Coscarelli attributed the freedom to choose from among these endings to his independent financing. Due to their inexperience, they did not realize that firing blanks could be dangerous; Coscarelli’s jacket caught fire from a shotgun blank. British Board of Film Classification. He said it still has the fender flairs and the bleach spray stuff still in it. It was a relatively non-traditional horror movie which he had written himself whilst living in a secluded cabin in the mountains. Mike cuts the fingers off of the hand, causing the Tall Man to bellow an alien roar while yellow blood gushes from the wound.

This most famous of ’71 Cudas still uses its smooth-running little , allowing Don to drive it on sunny days with confidence in its dependability. Henry Hamamoto December 13, at 9: I’ll let you know more tomarrow. He got it from someware in Cal a few years ago. Never fear Mopar fans! Mike assumes they and Reggie are all dead. He has never done a thing with it yet.

Back mkvie the s, young Don Coscarelli was often left with the baby-sitter while his parents went out for the evening. Jody destroys it with a shotgun.

The home of The Phantasm Movie ‘cudas

Jody and Mike flee, and the mausoleum vanishes. He got it from someware in Cal a few years ago.

Retrieved October 11, By this time the muscle car craze was in full swing, and finding affordable ’71 ‘Cudas was far more difficult than in While looking for Jody in Morningside, Mike opens his father’s casket and sees that it baracuda empty, prompting him to scream and attract the attention of the silver sphere.

Films directed by Don Coscarelli. It still has camera mounts as well as other mods still in it. The finger is enough for Jody to believe Mike’s stories about Morningside. Search The Archives, Boy. After the box grips his hand, Mike is told not to be afraid, and as the panic subsides, the box relaxes its grip.


The brothers devise a plan to lure the Tall Phantadm into a local deserted mine shaft and trap him inside. The car was a stock Cuda, with headers, and custom installed sunroof. Phantasm was a locally financed independent film ; the cast and crew were mostly amateurs and aspiring professionals. Inhe began filming on what was to become his first major success in the movie business. The Tall Man approaches Mike, but he escapes by exercising control over his fear, surprising the Tall Man and trapping his hand in a heavy door.

The ‘Cuda’s nine years of hard use conspired to give the movie crew fits. According to Angus Scrimm, the film “gives expression to all their insecurities and fears”. Back inmuscle cars were simply used cars.

It all culminates in this grand funerary service production. Mike is taken to an antique store owned by Jody’s friend Sally Lynn Eastman.

Mike appears to remember this and believe it. Then, she seems to magically produce a small black box bagracuda instructs Mike to put his hand into it.

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Retrieved August 9, Unlike today’s films that use several identical cars painted up barraacuda look like one another, the original Phantasm movie used just one car. His field of expertise? Retrieved August 25, Naturally, Phantasm II could not be made without the now familiar black ‘Cuda for our heroes to ride around in.

Meanwhile, the finger transforms into a vicious, oversized fly-like insect that attacks Mike. Don plans to convert to Hemi power moive the near future.

Mike March 14, at 1: The Chosen there is a weapon called The Orb that acts as the metal spheres by flying into the head of the enemy and drilling out their brain spraying blood everywhere.

The three then open the mysterious door the fortune teller’s daughter opened earlier. You guessed it – horror films. Film scholar John Kenneth Muir interprets the film as being about mourning and death.


I also want to make some addition on this platform which must be in knowledge of people who really in need. But alas, in the end, the Tall Man gets the best of the noble machine, and it exits the movie upside down in a ball of flames. Retrieved August 11, Here are some other details: He kidnaps Mike in a hearse, but Mike thwarts him phanfasm shooting out the back window and a rear tire, causing the hearse badracuda strike a pole and explode.

Unknown January 7, at 3: The trio is suddenly split up by a power outage. Post-production took another six to eight months.

A buddy of mine has one of the prop 71 Cudas from this movie. He is chased away from Morningside by a seemingly driverless hearse, but is rescued by Mike in Jody’s Plymouth Barracuda. Thus the car was painted black. As you can see by this month’s cover and our feature here, the Phantasm ‘Cuda is alive and well – continuing its lonely vigil against Angus Scrimm and his evil flying silver spheres.

Retrieved August 22, Newer Post Older Post Home. Mike accidentally falls through a portal and catches a brief glimpse of a red, hot planet where the dwarves are toiling as slaves. Coscarelli told him that he did not have a high quality print, but Abrams volunteered the use of his technicians for a restoration.

He dresses in dark clothing, he lurks behind doors, they do procedures on the bodies we don’t know about.