Receiving a negative response, Amber becomes convinced that Imogen is after her maths classmate Liam Hodges. Mason Turner Remy Hii Josh calls Imogen a traitor. Jim wasn’t the only reason. She fawns over the bracelet she thinks he bought her, saying how she thinks of him every time she looks at it. Elizabeth Packett , Reg Watson creator. You, and Callum, and Nell, are the most important people in my life. Sonya tells Toadie he doesn’t get it:

He hugs Imogen, who doesn’t look entirely thrilled with the prospect. Hudson Walsh credit only James Mason Joshua Willis Josef Brown Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Mason tells Imogen that he’s booked the hotel room but from the look on her face, he can tells that she isn’t keen on the idea. Amber dangles the bracelet in front of Mason and says that she’s worked out, by a process of elimination, that he’s the one who bought it. Because he could relate to my fears.

Mason tells Imogen that he’s booked the hotel room but from the look on her face, he can tells that she isn’t keen on the idea.

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Hudson Walsh credit only James Mason No 32 Amber confronts Mason with the bracelet, demanding to know if it’s his. At first Amber suspects Mason might be seeing Imogen to get back at Josh, but he insists he’d never use her like that.

She says that she and Karl have separate friends and interests, but Elisode reminds her that they’ve been separated three times, and the most recent time was because of her friendship with Jim Dolan. I’d like your opinion on neighboure.

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Imogen claims that she’s come over to work on an assignment together, which is news to Amber, who knows that Imogen hates doing homework with her. Terese confirms it’s actually 15 per cent since January.

She adds on that she’s also worked out that Mason and Imogen have been secretly seeing each other – Mason confirms that they’ve been together since the camping trip, and also tells a worried Amber that he isn’t just using Imogen to get back at Josh.


Sonya is surprised, and Toadie admits that he can’t understand her completely, as he just isn’t wired in the same neighbougs as an addict, but he realises that this is something she needs to do. Terese’s face shows that she knew nothing about this, and she admits that Imogen has been a little out of sorts lately – she thanks Lauren for the information and looks quite concerned. Then we can finally get our Love Lock engraved?

Sonya tells Toadie he doesn’t get it: Mason tries to deny it, but Neighbuors has put two and two together based on what Imogen told her earlier, and for once come out with four. Start your free trial.

Mason grudgingly admits it, and begs Amber not to tell anyone. Well, so he says. Terese said Lauren did the right thing telling her, but looks worried and embarrassed. Are you considering the whole prison boyfriend thing like Chris? They hug, but Imogen is looking worried. Terese tells receptionist Glen that she’s leaving work early, but he stops her to ask about the staff discount. Mason books the honeymoon suite for him and Imogen, but his staff discount gets Therese informed, staring another Willis-Turner row, during which Imogen denies even having agreed.

But a perplexed Josh tells her he didn’t buy it for her, and now realises why she was so excited about his paltry card – 623 – rose gift offering. Sonya comes in, and Toadie admits he wishes he’d been there to see it first – hand. He says that all 68223 gave her was the card and the rose, and now he understands why she was so excited.

She, however, doesn’t look completely convinced. Looks like you’ve got a mystery to solve. He explains he was angry because Lauren told him about Sonya neihbours convenor of the support meetings, but Sonya says she’s turned down Bob’s offer to prioritise her family. She says that she really wanted to take the job – Neignbours reminds her of all her other commitments, but she says that she’s an addict and will always be an 683, and reaching out to other people is just something she needs to do.


Toadie is putting away the cake, telling Sonya that Susan brought it over, to celebrate Nell’s first steps. From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars.

Lauren then says that, in the interests of parental solidarity, she’s found something out about Imogen that Terese deserves to know. Brad says that he hasn’t seen her, but then breaks the news that the hire company are only offering a token amount of compensation, as Mason didn’t fill in the neighbourss. He also tells her that Amber has worked out they’re together, but that she won’t tell anyone.

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Imogen says that she’s not that stupid, and Amber then asks if it’s Liam from school, but Imogen reminds her that this is just a hypothetical question. No, I only wear gold. Mason Turner Remy Hii Because I really wanted to do that job. As Brad is finishing a call with the solicitor, Terese arrives looking for Imogen.

Audible Download Audio Books. Lassiter’s Lake Also kissing, in an appropriately secluded area, are Mason and Imogen.

Mason and Imogen are together, but she admits that she can’t relax, as she’s worried that someone might walk in on them. Imogen explains that Mason did book 6832 hotel room, but he cancelled it when she told him epislde she wasn’t ready. No 22 Imogen comes in, to be confronted immediately by Terese, who wants to know where she’s been and why she hasn’t answered her phone. No 32 – Kitchen: Imogen tells Terese not to worry; Mason’s a good guy and they like each other.

So in the hope of spending some eoisode – time together, Mason suggests he use his staff discount to book them a nice room at Lassiter’s tomorrow. Except, now you don’t really want to go there, do you?