Thus every heart awakened to new quaking Birthing the pangs that make existence life Would built a fairy-tale from out the shaking. Latvian language along with Lithuanian, are considered the most archaic Indo-European languages of those which are spoken today. I’m sorry that it’s been a while, but as usual life has been a whirlwind round our way and the past few weeks have blown by in a blink. Entry is free to anyone, and should be made via email to poetryfilm [at] obheal. The final shortlist will be announced here during September. Her earliest involvement in media was in the mids with super 8 film-making in Melbourne. Laura Frare is an adjunct art professor, experimental filmmaker, and a self taught multi-instrumentalist, playing a variety of electronic and digital instruments, making audio field recordings, loops, and samples. Helmie Stil is a Dutch filmmaker living and working in the UK.

For more about Helmie visit www. She is the director and founder of poetrycinema, an independent small film company making films that are inspired by poetry. ISIS is currently losing the war. Hello my dear, beautiful friends. After finishing her Masters in Biology and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, Marleen van der Werf specialized in filming nature. She is interested in the interaction of the natural world with the world of people, and the interaction of the world of dreams with conscious reality. Today’s second poem is about love of all duration – love that lasts and love that does not, and the worth of all kinds.

Guidelines Entry is free to anyone, and should be made via email to poetryfilm [at] obheal.

The Sundial is one of these poetry films that competitiom made in collaboration between Lucia Sellars and Lucy English. I would love to hear about the fun that you had! Working alongside her father and grandfather from childhood into her twenties, she learned early that however carefully they planned, their success depended to a significant extent on the vagaries of the weather. Portrait of C 4: Disillusionment of 10 Point Font 1: Hello my dear, beautiful friends.


During the s and early s she wrote and directed short narrative and experimental films that were screened and awarded widely at international film festivals.

She has recently published a first collection, Lilac and GooseberriesLapwing Press. Her award winning documentaries and film poems have been shown on national television and international film festivals.

Peter Delaney is a creative director at One Productions. We have chosen this theme as it is such a big issue world wide, initially prompted by reading the book entitled “The Good Immigrant” contributed to by many well know writers from an immigrant background and by viewing the film by Ai Weiwei entitled “The Human Flow”.

Synopsis — Wadland is a poetic wildlife documentary about the life in the sand of a tidal plain, and the search for a lost childhood memory. She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions in Ireland.

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Others had well-crafted poetry but the film did not work with the poem. Copyright on all poetry contained herein whether video, audio or text, remains with each respective author as indicated. Maggie Sawkins shared her post. Relics and items approaching their century of use are sometimes destroyed, to prevent the object from becoming haunted. February 15 at 7: His second passion is photography.

It was put together in a dark archive store room. Sunday 14th October 5.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Synopsis — The Entropy of Forgiveness is a collaborative spoken word film that follows the words of Angelica Poversky who explores welcoming grief and guilt into life, to have it hold less heaviness.

Since her initial training as a painter, she has extended her practice to include photography, performance, land-works and installation. Marleen van der Werf Netherlands. The balance between poem, image and music in Wadland is terrific and absolutely captivating. They would each headline a session 3 sessions in all which would also include 3x 5 minute slots for open micers to perform their poems on the wider theme of migration “The Human Flow”.

Hello again my beauties! Merlynda Robinson is with Merlynda Robinson and 2 others. The poetry-film competition is about both mediums working together. For more about Greg visit www.


Poetry filmmakers wanted!

Synopsis — There are Shadows at every turn…. The final shortlist will be announced here during September. Galway and has had her work published in numerous publications. This poem describes his relationship with C. February 15 at 6: We are looking for 3 poets who have an immigrant back Non-English language films will require English subtitles. I do not love requesting ease or riches Nor do I want largess as proof of care.

What would a coyote do? Instead, they hold to hope eternally. For there is bravery when hearts stay open Although life seeks to make them close their doors.

Marleen van der Werf — Wadland 9: She and her loyal basset hound sail the iced waters to live on a rock for all eternity, leaving her past behind.

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There were some very special ones where both poem and film were well crafted, edited, and worked together — and from these it was very hard to choose just one. Copyright Kristina Helene Bray February 10 at 6: Marie Craven Dictionary Illustrations 2: The Poetry Cafe 8 hrs. But his decline and dysfunctional decision-making was also linked to dysfunction within the family. Sending loads of love to you all! Finn Harvor is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician who lives in South Korea.

Blow away the winter blues with some fabulous poetry by our guest poet Antony Mair and a glorious mix from the open micers February 13th. He spends his days making art out of found railroad ties, crafting them into useful and ruggedly beautiful items. Film making and poetic narrative writing is a new direction for Julia.

I hope that they make you smile.