Abandoned, see last chapter for the remaining plot plans and the first 14 chapters for edited material Harry Potter – Rated: Miranda is summoned by the Ministry of Magic to use her special expertise to combat a threat against the wizarding and Muggle worlds. M – English – Adventure – Chapters: Unless a certain Rachel Berry is involved. Warnings for violence and gore. Rated T now but that might change so pay attention! Mama by hunnyfresh reviews Growing Up Series:

Will Emma find that she isn’t the only one with less-than-innocent thoughts? Now, the wizards are forced to make a last stand in Scotland. The title is no relation to the Evil Regals on Twitter, it’s just the name is so apt. PWP about apples and being nice. You Left Me With Nothing But I’ve Worked With Less by fictorium reviews So usually people write Swan Queen conceiving accidentally through magic and after a brief moment of confusion, Emma goes along with it and happily ever after ensues. After befriending the most feared inmate, Beca, Chloe’s life begins to change. They dip and find the little girl wrapped up in a pink baby blanket and Emma’s breath catches.

Hermione finds herself in a difficult predicament and realises that in order to be truly happy she has to make some difficult sacrifices Emma and Regina didn’t want to get married, but by the last night of their honeymoon that’s beginning to change.

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Pointed by Standbackufools reviews Vampires and werewolves own the night, feeding off humans without recourse. Lack uon Control by Motormouse reviews A hit on the head causes Emma to be unable to control what she says and does, especially around Regina. Regina is tiem Mayor of Cooper City, Texas. Mindreader by morshon reviews Rumple puts a spell on Emma that allows her to read Regina’s mind. Metal Kisses Caress the Ferocious Heart by highheelsandchocolate reviews All lovers have their spats, and it’s no secret to anyone in Storybrooke that Regina and Emma love to fight… but NO ONE disobeys a direct order from the Queen and gets away yime it.


Just a reminder by Thewhitestars reviews Sometimes the good Deputy just needs to be reminded of exactly who is in charge.

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All The Single Ladies by Korderoo reviews With shbtitles library in desperate need of renovation, Storybrooke prepares for a fundraising dinner and bachelorette auction.

Befriend Quinn Fabray 3. Emma comforts Regina after magicking away Daniel. Some kid just shows up at her door, claiming to be her daughter from the future and that Regina Mills of all people is the kids other Mom. Miranda Priestly has a hidden fetish that no one has ever known about, until her Andrea. An unexpected visit reveals that Cameron has returned but to protect Sarah’s daughter, supposedly. A tale of love, friendship and betrayal that brings together those who never should have been and tears apart everything that once was.

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Family Ties on Ebglish by hunnyfresh reviews Henry gets his entire family on Jerry Springer for them to figure out who’s related to who and to get their problems sorted.

Regina never casts the Dark Curse.

Because I want to know how a proper, aspiring female doctor would react to a driven, hard-as-nails woman on the range. Hostility under the guise of cordiality and we’re just picking at carcass of what we once had.

Nagisa is living alone, but what will happen when an unexpected ‘stranger’ turns up on her door step after so long?

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And for the record: WAY established Swan Queen. Tooth Fairy by hunnyfresh reviews Growing Up Series: And it seems to be an universal truth that things rarely go to plan when Emma engliah to fix things with magic. Motherhood by Prentiss-be-mine reviews She snaps her head in the former Mayor’s direction, wild hair flowing behind her back, eyes watering as she mumbles “I’m pregnant.


Slowdance On The Inside by justanothermarionette reviews “She slowly pulls out of me, and there is a whimper at the loss.

Emma and Regina don’t hate each other. Ordinary Love by helebette reviews Regina and Emma find ways to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, even while weird and increasingly absurd things happen to their family and to the town around them.

Years ago, a ritual was completed to keep Minerva and Hermione safe Warnings for violence and gore. Your wish is my command! Six stories of women of the Avengers movieverse.

Emma thinks she and Regina are becoming friends, and it’s A Good Elf by brightsilverkitty reviews With her Mistress’ life in critical danger, one elf races to find the one thing that could restore Bellatrix’s will to survive.

Tickle Tantrum by XVnot15 reviews Prompt Let’s pretend there is no curse, no magic, and Regina is just a mayor and Emma is just a sheriff. Swan Queen and friends in all sorts of situations. Can Emma get to her in time? Angry and heartbroken, Emma seeks comfort and refuge with the person who least expects the teen at her door: What I Couldn’t Find by underscorenope reviews Post-high school Rachel and Quinn run into each other in the most unlikely of places and with the help of a four year old and a few familiar faces, they find themselves on a rocky journey towards that elusive thing called “second chance”.

Rated T for language, suggestiveness, and Regina throwing things at Emma.