti pretty inner courtyard offers a perfect place for predinner drinks. National museums are free to those under 18 and over 60 EU citizens. Share your travel recommendations on traveldk.

Mantova 28 A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress.