Matt, who has been with his pregnant other girlfriend, takes a new job in Boston. And TK—who is getting back on a downward spiral—begins to seek a new therapist after Dr. Dani finds herself unable to either resume her practice or resolve her conflicting feelings for Matt and Nico. Surely not, though with the mysterious Mister Careles she’s not entirely positive. Also, when something important is stolen from TK’s apartment, Matt finds himself going toe to toe with TK’s agent, Rob. T – English – Romance – Chapters: Meanwhile, Troy enlists Paloma to spy on Dani, Nico sets a deadline for the end of his cooperation with the Federal agent, Sheera helps TK attend a charity event and still make his pre-game curfew, and Dani’s new LA friend breaks off their relationship after a mutually satisfying fling.

Dani begins work at V3 with the case of a young actress whose instability is making her unemployable. Paloma at first rebuffs Dani’s help, but then tells Connor about Troy’s severance payment to her. On the eve of Angela’s birthday, Dani’s sister comes to town. Reading the Leaves by Loretto reviews It’s important to know where you stand. In addition, Dani tells her children about her ongoing relationship with Matt as he learns to navigate front office politics. Who do you think Dani should be with? But Carl instead commits suicide, leaving Dani a brief note and a flash drive. Retrieved July 19,

Santino works with a baseball slugger named Gonzo Adam Rodriguez who has had trouble hitting the ball due to a narcissistic syndrome.

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And in the midst of Marshall Pittman’s divorce, the League is looking into Matt’s history while he is general manager. Retrieved June 20, Trust by USNeshama reviews In the world of V3 Dani doesn’t know whom to trust, but the one man who can help her figure it out has been avoiding her and keeping secrets. You can love someone terribly, but life intervenes and that’s what nido here. And, hey, what about that plane! TK attempts to bond with his quarterback Rex Evans Travis Smith through turkey hunting, but becomes convinced that his football comeback is failing, leading to a setback in his recovery.


Family by writeinspiredraw reviews Title sucks, I know.

The Important Stuff by Loretto reviews They observe a lot. Nico and Matt have to choose to believe her or T.

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Connor learns from his lawyer that the investigation will soon lead to indictments, and that Troy is plotting to take over V3. A boxer comes to Dani for counseling, then kisses her in public, and a photo of the kiss is dropped off at Dani’s house.

Just a one shot. Also Jeanette neecessary her baby’s future while Matt wishes to be engaged to Dani, but Dani decides that she can’t crush Matt’s dream of wanting to have children of his own one day, so they decide to break off their relationship.

On the eve of Angela’s birthday, Dani’s sister comes to town. Retrieved August 24, Dani follows a blood trail Retrieved July 20, Nico announces his departure plans to Dani, who kisses him and leads him to her bedroom. Views Read Edit View history.

And TK—who is getting back on a downward spiral—begins to seek a new therapist after Dr. Awful summary I know. Dani tries to unearth the cause of Quarterback Rex Evans’ rage problem. Dani has to deal rojghness her daughter who is seeing her own shrink Dr. The following story contains spoilers from the Season 3 premiere of Necessary Roughness.


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Dani has a patient, who is a bull rider, that never properly grieved after his father’s death. Retrieved July 19, And Jeanette chooses to move to Spain with her boyfriend Augusto Mario Cimarroand their soon-to-be child.

But seasn Nico is leaving he is detained for questioning by law enforcement. Tyler Paxton, an extreme sports star and entrepreneur, appears fearless, but recurring nightmares are starting to threaten his success.

T – English – Chapters: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Card that Started it All by JessiePie6 reviews So this story picks up a few hours after when Dani received flowers In the ep Snap Out of it and goes AU and I cant give you much more neccessary a summary because it will be up to you how it continues.

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Dani when she inexplicably begins losing fights and her memory. La La Land 6.

Matt, who has been with his pregnant other girlfriend, takes a new job in Boston. Troy asks Abby to record a conversation with Connor that could compromise him and force him to yield V3, but Abby instead records Inco confessing.