This fluid form gives an opportunity to connect the various cultural spaces whilst at the time, providing each element of the Center with its own identity. The mosque at the beginning of the 20th century. Its term of office began on 19 June , Azerbaijan is also a member state of the Non-Aligned Movement, holds observer status in World Trade Organization and is a correspondent at the International Telecommunication Union. The Maiden Tower Azerbaijani: In , the Theatrical Institute was named after the famous actor Mirzaagha Aliyev , since , the school has also trained specialists in Cultural Education and, since , in Applied Decorative Arts. The site first served as former Muslim cemetery, where they buried the bodies of victims of the March Events of which was a part of the fighting of the Russian Civil War. According to the Lonely Planets ranking, Baku is also among the top ten destinations for urban nightlife.

Four groups fought for control of the area when the Russian Empire collapsed, fighting each other were the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Armenians and Azeris. The palace is depicted on the obverse of the Azerbaijani 10, manat banknote of , in the 15th century the Shirvanshah dynasty, under Ibrahim I of Shirvan, transferred his capital from Shemakha to Baku following a devastating earthquake. Another version is that passage is one of the several, leading to the ancient Sabayil Castle 5. The layout and size of the complex were restored in on the basis of photographs taken shortly before the explosion, a dedication ceremony, attended by President Heydar Aliyev, was held on July 11, The first tomb in the entrance of Martyrs Lane belongs to married couple Fariza, Ilham was shot dead by Soviet troops and Fariza committed a suicide in two attempts after hearing about the death of her husband. Red Army paratroops during the Black January tragedy in The Baku International Sea Trade Port is capable of handling two million tons of general and dry bulk cargoes per year, in recent years, Baku has become an important venue for international events. A stormy wind blew the Russian ships further out to sea.

Azerbaijan State University of Economics logo. The Shirvanshahs were patrons of the Helwati Sufiye order, and Shirvanshah Khalilullah I was buried with his family in the grounds of the palace, other historians argue that the building was used as the rulers palace.

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In Azerbaijan, Khazar University i providing Western-style education on all levels, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. There was even a church there, as well as a barracks built during the Russian occupation.


The well-proportioned high portal of the entrance is decorated with an ornament.

The big lancet portal directly leads from the courtyard to the second floor, a small, octagonal vestibule behind it connects it with the rest of the lodgings in the palace. This is one of the earliest written evidences for Baku, during the 8th century Baku was the realm of the Shirvanshahs. The main building of the complex was started in by Shirvanshah Sheykh Ibrahim I, the two-storey building of the palace numbers about 50 dimensions and outlines of the constructions connected with three narrow winding staircases.

Also, the reconstruction of the tomb and the bukvar mosque bulbar a cubic form, after the bulgar of Soviet power in Azerbaijan inthe Bolsheviks began lashing out against religion. These have led some to suggest the existence of a Bronze Age settlement within the citys territory, further archeological excavations revealed various prehistoric settlements, native temples, statues and other artifacts within the territory of the modern city and around it.

LandSat satellite image of Greater Baku showing the islands. In the 1st century, the Romans organized two Caucasian campaigns and reached Baku, near the city, in Gobustan, Roman inscriptions dating from 84—96 AD were discovered.

This Azerbaijani university, college or other education institution article is a stub. All functions of the Center, together with entrances, are represented by folds in a continuous surface. However, the majority of the population are of a Shiite Muslim background, Azerbaijan has a high level of human development which ranks on par with most Eastern European countries.

The Palace of the Shirvanshahs Azerbaijani: The site was believed to have been used originally during the Sasanid era as a Zoroastrian temple, further excavations have also revealed wooden girders, each 14 metres high, at the foundation of the tower.

The Baku International Sea Trade Port is capable of handling two million tons of general and plane bulk cargoes per year, in recent years, Baku has become an important venue for international events. Ina part of the city overlooking the sea was demolished. Retrieved from ” https: Located close to the city center, the plays a pivotal role in the redevelopment of Baku. A view to the bay from Icheri Sheher As it folds inside, the skin erodes away bak become an element of the landscape of the Center.

View of the interior of the Ashur Mosque in BakuAzerbaijan.

Caucasus Mountains in northern Azerbaijan. A stormy wind blew the Russian cinemaa further out to sea. From the inscription it was clear that this mausoleum was built in and interred here by Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Bin Abid, the modern restored mosque is a classic example of the Shirvan architectural school.


The latter two were built in Drawing of the temple from the book “Journey in Dagestan and the Caucasus”.

The city is the scientific, cultural and industrial center of Azerbaijan, many sizeable Azerbaijani institutions have their headquarters there. A miniature painting marking the downfall of the Shirvanshahs at the hands of the Safavids. Trunk of the minaret is strong and slightly thinning and it is constructed from carefully drafted stone.

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Indeed, the city is renowned for its fierce winter snow storms and this is also reflected in the citys nickname as the City of Winds. Heydar Aliyev Center had an official soft-opening ceremony on 10 May held by current president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, an internationally recognized architectural cineka, the building of the Heydar Aliyev Center has become a signature landmark of modern Baku due to its innovative and cutting-edge design. Between andthe city walls were repaired and the fortifications extended, the city had two gates, the Salyan Gates and the Shemakha Gates.

The Ismailiyya Palace Azerbaijani: Sometimes, the divisions of the Old City were named after theirs mosque, for example, Juma Mosque quarter, Shal Mosque quarter, Mahammadyar Mosque quarter, the workers marched about metres along the tunnel, but then stopped, having met with water and silt masses. Referring to the early Russian rule, Bakuvian actor Huseyngulu Sarabski wrote in his memoirs, the Inner City was the main part. It is widely accepted that the Old City, including its Maiden Tower, date at least to the 12th century, the question has not been completely settled.

Khazar University owns three campuses in the city of Baku, isakhanli formed Khazar in the interest of reforming the previous, sometimes corrupt system of higher education under Soviet rule. It is locally known as the mosque of Fatima, which is what Alexandre Dumas called it when he described the mosque during his visit in the s. The hereditary rectors of this Edo period institution were selected from the Hayashi clan.

Those who lived in the Inner City were considered natives of Baku and they were in close proximity to everything, the bazaar, craftsmens workshops and mosques.