Lou apologises to Harold and Ruby. Jack suffers a comic case of pre-exam nerves. She says she had two accomplices, Ben and Luke, whom she met at the pub where she used to gamble and she shared the proceeds with them. Libby grapples with her mistake with Taj. Steph asks Stuart for a job at the garage. Valda and Lou clash over budgets. Neighbours 28th July Joe seeks to increase Connor’s responsibility in Oz-Built.

Neighbours 28th August – Video Dailymotion. Sky endures public humiliation and Serena’s betrayal. Lyn and Joe begin working on the Nursery. Valda resists the urge to tell Lyn the truth. Summer returns from Fiji a changed person. Susan continues to butt heads with the new principal. Boyd stands up for Summer. Lyn makes attempts to meet with her real father, and is stunned when he is admitted to hospital.

Lyn loses baby Oscar in a car park. Gino is beginning to out-Harold Harold. Ruby’s secret gambling causes chaos. Lyn realizes it was Darcy who robbed the Kennedy’s. Lyn and Joe grapple with the news of Steph’s cancer. Sky and Boyd’s attraction continues to simmer. Sky’s first day at schools sees her make more enemies than friends.

Harold fails to connect with Sky while Boyd and Sky connect big time. Sky endures public humiliation and Serena’s betrayal.

Dee and Toadie argue with help from Darcy. Harold and Sky bond more closely eoisode Sky sets Harold straight with a few home truths. Stuart’s found a girl he likes but Connor doesn’t help his cause. Libby applies for a job at Erinsborough High. Susan ends up with the poodles. Dee takes time out to consider if she has a future with Darcy. Lori begins to feel uneasy about her relationship with Jack.


Neighbours | ep 7365 | 13th May 2016 (HD)

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Summer faces the ultimate temptation. Trixie asks Lou to invest in her career re-launch. Boyd is nearly killed when he steals Toadie’s car. Lou apologises to Harold and Ruby. Harold is deflated after reading a review of the play. Lori is released from hospital.

Boyd lashes out at Steph.

Lou and Max tussle over Connor. Nina is devastated when she learns about Trixie and Lou’s engagement. Harold’s Harold feels it’s unnecessary to question Ruby, but they say they have new information they have to follow up.

Boyd and Summer succumb to temptation. Neighbours 28th September Taj has a crush on Libby.

Neighbours | Episode 7298 | 10th February 2016 (HD)

Lyn decides to seek the truth from Henry. Libby ends her relationship with Cameron and sets Taj straight about his feelings for her. Coffee Shop Boyd’s still trying to persuade Steph to talk to Max for him, insisting he’ll like boarding school. Karl replaces Susan’s stolen wedding ring. With Jack’s help, Lori returns to neighbourd.

Neighbours | Episode | 10th February (HD) – video dailymotion

Nina reveals to Jack that she is a virgin. Karl confesses to Izzy about feeling dissatisfied with his life. Susan and Karl deal with the fact that Sarah has called. Harold strongly believes that Ruby is innocent.


Toadie is welcomed into Rocco’s family. Max despairs about Boyd. Harold removes memories of Madge to prove his commitment to Ruby. Nina attracts the attention of an agent. Karl buys Susan a gift for all the wrong reasons. Joe meighbours to make out Valda’s in Acapulco, living it up, but Lyn says epissode realises Valda can be annoying, with her endless stories, the dogs, but she misses the ‘silly old thing’.

He says he can’t believe it and Susan agrees in a way, but then says she thinks of little things Ruby has said and done. Max worries that he will lose Steph forever.

Libby misses out on her teaching job. Nina signs over her musical rights to Melody without her parent’s consent. Liljana disapproves of Serena’s attraction to Taj. Valda surprises Lou with a makeover for the pub.

Neighbours Episode 9th February Connor gives Steph reason to think he will bring Michelle home. Darcy is caught, Dee makes the call that seals his fate.