Riding against all reason to try to save Rickon was acceptable;charging Ramsay afterwards was not. They really have gone to the really end with his abuses. Though Dan said inside the episode that there is a degree of luck. Also preview scares me for Jaime. But I really liked this episode in total and I liked the Scene between Dany and Yara and now I can see why this series six was promoted as the series of Women. Yeah Jon did some stupid shite but he just saw his youngest brother die.

Season 8, Episode 8 September 5, Jeezaloo it would have taken a lot of restraint to turn away from that. Yet, this season sort of follows its tradition in disappointing me with parts of the storyline, which sometimes seems to be illogical. Losing his mind at the sight of Rickon fleeing from arrows and eventually dying was his mistake. At Cannae, something like 50K troops were in that compressed mass, and pretty much all of them died. December , January , , , , February , , , , and March , Did anyone else think this? Seeing Drogon with his 2 sibling was a nice touch and Tyrion finally has some great dialogue in his scenes with Dany.

They used so much cgi in that episode, they could have at least shown him fighting something…. Kit deserves the Emmy too. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10 s03e He joins the ranks of show Jaime and show Bran for shitty character development.

Also lol at Tormund tlme Jon Snow is not a king.

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Then when it looked like his luck had run out and he was nearly buried alive it was brutal and the flash of light and shadow was gripping. I came away feeling hollow after this episode. I am actually really interested to see how the exchange between Jon, Davos and Melisandre will go. Who knows if Osha did obey and take the real Rikon to the Umbers?? These women are not to be trifled with and I love it!


Someone on the other thread mentioned how common this type of mistake is with the Starks- the heart overtaking the head. He tells Stannis how to win over the mountain clans, how to attack and win Moat Cailin, why he should not attack the Dreadfort etc. But the show folks tried to squeeze so much in this season, including more than a few scenes that I thought could easily have been left on the cutting room floor.

I was on westeros. Yeah, Cersei is definitely blowing the place up next week. He thinks about how the godswood had life in it, how that godswood was the Gime, and how Theon can never own it. Somehow, despide going just as we expected, I was on the edge of the seat dreading some terrible twist could happen. Series i zeason watched and liked walking dead doctor who grimm ncis the mentalist jericho robin hood bbc merlin shows i am not interested in smallville i am currently not into the superhero theme arm game of thrones breaking bad.

I felt that was stretching things too far as well.

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Not even breaking a sweat. Could her hardening become some stand-in for the sexual agency of women? Go the designated floors photo above and thats the isocks shop.

When the Vale army came at first light on the fifth day… It was relief!!! Ser Not Appearing in this Series. They deserve all of the acclaim that we can offer them, and more! Harvey laces up for a rematch against an old foe.


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At janice watch, we also provides a sell and buyback watches in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers. What an intense and satisfying hour of television. I do love battles!

Yeah I agree especially with Cersei, they should have just left it with the vision of the wildfire back in episode 6. Moreover, it went against what Jon and his officer allies did at the parley: These two have unfinished business, and their battle is far from over.

Watch Now usa Paid. Did anyone else think this?

I think even George would be satisfied. Sansa totally channeled Cersei in the end scene after she watched Ramsay die. Season 6 episode 6 death in paradise season 6 episode 5 death in paradise. Ypon know I do. Riding against all reason to try to save Rickon was acceptable;charging Ramsay afterwards was not. I can totally see Dany and Yara having a thing — a romantic thing.

Did he ever hear about how Baelish betrayed Ned Stark, either through rumours or from Stannis? Well, it could be unrealistic.

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Not a scratch on him. The mistake was done, it was too late, the only way forward from there was literally forward. News from April, Arthur. Felt like an LOTR battle scene. Very intense, very cool. Daeny and Yara is my new ship.