Flat Earth Productions Chris Paizis Spring Breaker uncredited Eva Pepaj Water Park Patron uncredited Michael L. Sorority Girl Inner-tube Greg Nicotero Lizzie Guard uncredited Beth Gosnell Retrieved October 30,

Among the first guests are Deputy Fallon Ving Rhames , who survived his previous ordeal with the piranhas but lost his legs, and former cameraman Andrew Cunningham Paul Scheer. After Jake leaves, Zane convinces Laura to go fishing on a small sandbar island. British Board of Film Classification. Kiki Rest of cast listed alphabetically: After the chaos settles, Julie receives a call from Jake pleading for help. Flat Earth Productions Jeffrey Evans Kelly is trapped in the kitchen while Derrick, Crystal and Andrew fall overboard from the impact of the collision.

Connections Featured in Bad Movie Beatdown: The next day, Maddy is consoling Shelby about their missing friends. I thought this plranha simply didn’t deliver any good, I felt it was a bad film, one that didn’t do the original justice.

Novak speculates that the rift leads to a buried prehistoric lake. They forget to tie the boat pirnha and are stranded in the middle of the lake. Retrieved October 13, He explains that it is a highly aggressive prehistoric species, long believed to be extinct, and that the piranhas have survived through cannibalism. Gradient Effects Marc Cote Big Dave Paul James Jordan Goodman calls Julie on the radio, and Julie tells him that they seem to have killed the majority of the piranhas.

Tippett Studio Niketa Roman The remaining tourists escape as the party spot rapidly turns into a bloodbath. Tippett Studio Thomas Briggs Gross, bloody, disturbing movies. What are the differences between the Canadian cut and the US cut?

Tippett Studio Dean Parks Piranha 3DD Theatrical release poster. The official poster was released June 22, It started out OK but then just was crap i waisted two hrs of my life i wont get back.


The movie takes place during Spring Break and, of course, pifanha studio wanted it ready for the summer, but if you’ve got 1, people who need to get murdered in the water, you have to wait for the right temperature for the water, for the weather, for everything. Piranha 3D is a American 3D comedy horror film that serves as a loose remake of the horror film Piranha fil, an entry in the Piranha film series.

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Films directed by Alexandre Aja. This isn’t just sick, it’s clas-sick! A year after the massacre on Lake Victoria by prehistoric piranhasan eradication campaign has left the lake uninhabitable, and the town itself has been largely abandoned as a result of the lake drying up. Retrieved May 29, Dimension Films pe,ain a sequel shortly after the first film was released.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

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The blood draws the pack. Alexandre Aja is a good director and he proved that with his film Haute Tension, but now he seems only flm of remaking classics, and he just ruins it. Start your free trial. Zoic Studios Nadine Blackler Intelligent Creatures Troy Moore Bimbo Lifeguard Irina Voronina Iflm when you think things could not possibly get more ridiculous, that the film has peaked, Aja and screenwriters Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg manage to ram another syringe of adrenaline into its heart.

Shelby and her boyfriend Josh Jean-Luc Bilodeau go skinny-dipping in the lake, where a piranha makes its way inside her vagina.


After the chaos settles, Julie receives a call from Jake pleading for help. The film ends as a piranha emerges from the pool and decapitates David the small child who Hasselhoff saved earlierleading Hasselhoff to quip “Little ginger moron”, while the surviving visitors pick up their phones and take pictures of the dead child while the credits roll.

Deputy Fallon makes a last stand, taking a boat motor and using its propeller to shred many piranhas, though he is presumed to be killed by the piranhas. As he attempts to drive off to safety, Chet is then decapitated by a hanging cable when he is distracted by a fleeing woman in a bikini.

Underwater unit Gary W. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

So much fun and gore I couldnt stop waiting for more!! Waterpark Patron Kathy Sue Holtorf What’s interesting about this film is that its aware that its bad, and from this, it mocks itself for being bad.

Crystal is eaten, while Danni manages to get a partially eaten Derrick back on board, where he then dies.

This film joins the ever growing list of bad horror remakes. Edit Piranha 3D Piranha 3DD 3. Speedshape Rinu Kamalamma Rajasekharan Don’t have an account? Bikini Girl uncredited Marta Zolynska Drunk Dumb Jock Maarsen Roney They are dragged to pitanha as the propane tanks explode, destroying the boat and killing most of the piranhas. Christian Protester uncredited Steve Chavosky