I like to view this as very deliberate homage to the original rather than shameless plagiarism, and I enjoyed the film more and feel much happier because of it. An entertaining action thriller at worst, and a nice edition to the Predator franchise. There’s also one specific scene, which includes a homage to the original, but is ridiculous, and apart from the reference, it’s almost laughable. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Predators. There are scenes and characters and even weapons which are so reminiscent of the first film that they would not be out of place in a remake. Should have spotted that. It seemed as though every 5 minutes, another Predator was screaming for some unknown reason.

He spends the entire movie seeming out of place, not quite fitting in to the situation, and at no point is he even slightly convincing as the character he is meant to portray. Overall I would give the film a 7 out of 10, it was above average for and action flick and screamed quality, despite a retentively low budget, and I definitely wouldn’t mind going to see it again. My only major gripe with this film is that there is little character development. Of course this is not a remake. Produced by Roger Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal who did films like Kontroll, Vacancy and Armoured, Predators clearly met its objectives it set out to achieve without flashy fanfare, with Antal providing assured direction in the many set action pieces that don’t rely on the hair-tearing quick MTV-styled cuts so just to let you know everything’s kinetic and hyper. It’s not a fair fight, especially when it comes to the famed cloaking camouflage that gives the Predators an advantage.

Great mix of old and new. Predators, as the name suggests, features more than 1, which alone makes you wonder wnglish true to the original this will be. The filmmakers seem to want to steer clear of this since it doesn’t offer anything new, but I always thought it was cool to adopt the Predator’s first perspective.

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Then on top of this, Predators takes much of what made the original great; the cheesy dialogue, the big guns, the crude humour, and even some of the same great moments, and adds them in to give Predators its own unique style, while still paying a worthy homage to the classic. One can continuously make the Predator films since this one opened doors, and it’ll be interesting to see how others apply their take on the mythos now.

A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators. While offering no surprise twists, with the A-list cast here you can bet that they are all roles which offer a slight challenge, and to see how what we have assumed is the rabbit of the group, able to flip the other way round gradually to reveal some violent, inner ambition.

The characters are as I said interesting, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to explore them very deeply. Most of the actors perform satisfyingly, and the brief appearances by Laurence Fishburne and Danny Trejo are a nice touch.

I must say kudos to Nimrod Antal for directing, and kudos to the make-up department, because they definitely outdid themselves with this project. For instance, the action starts almost right away, with no chance to meet the main characters and know anything about them as happens in the preadtors, they are just thrown into the action and left to fend for themselves, with nothing but some crap dialogue and, oh, magically, a similar assortment of weapons as Arnie’s team.


Subtitles for YIFY movie Predators

AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Predators. Suntitles seems to me that anyone watching this will probably have already seen the original Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and probably most of the other movies featuring the predator race.

From fans of the original movie like meI would have expected a degree of respect for this latest iteration; it seems to honor its predecessors while still offering new twists and depth.

The Russian spetsnaz guy, elite special forces, probably the toughest, best trained special forces personnel in the world, is shown to be a trigger happy moron. Language Set favourite s Login. And I have to award bonus points for the movie’s opening: The story also allows time to dwell on moral dilemma and ethical issues that fighters face in combat, with the strategies employed by the Predators seem to have come out of familiar theatres of war and rules of engagement, where traps are set not to kill but to maim, and fellow survivors forced to make hard decisions as to saving their new found compatriots, or whether it’s all man for himself.

My only major gripe with this film is that there is little character development. Maybe he didn’t hit what he was aiming for, maybe he trod on a sharp rock, or maybe his Predator wife left him and he’s not taking too well, but any way I don’t care what’s happened, so please stop screaming at me! My only queries with the casting are that of Topher Predagors. I’m surprised at the polarized opinions of Predators here on IMDb. Just to clear the eglish, this film is not a reboot or a remake of Predator and its associated follow ups.

Of course this is not a remake. Because it is a Predator film you kind of know what is going to happen, but it still manages to be suspenseful from the start, and there are quite a few surprises and twists along ejglish way to keep you guessing.

Produced by Roger Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal who did films like Kontroll, Vacancy and Armoured, Predators clearly met its objectives it set out to achieve without flashy fanfare, with Antal providing assured direction in the many set action pieces that don’t rely on the hair-tearing quick MTV-styled cuts so just to let you know everything’s kinetic and hyper. One of the biggest things that got me though, and it may not annoy others, is the amount of Predator screeches and screams.

Some are a little cliche, but the main character played by Adrien Brody is actually more human and teeters on the edge of being a full blown anti- hero.

I watched aghast as the characters are slaughtered one by one. Subtotles, it is an able complement to the established mythos, adding its own two cents worth to an expanding franchise, even though it chose to ignore the crossover hybrids with the Versus Aliens films, and connects itself directly to the first Predator film by John McTiernan starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In fact, this film only suubtitles to cement the franchise plot point of having as many characters as possible to add to body count, and we’re almost unlikely to hope for anyone to emerge unscathed when faced with such odds. I think it is important to go into this film with the right expectations. In a season of remakes, re-imagining’s and sequels, Predators certainly lives up to preadtors expected of it. A step in the right direction for Predator movies at last.


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Then there’s also some back-story and deeper meaning to the entire Predator universe and their scenario, which is nice, but at times it really drags on and takes the rest of the movie down with prwdators. In the previews, a big deal is made about how this film is different – new super predators, multiple alien species, takes place on an alien sybtitles, etc.

Largely military personnel sr cut down by a group of predators. I would give this movie one star for it’s weak story, weak script, poor acting and unashamed duplication of other films if it wasn’t for a great performance from Laurence Fishburne which was sadly far too short, and again, his character was utterly wasted.

But well, Schwarzenegger’s character did englissh in the first film through a simple battle strategy, so perhaps this group of rag-tags have some of the same luck as well. Given the Predator’s penchant to play with their game, don’t expect instant blood and gore as a few teasers have to engllsh in place, before the first death occurs well, death to an unidentifiable actor, is no count Leading the team is Adrien Brody’s reluctant soldier of fortune, who decides early on that while he’s a member of the human tribe, he’s not going to forge any emotional bonds with anyone, being quite dogged and determined to leave the gaming planet alive.

After a string of subpar sequels, this bloody, action-packed reboot takes the Predator franchise back to its testosterone-fueled roots. Should have spotted that. They’re in a jungle. The lack of young, emerging alpha-males in the action genre has somehow led to dramatic actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal and now Brody to hit the gym to buff up for films that require the baring of torso, to make the characters they play more believable, since they are predatorz of sorts hell bent on saving the day.

I know it’s an American movie and they have to show US forces as the be all end all of the world’s fighting men, but please, this is ridiculous. When you add to this mix one female member of the group to match the mix in the original, the predator whispers from the first movie not used in a similar way, the same words, which the predator copied from hearing Mac say them in the first movie, but are not spoken by humans in this one One of the selling points here is of course subtitlds Adrien Brody play the brooding action hero complete with bulging biceps and washboard stomach.