Eun Gi trusts that she will recover and she is taking the risk that Chairman Nam will reveal her condition to the world. A cold-hearted bitch and intelligent at that. With Eun-gi pulling the affair card, she lost all hope of ever ending of up with him. Because as she said, everyone else will be there to stop here. Because they always give me light to a deeper meaning of each episode. During breakfast, Eun Gi keeps asking what is going on?

But now, when i look at her face, i find she is a devil person, she is very wicked. I think Maru will have the surgery by choice.. We need EunMa babies around. Eun Gi asks if that woman earlier was her stepmother, and the person Eun Gi has to battle with? Maru and Jae Gil are on a plane and a woman keeps staring at Maru. Koala, glad to have you on the Nice Guy bandwagon. How did a deleted file suddenly get resurrected. Jae Gil asks if Maru likes Eun Gi?

He needs to be rewarded for his selfless love. Lawyer Ahn looks out the window and sees this. Choco hands a hair band to Secretary Hyun to give to her unni. Maru finally letting his walls fall in recounting just how much Eun Gi actually meant to him even when he was still completely obsessed with Jae Hee was a sight to behold.

Jae Shik reveals that Maru promised to set him up for life if he walks into the conference and reveals Jae Hee tried to get rid of Eun Gi. Eun Gi had passed out but there was no doctor onboard so he, as a med school dropout, had to treat her. I bow to your greatness and revel in your continued excellent directing prowess.

She also thinks back to Eun Gi happily playing with Eun Seok, and the housekeeper pointing out that Eun Gi ate bean sprouts she was allergic to. Seeing them not only happy, but happy together, that sends me into the throes of giddiness the likes of which require me to run around the room just to burn off the excess energy.

Nice Guy Episode 10 Recap

Get well soon EG!!!! Thank you so much for the quick recaps ms koala.

Maru smiled and told her to remember what epsode said and never forgive him. I think that Loalasplayground does care EG but not loving her yet. She ,oalasplayground her son not to miss Eun Gi anymore or hope that she comes back. I just want our Maru and our Eun-gi to live a long happy life together. He rushes forward and pushes Jae Hee off Eun Gi. Hopefully the stab got his appendix or something.


Someone somewhere suggested he go back to med school and finish. Jae Hee and Maru walk to the dining room and he picks up the bottle of wine on the table and starts to prepare it. It would be laughable if not for the ending that follows, when his daughter writes that letter and we see Eun Hwan and Sang Doo walking in the countryside and imagine they are really happy wherever they are. Jae Hee walks down from the stage and embraces Eun Gi, asking out loud how she is doing and where she has koalasplaygronud all this time?

And I want a smiley Eun-gi to take her rightfully owned position at Taesan. Poor Joon Ha, never even had a chance to get the girl. Maru pushes her against the wall and demands to know what Jae Hee said to Eun Gi to cause her such shock?

Maru reveals that he knows Eun Gi has regained her memory and asks what the hell she is doing going through with the wedding when she knows what kind of man he is i. Jae Shik goes to see Jae Hee, finding her sitting in the dark. Eun Gi hears it and flashes back to that moment briefly.

He smiles at Eun Gi as she stares at him in shock.

Eun Koalasplaygrounx wakes up in the hospital and looks over to see Maru sleeping next to her. When asked if she slept well, Eun Gi felt like she just woke up from a very long weird dream.

IMO, Pretty sure his disease will prevent that from happening. He actually looked affected by what she was saying, how he only truly loved her and his love for EG is rooted in guilt and pity.

Nice Guy Episode 20 Recap

The position of Chairman, or even lady of this house, neither ever belonged rightfully to Jae Hee. As he walks out he wonders why the Secretary lady is just standing there impolitely watching.

The saddest thing is, when he is sick, how can almost no one who has the initiative to visit him????


Eun Gi is reluctant to go and steps back to kiss him. He must know that the truth is what will cure her? Jae Gil and Choco will probaly end up getting married and move out somewhere else. Aww, they finally meet! He wonders what exactly happened to Eun Gi that makes her side so afraid of letting Jae Hee find her?

Thank you for this awesomely fast recap!! Nevermind, I am happy to sell out and have the happy ending for Maru and Eun Gi.

Eun Gi sits in koalasplaytround room writing in a notebook. Awesome Recap, I have episoode to watch the awesomeness that is NG — I have lived it through your recaps and I am super grateful that you are churning them out so beautifully.

Is this true, what she is seeing now? Maru is willing to hear him out. You are unbelievably, incredibly, satisfyingly awesome. From the start, LKH want give MR happy ending, a sign proof with his character development that road into want a second chance, and be happy.

Was it really them? One thing that cannot be denied is that this drama was simply beautiful to watch — a world of fine acting, directing, and writing that is ever so rare these days.

Nice Guy Episode 12 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Yeah and I wanted to spend a little more time on that happy island tbh. Eun Gi tells him there is nothing for him to be sorry about.

I swear even typing this still brings back the sheer horror on my face watching it. Jae Hee should have gotten everything she wanted so why is she here? Eun Gi shows her the receipt under her Korean name when she bought those products, clearly already with the intention of complaining to the company to make money.

I will be watching the last two episodes after i get out of the office so it makes me really happy to read through your post. Aw, it just tore my heard open when she said she would not be forgiving and Maru told her to hold on to that word.