The latter was a fresh breath into the Indian Cinema and never fails to fascinate me with its innovative screenplay and clever,smart dialogue. It is not just a thriller, an art.. This is not only one of the best tamil films of al time but also one of the best indian thrillers out there. Unlike his previous five attempts in the film industry, this time he perfectly syncs the basic human feelings like devotion,fear,helping tendency,thinking and etc in the story line. The film begins with a medical student Chandru Sri , who happens to see a badly injured man struggling for life at midnight. Mysskin can be felt strongly in the interactions of the police, levity in unexpected quarters policeman saluting Aditya and the robot-like movements of characters to name a few. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time.

My God this movie is simply brilliant Though good screen presence too. Unlike his previous five attempts in the film industry, this time he perfectly syncs the basic human feelings like devotion,fear,helping tendency,thinking and etc in the story line. His walking looked so artificial and at the same time unintentionally hilarious. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The movie has got no comedy but lots of humor. Sivakumar Thursday, October 10, If you want to give money for timely help a rich man would take it but not a pauper.

A kid saves a dangerous dying fugitive and triggers off a chase between the hunter and the hunted and soon, the definitions blur Bottomline: Ilayaraja needs no comments, genius.

Hence the approach to the screenplay is very clinical. The operation scene lies on the line of stupidity and hilarious making it confusing what to make out of the scene 3 Idiots,anyone?? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Please Email the Editor. As the story takes place in night Balaji has excelled in places with less light. No heroine, no stupid comedy scenes, aatukutriyum item songs no songs at all!

Notify me of new comments via email. A dark, heavy, well made engaging suspense thriller; Mysskin returns to his form. The cinematography was stunning, considering the fact that almost the entire movie was shot at night. Finally realizing that he has no other option than to aayukuttiyum matter into his own hands, he takes the stranger to his house and saves his life.


I must admit the movie was a cult classic though. His walking looked so artificial and at the same time unintentionally hilarious.

Every characters in the movie are given proper detail even the one that is out of focus. Onayum Aatukuttiyum Image Source: It has a clear set of key scenes which bind the narrative together. His looks and antics have been maintained so well right from the start.

Yes, it does feel like experimental theatre with elements of mime routed into cinema. The writing has been so brilliant and effective that comedy is not added but comes within the sequences. Such third party cookies may track your use on Filmibeat sites for better rendering. Tamil film Aatukuhtiyum Aatukuttiyum is brilliant.

There is no specific kind of story, everything is just Shri is very energetic throughout the movie and had performed very well, Mysskin is very good and especially brilliant performance and dialogue delivery by the CBI officer Shaji Lalhe just suits extremely well for that character. That doesn’t ensure movie quality,mind it Mysskin. Witness it for yourself. Finally you have Illayaraja’s soundtracks throughout the entire movie.

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Keep up the good work. Just BGM for complete 2hrs 45mins and there is not even a single frame where you feel bored. Right from the first scene when he shocks you with a very unconventional angle to show the wounded stranger on the road, the camera work is so good that you first notice and then stop noticing it as it is actually not as much a device but very much an element of the story being told. I wish they make more such movies in Tamil,to compete strongly in World Cinema, instead of doing the same commercial stuff over and over.

Saw the movie last week having read countless critic reviews and user opinions that claim this movie as the best of the year. The film was premiered in television on Diwali day 2 Novemberwhile the film was still running successfully in theaters. When you are shown a city that is glowing even during the nights, artists who perform extra ordinarily well, Illayaraja’s symphony, a story that is just like a fairy tale, one must say ‘Cant ask for better’. I feel ashamed to state that this hasn’t got the essential credits it deserves from the audience.


A special mention to young Sree from Vazhakku enn for he did a fine job too.

Onayum Aatukuttiyum

At the end of day you will have a feel of experiencing,what is supposed to be world class cinema. The final in the coffin is nothing but its climax. Shree at his best and proves he is good product of Balaji Shakthivel. But just to quote an storylime, just notice how the number and intensity of violins go up and down in the first half an hour. I aatuktutiyum say the reason for this.

It is not just a thriller, an art. Raja Rani – Review. But what i got is some half baked story line,which is intended to explain all the happenings, but eventually made no sense at all and created more plot holes.

‘Onayum Aatukuttiyum’: edge-of-the-seat tale of redemption (Tamil Movie Review)

Though good screen presence too. Need to applaud the director’s gut Mysskin knows hows to tell a story and visuals, the blind man with gun at cemetery was such a beautiful scene. There is no romance in the movie, but it has got lots of love. Because aatukuttiymu cannot be compared to any other directors.

The scene in the climax where the hero would naturally take aatumuttiyum turn to go to the other and a killer who got red handed. The score is Western Classical in nature solely relying on violins as the main instrument. He is the hero of the film.

Music is composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Iam reserving my conclusion to one and only to Our beloved Maestro Raja Sir.

Story briefing was ultimate to the movie. Disgusted with the insensitive attitude of the police, he leaves the police station and with nowhere to go, takes the dying man to his home. Although humor runs along the length of the film quite onaum, the butt of ridicule in most places is invariably the police force.