They still burn great and all, the extra moisture just brings out a bit more flavor. Probably the best medium to full bodied cigar I’ve ever smoked. The weather conditions, with a nearly permanent cloudy sky, provide a natural shade, protecting the wrapper plants from sunshine and allowing the tobacco to grow thin and light. This one of my all time favorites! Smooth, medium strength blend. This cigar and the rocky Patel decade cigar are two of my favorites! Just remember they are pressed puros..

Excellent cigar as usual. Once you try them, you want more. Perfect stick anytime you kick back to relax. Awesome smoke, smooth, even burning and a pleasure from start to finish. The second time I tried through the Make Me an Offer portal and even saved some money. These Oliva Serie V Meliano cigars are excellent! A very smooth and flavorful cigar. How reviewers describe Oliva Serie V Melanio.

A reason to love handmade cigars.

My go to relaxation smoke with a good bourbon. Oliva – smooth, flavorful, excellent!

Oliva Serie V Melanio – Cigars International

Top of the line. Smoked 4 of these beautiful cigars while sailing over a long weekend. Perfect construction and burn! At first I thought these were rather harsh. Smooth and strong cigar.

I love pretty much the entire Oliva line, but the Melanio V stands out as the best of the best. Once you do you will be hooked. Key Derie Twist Olivw. I’m still a novice but this cigar was absolutely great. Very, verynice! Oliva Serie ‘V’ Melanio will have you at hello, thanks to gorgeous Ecuadorian-grown Sumatra leaf that’s dark, thick, oily, and seamless in figurwdo.


I knew eventually these would be hard to get. These are well constructed, burn evenly and have a great flavor. Smooth, easy draw with a hearty bouquet, I will never let my humi run out of these.

A whole new world of cigars was opened up. They were delivered very fresh. They have a good taste but there was a hashness I didn’t like.

The Bovida bag was brittle. Just what you expect from Oliva. I like a lot of variety in the cigars I smoke, but this is figutado that I return to over and over. This is a Great Cigar figursdo the end of a Stressfull work day paired with your favorite adult beverage. Of course, the taste is the most important quality. I watch for it in deals and samplers.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada Figurado Sumatra – Thompson Cigar

From tip to nub a smoke that satisfies. These are great sticks that got even better with a little more time in the humidor. The box presentation is average and that’s ok. Good burn good flavor, strong, yet smooth.


Cigar Aficionado

If I could only choose 1 cigar to smoke for the rest of my life the Melanio would be it. It is a staple for me now. I love this cigar.

So much value for the money! A great cigar from a world class company! Your request have been received. Best pure smoke there is.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

A little strength at the end, but very consitend in the flavors. Excellent smoke, smooth from start to finish.

Great to share with friends. This is an excellent cigar. An exceptional addition to my humidor. Harsh at first, but ten months in a humidor and you’ll thank yourself for being patient.

Maintains consistency in craftmanship, taste and value like no other stick in it’s price category.

Yes 1 No 0. I put my recent order to rest and am reviewing on a previous purchase that have rested for 6 months.