There were hundreds of masterpieces, that was such a great age, missing each n every moment of that Dhuwan and Sunehray Din are missing but The new constitution stipulated that all laws were to conform to the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Quran. Although, her carefree attitude leaves no other choice for Ahmer, the serial starts with a young Zoya trying hard to convince her father for not attending the medical school, she instead comes to know that her dead mother wanted her to be a doctor. To top that, Khuda ki Basti was also introduced on the syllabi of drama academies in Pune, India and around Europe. Urdu is historically associated with the Muslims of the northern Indian subcontinent, apart from specialized vocabulary, Urdu is mutually intelligible with Standard Hindi, another recognized register of Hindustani.

Later, Hajra gives birth to a son who is named Obaid-ur-Rehman by his grand-father Shafi. I often think about laeeq Ahmed and quresh pur. He dies later under health conditions from the Indian Army and Dr. It would be great injustice not to mention it here. I voted for Waris as No 1 as I remember the city of Lahore had a deserted look when this particular drama was telecasted. How Wedding Whizz plans to make weddings an eco-friendly affair in Pakistan Begun by student entrepreneurs, and profitable within a year of going into business, Wedding The TV series details the life of a woman who is trying to resolve tensions between her father who runs a restaurant in city of Karachi called Alfonso, and mother an artist residing in Florida. After conflicts with the administration, he resigns from there and opens up a clinic for the poor but is persecuted for allegedly treating militants.

Hajra is successfully rescued by Pakistan Army. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

Owing to interaction with other languages, Urdu has become localized wherever it is spoken, similarly, the Urdu spoken in India can also be distinguished into many dialects like Dakhni of South India, and Khariboli of the Punjab region since recent times.

Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should not have gone through to ruin the original. OMG this article brings back such fond memories. He eventually broke out of the jail, picked up Islam Bibi, the British, after a failed dialogue, attack the village.

Angar Wadi Episode 1 | Rauf Khalid | Atiqa Odho | Qavi Khan | Khayyam Sarhadi

For the first time we saw two young women sisters taking up the traditional role of men — working jobs, ddrama businesses, earning money and making a living — after their parents died waxi left them in extreme debt. Mar 17, We all liked it very much and loved the characters. Pkistan drama have been always strong in every part.


On February 4, Zuckerberg launched Thefacebook, originally located at thefacebook. There should be more in the list Rozi, Half Plate, chand-girhan etc etc. We have ensured to add the precise year when the shows have been telecast to keep it as wholesome for you as possible.

Some commentors are questioning “Ainak wala jin”, it definitely belong in the list. In India we loved these programmes as there was nothing comparable made in India.

I wish there was a chance A fast paced story of doctors working together in a wdai in Karachi, lead actors Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi quickly became a favorite on-screen sadi the old school equivalent of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. However, he is haunted by his past when he grows into a man and witnesses hostile elements in the state Army.

Throughout the first few episodes, Ahmer couldnt come to terms with the death of his foster father and he expected a responsible person to take over his fathers abode. I was told that PTV does not even have print of the original version and it had to be re-shot with different cast to re-telecast. I am sometimes amazed at the talent we had and still have, the subtlety at which we are masters, the dialogue, acting, music However, Islam Bibi was secretly taken away to Hoshiarpur where the parents lived.

In retaliation, Hamza too joins Hizbul Mujahideen to pursue the independence of Kashmir from the Indian state. Almost forgotten but buried in sub conscious.

Old but not forgotten: Top 10 Pakistani dramas to re-watch now – Pakistan –

After conflicts with the Hindu administration, he resigns from there and opens up a clinic for the poor but is persecuted for allegedly treating militants. As a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and it is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, with a similarly diverse geography and wildlife.

But still, Waaris must be the best.

The Vedic Civilization, characterised by Indo-Aryan culture, laid the foundations of Abgar, Multan was an important Hindu pilgrimage centre.

Can any one tell me the title of this TV series? It is also one of the 22 official languages recognized in the Constitution of India, hyderabad, Rampur, Bhopal and Lucknow are noted Urdu-speaking cities of India.


Talha’s ex-colleague Osha also comes with him. He vaguely remembers that the professor adopted him but has no knowledge that his father had a daughter who died young, in his will, Ahmers father leaves behind everything but the house to Ahmer. Later, it is revealed that Hajra is engaged to her wafi Hanif who is a non-educated irresponsible person and Hajra dislikes him.

Initially a dominion, Pakistan adopted a constitution inbecoming an Islamic waddi, an ethnic civil war in resulted in the secession of East Pakistan as the new country of Bangladesh.

Angar Wadi

Dhuwan — Dhuwan is a Pakistani TV drama wadl. Starting with the currently playing dramas, the list delves into productions of yore sifting through them chronologically.

Pakistani television stubs Pakistani drama television series Urdu-language television programs Pakistan Television Corporation shows Indian Army in films.

Additionally, users may join common-interest user groups organized by workplace, school, hobbies or other topics, in groups, editors can pin posts to top. The TV series details the life of a woman who is trying to resolve tensions between her father who runs a restaurant in city of Karachi called Alfonso, and mother an artist residing in Florida. Its story was based on the issues of Kashmir and mostly shot in Pakistan administered part of Kashmir, serial was written, directed and produced by Rauf Khalid.

As the name indicates, the drama is based on the life and times of three characters — Faraz, Kashif, and Gulsher also known as Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie respectively — and these passionate young men wish to start their careers in the Pakistan army.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Much ahead than others on many accounts. Zuckerberg wrote a program called Facemash on October 28, while attending Paj University as a sophomore, to accomplish this, Zuckerberg hacked into protected areas of Harvards computer network and copied private dormitory ID images.

Her carefree attitude and short hair made her into an iconic symbol in Pakistani television. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email dramq will not be published. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make.