Kudu Filmworks Tv 24 June This portrayal is giving Nigeria a bad image and can also dissuade potential investors or tourists from coming into Nigeria. National Development in Nigeria: Fildan Sun Raha Hai. Nigerian Films – latest nigerian movies 16 March Nollywood, popularity is growing tremendous, leaving fans burning with a longing for more. Presently, the story has changed, Nollywood is fast, becoming the fastest growing industry in the nation.

Film making is a big business especially in this part of the world. B advertising excellence. Gboyega captures development as an idea that embodies all attempts to improve the conditions of human existence in all ramifications. Also, Anayo remarks that: Former Nigerian minister of information and communication late prof. National development transcends superficial modernization of the urban and rural areas. Through films and videos, the cultural background and identity of a nation are exhibited to the outside world. The Threat of Boko Haram.

For instance, India is well known for occultic practices but you hardly see such themes portrayed in their movies.

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Also, HynesandOkome cited in Emen,p. This particular question was also put to some of the film makers in the course of the interview.

Nollywood movies on youtube is your number one online movie channel on youtube, we strive giving you the very best of Nigerian Nollywood entertainment Nwanegbo and Odigbo aver that development could be seen as the process of empowering people to maximize their potentials and ability to exploit nature to meet daily human needs. You can see niferian other visitors choices below The researchers further discovered that the Yoruba home video portrays more ritual activities base on their findings, the paper concludes that Nigerian home videos pay too much attention to ritual activities and that it has negative effect on the image of Nigeria in the international community.

The paper concludes that portrayal of violence in Nigerian home video has negative effects on audience members.

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Nigerian Film and Lights. Accessed from http: The Deadly Tiger 2 – Regina Daniels atest Nollywood Movies Nollywood Movies Epic Movies download mp4 3gp mp3 The princess and the queen wants to rule tigre all means even when their tradition forbids women being a king,but the princess will do anything to be the king Let me tell you, this is what people want to see and we have no choice than to show it to them. What of Mexico, where there is a problem of drugs and gangsterism, but their movies does not reflect this issues, rather we see love, affection and family values, movke from their telenovelas.


A directed and widely participatory process to deep and accelerated socio-political change geared toward producing substantial changes in the economy, the technology, the ecology, so that the moral and material advancement of the majority of its populations can be obtained within conditions of generalized equality, dignity, justice and liberty. It omekavu not just where society is presently and what it is deadlh presently, but where society has been. NollywoodMoviesTV 29 March Nigerian Films – latest nigerian movies 16 March Retrieved on 22ndNovember from http: An International Nigeriian of Mass Communication 1 4 A glimpse into the cult of the individual in Nigerian video film, in Haynesi,d.

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MA Dissertation University of Ibadan. Nigeriaj the greatest threat to Nollywood successful influence in Africa and beyond is its negative portrayal of witchcraft, voodoo, ritualism, sexual contents and violence. They are part of Nollywood success story, without script writers, directors and producers, film production cannot be successful. It can also be seen as a process by which quality of human lives and capacity to surmount daily needs are considerably improved.

Starting with the box-office hit, living in Bondage, Nollywood has projected Nigeria and the Igbo in particular as a ritualistic society, where sacrifices involving human beings are perpetrated per second billing. Log In Sign Up.


Kudu Filmworks Tv 24 June Nollywood, popularity is growing tremendous, leaving fans burning with a longing for more. The Nigerian motion picture industry is an image-maker for the Nigerian state.

Film, therefore, supports genuine self-reliant process of development, transforming people to change positively, depending on the nature and types of the film. This will help in championing our development ideals. The objective of the study among others was to determine the extent to which Nigerian home video portrays ritualism and to determine specific ritual activities portrayed in Nigerian home videos.

We are now the second in the World based on the number of films we produce weekly.

It focuses on a young girl who is well endowed with the strength of a man which Nollywood films are receiving wider distribution as Nigerian filmmakers are attending more internationally acclaimed film festivals. A movue Thesis submitted to the department of mass communication, Enugu state university of science and technology, Enugu.

However, the first Nigerian films were made by film producers such as Ola Balogun and Hubert Ogunde in the s, but they were frustrated by the high cost of film production.

Enjoying a wide audience both in the nation and in the diaspora. A paper presented at ace conference University of calabar 20thrd October Thus, film, through the content of each production constitutes a medium nigeerian expression, an instrument of image projection, a vehicle of ideas, with immense psychological and ideological power.