The Moment of Oars’ Revival” Transcription: Later entering the cockpit installed in Oars’s stomach, Moriah’s presence confirms Zoro’s suspicions while making it hard for them to fight Oars with the remaining thirty minutes of night left. When the crew headed toward the Grand Line, they had no choice but to leave Laboon behind because the danger the sea would present to a young whale like him, but Laboon followed them over Reverse Mountain, anyway. Their attacks quickly destroy the lab, forcing them to escape the room and continue their fierce duel on the roof. The Musician, Humming Brook! Two days later, Usopp and Franky make a grave for the dead Rumbar Pirates, and Zoro lays the broken Yubashiri at the grave. As Luffy finds himself facing Gecko Moria’s animated shadow Doppelman while attempting to attack Moria, Usopp manages to dispatch the Wild Zombies and chases after a frighten Perona with Kumacy chasing after him.

But Moria’s shadow catches the bag and flings it back at Usopp, the bag’s contents spilling out before Oars apparently stomped Usopp to death. As Brook takes Luffy to the stop of the main mast, Nami uses her Rain Tempo to drench the zombie to be frozen in place by the low-temp air cannon Franky and Usopp built. Disembarking on Thriller Bark! Luffy tells Brook that Laboon is alive, and he is overjoyed to hear it, and begins to think about the time 50 years ago when he and his pirate crew first met Laboon. Retrieved on March 20, Musing that Luffy absorbed only a hundred shadows to assume his Nightmare Luffy state, Moriah transforms into a giant monster by using his Shadow’s Asgard ability to absorb all one thousand shadows stored in the zombies on Thriller Bark. Ryuma collapses in a bout of flames and Brook’s shadow is finally returned to him, to his great joy.

Luffy Vs Moria Full Fight English sub One Piece HD – video dailymotion

The Thousand Sunnymeanwhile, gets caught in a giant spiderweb. Retrieved on November 22, The Mysterious Skeleton Floating in the Fog!

After fleeing the cerberus, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper encounter Hildon, a vampiric creature who offers to take them to the mansion of Doctor Hogback. As Chopper begins to notice Jigoro and Inuppe acting less like Zoro and Sanji, Oars undergoes the same transition and makes his way back to Gecko Moriah. The shadows leave Luffy’s body, but he appears to have won.

While evading the Surprise Zombies upon finding a secret passage, Nami, Chopper and Usopp discover the truth about Victoria Cindry being a starlet who died long ago. Sanji’s Stolen Dream” Transcription: However, they do not get far as Nami is abducted by Absalom for the marriage he plans for her while Usopp and Chopper are left to fend for themselves against numerous platoons of zombies before being rescued by Franky moira Robin.


Luffy and the others enter the mansion and defeat epislde Surprise Zombies with ease, but Sanji goes missing, so they force Oinkchuck to act as their guide by taking him with them.

Usopp luckily uses an Impact Dial to absorb the explosive force, using it to take out the Wild Zombie Hippo Gentleman with some injury as consequence. Beating Absalom when he refused to reveal he has been using firearms, Sanji reveals that he knows Absalom’s invisibility is due to the Clear-Clear Fruit which he wanted for his own reasons. When the crew headed toward the Grand Line, they had no choice but to leave Laboon behind because the danger the sea would present to a young whale like him, but Laboon followed them over Reverse Mountain, anyway.

Retrieved on March 20, Teki wa Fujimi no Purinsesu ” Japanese: Usopp runs to the kitchen to gather more salt to purify Oars, but Moriya had Oars strike at Usopp while pjece the passage to the kitchen. Neither Zoro, nor Ryuma, can gain any advantage over the other, as they miria matching the other’s attack. Luffy is captured by the zombie morua, with Franky and Robin sv by both sides by the generals and a massive monkey-spider named Taralan.

Luffy Vs Moria Full Fight English sub One Piece HD

With dawn approaching within minutes, the Rolling Pirates deem all is left is wake up Moria and force him to restore their shadows. Hogback without Cindry’s conflicted support tries to run away, only to caught by Chopper as Robin helps him set up a suplex before Oars’s attack smashed lufffy the ceiling. Elsewhere, Luffy’s continued pursuit of Moria leads him out of the manor and into the forest.

With Zoro risking his own life by distracting Oars before the giant knees him into a wall, Usopp shoots Poece salt into Oars’ mouth with Kuwagata. Zoro and Sanji then proceed to ensnare Oars in a chain and straighten out his spine so a thrown Luffy can use Giant Bazooka in Third Gear to completely shatter it. On board the Thousand Sunnywith everyone save Luffy unnerved by his appearance as an undead creature, Brook reveals that he is actually a human with Devil Fruit powers.


Tatakikome, Todome no Ichigeki ” Japanese: The season uses two pieces of theme music.

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Nami manages to win due to a combination of Abalsom’s injuries and delusion, checking on Lola who saw through her earlier lie while thanking the girl for her encouragement. For that reason, admitting his joy to be around others after a very long time of solitude, Brook turns down Luffy’s offer to both join his crew and offers to play for the Straw Hats while he is able to enjoy their company.

The Straw Hats combine their strengths to get Oars off-balance and cause him to fall to the ground, enraging him.

But while Frankie and Robin escaped, Luffy’s route was blocked by a zombie swordsman named Jigoro who acts much like Zoro. Luffy Roronoa Zoro Nami. After beating the zombies, planting them into the ground upon learning they ambushed Nami, Usopp and Chopper, Luffy’s group encounter an old man who pleas for their help in regaining his stolen shadow. Zoro lands hard on the lip of the roof below. While Sanji is joined by Robin to save Nami, wanting to kill Absalom after being further provoked by Usopp, Franky and Zoro decide to back up Brook against Ryuma while Luffy intends to directly defeat Gecko Moria himself.

The journey continued until some powerful epizode defeated the Rumbar Pirates in the Florian Triangle, fatally poisoning them. Ubawareta Sanji no Yume ” Japanese: But the giant quickly retaliates, taking Brook out while destroying the tower lufft crashed in. Retrieved from ” https: But when Absalom lucfy to evade Lola, Mori, Usopp, and Chopper hide inside Perona’s servant Kumacy who is unable to reveal the pirates’ location as they overhear Absalom and Perona talking about being summoned by Moria as he obtained an ideal shadow for his ultimate Special Zombie: As Taralan was about to pursue them, Brook suddenly falls from the sky.

While the Wild Zombies disrespected his orders for them to not harm Nami, Absalom puts the lot in their place while venting his bad mode on Inuppe by blasting him into a wall for his insolence.