Spencer confronts Ezra who is unaware that he has a son. Ezra heads to Delaware to meet his son for the first time and asks Aria not to call him. A vengeful “A” punishes the girls for talking to Dr. Did You Miss Me? Bedlam Full Episode S 7: With Emily pushed to her limits, the girls finally confide in Dr. Married at First Sight. Aria, Emily, and Hanna band together to trick Spencer and find out her motives.

After receiving a clue from Malcolm while babysitting him, Hanna determines that Spencer was the one who kidnapped Malcolm. Hours later, Emily is waiting for Toby after he texted her to meet up but Toby doesn’t show. Soon afterward, they discover that “A” has been framing Jamie. T videos, which was left in the church, rather than Ian taking it. Before opening it, all five girls receive the same text that reads: She is admitted to Radley. When Spencer returns home, she heads into the steamer and gets trapped by “A.

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Meanwhile, an unexpected ally aids Emily in her quest to eipsode reinstated on the swim team. Episkde police turn to weason ladies for answers; oiars Hanna enlists Lucas’ help to come up with an alibi that will save her mother’s job and clear their names. A drunken Paige starts embarrassing vodlocke, eventually falling over and hitting her head. Rollins Full Episode S 7: It is revealed to the home viewers that Aria is bound and gagged with duct tape, is trapped in a box with the now dead corpse of Garrett Reynolds.

She wore the costume because she received instructions from “A” to do so or they would reveal her fake pregnancy. Starring Bella Thorne as “Hollywood’s It Girl” trying to navigate the industry’s web of scandal, jealousy and lies. S2 E7 grown-ish grown-ish S2 E7 Messy.


Wilden promises not to bother Hanna and Ashley anymore as long as Hanna complies with his demand. Before opening it, all five girls receive the same text that reads: Hanna’s mom destroys the N. Oh, and how about casually discovering you have superhuman abilities? Caleb survives his shooting and undergoing surgery but Lyndon is dead. Meanwhile, Vodlockrr and Alison each acquire a new friend; and Hanna wants her old pals to reunite and put the events of the Dollhouse behind them.

Mona is out of Radley and back at Rosewood High. Guilt Dirty secrets, ugly truths and heated lust. Follow her complicated life in this bingeable reality series. Startup U Silicon Valley, where ideas come to life. Becoming Us Sometimes reality is extraordinary. Meanwhile, Hanna dedicates herself to assisting Mona; Emily suggests that Sara get emancipated; and Alison bonds with Lorenzo.

Season 2, Episode 9 August 9, Meanwhile, Hanna gains insight into Caleb when his foster mom shows up; Aria and Ezra adjust to going public with their relationship; and Emily is certain that danger still looms for her and her pals.

However, her pal is the gals’ adversary, and that puts Jenna at the top of the Uber-A suspect list.

A Star Is Born 4. During a group therapy session at Radley with Dr. On the way back to Rosewood, Mona reveals that Red Coat would sometimes wear a mask that looked like Alisons face.


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High school or high fashion — who says you have to choose? Season 6, Episode 10 August 11, This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat La La Land 6.

Lyndon opens a closet revealing a bound Paige and tells Emily he is planning to kill Paige using the knife from Maya’s bag. She drives him home and lirtle her car at the scene of the accident. Emily is surprised when Shana invites her to coffee, only to introduce her to Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin.

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To be a Shark takes strength on and off the mat. Meet Melissa and Joey. The hunt is on for discovering the identity of the girl in the red coat. Caleb helps Spencer with Maya’s site and is able to hack into it. Aria, Emily, and Hanna band together to trick Spencer and find out her motives. Retrieved October 24, Their brief conversation is ambiguous. Red Coat is revealed to be a very much alive Alison DiLaurentis. Aria sees Red Coat while she, Hanna, and Emily are in the morgue posing as candy stripers.

Watch Live TV Schedule. The road to recovery won’t be easy, but checking into rehab is at least the first step for Maddie.