This site uses cookies. Ehryl Erich is part of a scriptwriting team, and has a deaf-mute brother Wilhelm ; her dream being to help her mother purchase the hearing aid her brother badly needs. Home Burdened by Plot. People Interview with the Hungry: So she makes her move. October 5, Host: Though the two hit it off, their mutual lie hangs over their relationship.

And so they continue their charade, sharing their problems and dreams— all in sign language. There are questions worth discussing like, who deceived who? Log in with Facebook. As their misrepresentations mature to become lies that are too complicated that they can only threaten the feelings that have slowly and surely developed between the two of them, they become entangled in a shared fear of being found out and eventually losing each other. We intend no copyright infringement in any way. It was filed under 1. For Ehryl Erich Gonzalez , a young TV soap writer, one of the strange pleasures of her otherwise humdrum daily commute from home to work is the opportunity to glance upon a handsome co-commuter who seems to have only one down side — he is deaf-mute. Believing that Ehryl is deaf-mute, he resolves to pretend to be deaf-mute.

It is also a film about the lonely taxi driver who unknowingly bares his secret love to the two passengers he thought could not saabihin him. Believing that Ehryl is deaf-mute, he resolves to pretend to be deaf-mute. Tutto questo fino a quando Erhyl fa saltare per sbaglio la sua copertura.

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Welcome and be sure to visit this site everyday! Thinking Mike was deaf, Erhyl replies in sign language, making Mike believe she was also deaf. There are no featured reviews for Paano Ko Sasabihin? Cinematographer Ogi Sugatan bathes the interiors of train stations, train cabins, and other locations with such luscious lighting, converting what essentially are places that have become synonymous with the dehumanized workforce into locations that are potent with romantic possibilities.

Twitter did not respond. Enchong as Mike demonstrates his sincerity and vulnerability as the hero to his deaf pupils, a strong contrast to his athletic and teen heartthrob image. Fill in your details below move click an icon to log in: Pensando che Mike sia sordo, Erhyl risponde nel linguaggio dei segni, facendo credere a Mike che anche lei sia sorda.


The pair interacts naturally, thanks to the script free from annoying and corny lines typical k “love team launching movies. Speak your mind by commenting on every post and receive latest updates and news when you visit this site regularly. Log in with Facebook. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This site is launched as a commitment to bring you fresh news, public appearances, latest projects and fresh insights about Enchong Dee, providing you with the most accurate information on the net.

The plot problems of Paano Ko Sasabihin are a bit heavier than that of the earlier picture, but its crowd-pleasing power is difficult to ignore. I Am the Night. All copyrighted pictures and media here belong to the original copyright owners.

In fact, the film has made the normally uncomfortable situation of sasabihinn squeezed in the middle of a cramped and crowded train cabin into a climactic plot point in the romance, with only facial reactions and minute gestures as provisions for subtly heightened drama.

Notify me of new comments via email. But in the end, Paano Ko Sasabihin is altogether pleasant, if not totally satisfying.

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What follows is a whirlwind relationship founded on parallel deceptions — each worried that once either reveals the truth, the other will feel he or she were taken advantage of, and so the charade continues.

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By signing up on PEP. Erich as Ehryl lights up the screen so well, that part of the beauty of the otherwise drab Manila backdrop can be credited to her presence.

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Paano Ko Sasabihin?

The boilerplate wasabihin movie moments are backed up with a strong sense of style. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Both films have trouble grappling with the plot, but they also an undeniable sweetness and an appealing earnestness that would eventually win them the audience prize in their respective competitions. Though the two hit it off, their mutual lie hangs over their relationship.


When these actors are given the chance to speak in the film, it almost feels inferior to their signed delivery.

Although it won the Audience Award among others in the Cinema One Originals digital film festival, there are no playful walk-in-the-park scenes. That said, Paano Ko Sasabihin? As a result, Paano Ko Sasabihin? We intend no copyright infringement in any way. And in certain moments, the film kp be genuinely compelling, the mechanical orchestrations of plot forgotten as the film simply tells the story of two people slowly opening their hearts to each other.

Thankfully, Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales have more than enough chemistry to carry their romance. The screening of Paano Ko Sasabihin? This site uses cookies.

Burdened by Plot

So she makes her move. When the opportunity presented itself for her to sasaabihin to know the guy who she believes is the mysterious man from her recurring dreams, she decides to pretend to be a deaf-mute, in the belief that the innocent deceit would facilitate what she wished was a blossoming relationship.

As it stands, the film sasabiin more painful than it is sweet. Home Burdened by Plot. Erich Gonzales plays Ehryl, the loving daughter and sister who works hard to earn money to finally buy the hearing aid for her deaf brother. Enchong Dee plays Mike, the educator well loved by his pupils in oaano school for the deaf where he teaches.

No chasing games by the beach. If I were in his or her shoes, would I have done the same?