The note symbol indicates that the adjacent text contains information for your particular attention. You use a Quick Key for instant display and selection of the linked setting which, otherwise, you would have to find by navigation. Customer Compartment The compartment is fitted with a panel tray that facilitates the mounting of your equipment e. If the batteries are flat, replace them. See “Battery Care” page Door Seal Check the door sealing rubber for perishing or undue hardening. Consequently, this Technical Manual is offered as a guide only. Either 20mm steel strapping or 10mm galvanised or stainless steel bolts, nuts, etc.

Repeat until you have displayed the setting you require. You will be prompted for a password before you can change the setting. Always turn off the battery circuit breaker before connecting or disconnecting the batteries in the cubicle. Batteries should be stored for a maximum of one year. Space, power and data panels are provided within the control cubicle. Disclaimer The advisory procedures and information contained within this Technical Manual have been compiled as a guide to the safe and effective operation of products supplied by Nu-Lec Industries Pty Ltd.

A busy signal can be provided by the radio to indicate receive channel busy. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the password is complete.

Each page consists of fields. Mounting brackets are provided for surge arresters on the ACR.

If local conditions or wiring rules prohibit bonding the HV and LV systems in this way, providing the auxiliary supply to the control cubicle from the LV mains system is not possible.

Power flow direction setting is used to determine: In areas of high atmospheric pollution more frequent cleaning may be appropriate. Unpack the crate as above and put the HV cables, boots and the control cable in a clean safe place where they will not be damaged or soiled. Additional event details are available where the combination of the source plus event description alone will not precisely identify the event e.

The ADVC uses the above measurements to derive many system measurements nklec Auxiliary Ercloser Source The auxiliary supply is used to maintain charge on the sealed lead-acid batteries that provide standby power when auxiliary power is lost.


A low voltage surge arrester must also be fitted from the LV phase connection to this tee-off. Power Flow Direction Testing This test is to ensure that the source and load designations are correct. This will take up to 60 seconds during which the message: Contact your agent or distributor.

How many pounds of SF6 gas does the N, RL, U and W series reclosers contain?

Prior to energising the ACR, you should perform the checks detailed below, to confirm that the equipment is fully operational and properly configured. If the Radio Hold time is set to zero then the radio supply will not shutdown, except under special circumstances Communications and Accessories Installation or until the unit powers down.

Instead, the design is such that if any water does enter, it will run out recloswr the bottom without affecting the electrical or electronic parts. If necessary renew the seal. You use a Quick Key for instant display and selection of the linked setting which, otherwise, you would have to find by navigation. To return to normal power mode, the auxiliary supply must have aeries switched back on for a minimum of 15 minutes, and the batteries may have to be replaced.

The default WSOS communications via the port are baud, 8 bit, no parity, and 1 stop bit. Either 20mm steel strapping sries 10mm galvanised or stainless steel bolts, nuts, etc.

Carry out any visual and electrical tests, such as insulation and contact resistance, considered necessary to prove that the installation seriees sound. A 3A current limited supply is appropriate. Xeries the ACR into position and lower it onto the mounting bracket so that it sits on the mounting bracket.

The batteries are located and retained on the exterior top of the PSU module. The operator settings that you will frequently change can each be linked to a Quick Key. Other faults require the ADVC to be returned to the factory. If the arresters are not mounted close to the ACR the protection they provide is significantly reduced. WSOS communication set up parameters are user configurable.


This is set on page Real Time Displays The first five screens of the System Measurements group contain real time displays. This page displays the system nulwc either as phase to ground or phase to phase values as configured on the System Status, Phase Voltage and Power Flow page.

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No part of the contents of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the manufacturer. However, condensation will be on metal surfaces where it is of no consequence. Fit additional LV surge arresters to all the other LV phases if they existto balance the supply for other users connected mulec the LV system.

The top line of the display is the page title.

How many pounds of SF6 gas does the N, RL, U and W series reclosers contain?

Consequently, after installation, the controller must be configured to designate the source side. Auxiliary Power from Integrated Transformer Relcoser manufacturer can provide a dedicated voltage transformer outside the ACR tank which connects directly into the control electronics.

Maintenance Excess Close Operations When a trip occurs in low power mode, the recloser will go to lockout if the capacitors cannot be recharged quickly enough.

This test is valid only if the ACR is being supplied from a single source and can be energised before closing. This is based on the battery manufacturer’s data. See Figure 6 page An RS port has been provided to enable higher speed multi-drop connections that often occur within substations.