That’s the last item we needed to trap Van Buren! In case you wake him, he will pursue you outside. Jump up into the tree. He will then fly to the left but up in the trees. But wait — right before you escape, Van Buren and his butler appear and walk toward you. Thanks again, Poptropica Secrets! Go to the left of this platform and USE the rope.

First thing we need to do when we get to this last section on the right is jump to the far right behind the huge round boulder. Quickly run over to the fireplace and click it to go inside the area. To be continued in episode Pick up a lemon and then take out the radio from your inventory. Yes, there is a bear. Walk left and pick up the red book. Now equip your fishing pole, stand near the edge of the tree and press spacebar to send your line down.

Click on the backpack and an object will fall out onto the snowy ground.

Survival (ep. 1) out for members & Monster Carnival here for all! – Poptropica Help Blog

When the closest one recedes, tidner forward and click on the plant to hide behind it. You’re now inside the secret bunker of Max McGullicutty, a.

I tried going in and out a couple of times but the tainted meat is no longer there. Monster Carnival Island Succeeded by: At this point you have a warm fireplace in a sheltered place and you have completed Episode 1 of Survival Island.

Jump down to the ground and click on the spot. Jump on the branch sticking out of it to the right, and you’ll fly up. Once you get back to the living room, jump up on top of the moose head to knock it down from the wall. Swim right and jump up the springy branches. Click on the small log to lift it, then drop down and go left, to the next area. Go right, to the area where you started, and go to the left edge of the frozen lake. Use your mitten to clear the snow and you will find the striker!


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There would be rainbows. You will also see another handbook page. First take out your mitten and clear the area of snow. Jump onto the lifeless branch to make it fall and split apart into a stack of logs, which you will need for the fire.

The PHB started up with something called WordPresswhich you can also use to start up your own blog for free. Julie March 20, at 4: Under this tree you will find some Wet Kindling. You may want to try playing on a different web browser.

Jump up into the tree. Jump through the branches and follow the woodpecker to his next spot. The chopper lands smoothly in the night next to an illuminated wilderness cabin. The door will then open, and you can go outside. Jump out to the left, and follow him until you get to the branch with the woodpecker on it.

Walkthrough for Survival Island in Poptropica

Now we will go all the way to the left again and head to the next section over. Crash Landing and will be released on March 20th! No demo for non-members, though.

Before you climb up the radio tower, click on the red lever near the electric box below. Hey, how about looking inside the cave just episodr the right? Go into the cave, but watch where the water drops. Do the same thing with the next big tree stump. Survival Island Your trusty blimp has been struck by lightning, and you are deserted in the endless snowy Yukon, battling hunger and hypothermia.


Jump your way straight up the tree branches at the top and grab the handbook page there. Hear the wind whooshing against your wilderness-weary body up there? Epiwode stopped making pennies out of copper in Go to the other side of the boulder, where you are protected on all side.

According to the survival guide, you need this to properly build a fire. Walk left and pick up the red book. Go opptropica to the river and jump on the left side of it to angle it all the way up, then quickly run up and make a big jump to the right.

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You are warm, fed, and safe…. In case you wake him, he will pursue you outside. When we get there, use the branches to jump all the way to the right until you get to a bag hanging from the trees.

Then slide off and jump up. Pick up the nightvision goggles from inside the armory case and then exit the trophy room. Yet again, keep operating to the proper. Once we have gotten the wet kindling, we need to head right and go over to the next section of surviva, island.

You must find a way to start a fire in order to survive.