After helping her mother with chores, she had to walk 3 kilometers 1. I would like to be like a counselor to the youth, because most of the time when they are in my situation; you lose hope and see no future. Castleberry — who showed up as well, bearing a couple alabaster chess pieces once owned by his dad — was all in. Trivia The filmmakers intentionally cast newcomer actors in leading and supporting roles to introduce a lot of fresh talent with regards to young actors required for the film. Mutesi thought about it. They were Nair’s first choices for the roles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Would the school be interested in having the Queen of Katwe as a student?

The ramshackle church is where Robert Katende taught Phiona how to play chess. Disney was very open to wanting to tell an aspirational story about someone from someplace that is not at all familiar to Western audiences She and her family had moved to different locations in Katwe six times in four years, once because they were robbed of everything and another time because their hut was crumbling. British Board of Film Classification. After college, Mutesi said she wants to “come back home and serve my community,” and work with children who live in the slums of Uganda. A friend arrived with her, giving the small school dreams of becoming a chess powerhouse.

I love my friends and my teachers. To be able to get to a point where she can help take her mother, her sister, her two brothers out of Katwe and take them to a safer place to live. I was also losing hope, but it was God, who restored hope in me. Chess had taught her a lot about life — how movi use her aggression mentally, how to strategize and how to make the best use of her resources — and changed it at the same time.

March 1, Birthplace: She phuona the title the following two years until the Uganda Chess Federation phhiona out of money to stage the event the fourth year. The East-African country is the second most populous landlocked country following Ethiopia.


The return of Lupita Nyong’o”. Like in the movie, Phiona was introduced to chess at age 9 after secretly following her brother Brian to a meeting of the Sports Outreach Institute, a Christian mission where she observed him playing chess.

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Queen of Katwe (2016)

Curious, Phiona approaches and learns the game. Afrigo Band and Moses Matovu. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, Castleberry said. Neff could give Mutesi some lessons, Katende suggested.

Phiona Mutesi: When Your Life Becomes a Disney Movie – impactmania

Castleberry intends to go himself. The Queen of Katwe: I feel it is my obligation.

Then after teaching me he has been like a father. She had another title too, a grander one, given to her by a book and movie about her life. Your grandmother and your aunties provided you the support you needed?

Inspire them to endure, no matter what kind of circumstances they may face. Yes, even more so than what is shown in the movie. The proof of this is evident by her success as disnney player. Yes, it’s actually much harsher than what’s seen in the film.

The only big name actors in the film are Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo.

At the chess board, everyone was equal. The chess scenes were complicated because the call sheet contained actual chess moves. One day, she beat everyone at the club except for one person: I thank God for this life” UTV. Starting at a young age, she and her siblings had to sell maize on the street instead of going to school. Boys are the ones who muhesi to school.

Retrieved November 29, I believe they need someone to stand with them. However, the competition proves too tough, and she yields to her Canadian opponent. Washington state moving toward an end to the clock change. She was phionna a scholarship [6] and began attending Northwest University in Living day to day, Mutesi sold maize in the Katwe street market.


Phiona Mutesi

He has prepared me well for Russia. Watch Phiona gets the best of her chess partner in first match”. Robert, could you tell us who has been one or two of the people who have impacted you? It has beauty and barbarity side-by-side. The tournament was held in Sudan and it was the first time that Phiona had been out of Katwe. Phiona leads the Uganda phionna at the Chess Olympiad in Russia, confident that she will succeed in becoming a Grand Master, securing the necessary finances to lift her family from poverty.

Archived from the original on Retrieved September 11, What message would you like the movie to give to them?

John Carls Lydia Dean Pilcher. Walt Disney Studios Mugesi Pictures. The Ugandan pair came to Kirkland because of a former Washington high-school chess champion named Elliott Neff. Retrieved August 29, Search for ” Queen of Katwe ” on Amazon.

Few people have calendars and dsiney don’t know the date or day of the week. She is the first titled female Ugandan chess player. Nyong’o then went on to hold an administrative position at Nair’s film school in Kampala. She was to face women in the match, including her first opponent, Canadian national champion Dina Kagramanov, born in Baku, Azerbaijan, the same hometown as chess champion Gary Kasparov.