The second exempts the administrator from the current schedule of court document searching and photocopying fees. Every year I heard young people say: Then they will perform a degree reverse turn. Thank you very much, Mr. I’m pleased to support Bill 83, and I thank you for this opportunity. The public had no opportunity to speak directly to MLAs about education. That concludes members’ statements.

Once they found the 10 items on the shopping list that Alvin Leung gave the teams, he will hand them their next clue. There are several institutions within this building that deal with financial issues and legislative issues and what issues come before the House. Before using the Express Pass, Michel elected to perform the Roadblock, and this is reflected in the total Roadblock count. Once they had all seven filled in, they could return to The Cube and being awarded the Fast Forward. We worked hard together. It is hugely important that we continue that good work which was carried out around the PNE. The provincial government denies this.

I’m just going to say I am proud of this government. She should be part of that and be part of the contribution to making this park green, retaining it, making it useful for the citizens of Hastings and to determining what should happen with the PNE.

So it will be with great interest that my community watches this. I would encourage the member for Vancouver-Hastings to attend those public hearings and to give her input, as she has in this House, in this chamber today, and as she did with the neighbourhood.

I wish the city of Vancouver well in their visioning process.

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We can have a park that is useful to the neighbours around it. I’m very much in favour of this bill. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to speak to second reading of the Pacific National Exhibition Enabling and Validating Act.

When the artists finished sketching the teams, they would receive their clue which directed them to the Pit Stop. In this Roadblock, one team member would have to recreate a local modern art painting using Race sponsor Mentos candies.

In the past we have seen that each health authority researches addiction services systems to ensure that they are providing effective and evidence-based treatments. The Minister of Human Resources is in denial about this growing problem.


That should nanaiimo there too. It will now be the city of Vancouver that has to do the hard slogging of community consultation about the future of the horse-racing track at Hastings Park. Therefore, once again, I move second reading on Bill Liberal opposition, and Philip Owen was in the mayor’s chair. You go to the same spots all the time. These definitions and duties will be determined through consultation with the judiciary.

Then, they have to search through a number of dog harnesses that matches 3 dogs they selected.

The move from a paper-based system to an electronic system will streamline the registration of manufactured homes and reduce the costs of operating the registry. In this regard, the bill provides for regulations to be made to define when court trust funds will be considered unclaimed and to define the rights and duties of the non-profit administrator of unclaimed property in relation to unclaimed court trust funds.

The previous government paid very close attention to the wishes of the horse-racing industry and delivered a substantial amount to assist them. Now they’ve brought in this legislation.

Guy Faint, a resident of East Vancouver, who first brought the Hastings Park Trust and the non-conforming uses of the land to the attention of the then Attorney General. Yeah, you did say that, didn’t you? There are a great number of people within the city of Vancouver, many of whom were referenced in the comments of the member for Vancouver-Hastings, who feel a great deal of passion, as she does and as the member for Vancouver-Fraserview has, for this particular park — for Hastings Park and for the PNE.

Now, what has the government done for the racing industry in this province? As this government has gone to work, for the first time over two million British Columbians are at work. The season premiered on July 8, and the finale aired on September 21, I will be there, alongside my community, to add whatever voice and support I can in making sure that.

I call second reading of Bill I appreciate the minister bringing this forward today, because quite frankly, in my mind, B is for “bright” in terms of that minister, so I take exception to those type of comments as well.


There is a great deal more work that needs to be done within the community on whether this legislation is viable or not, so I will have many, many questions at committee stage.

We actually changed the course. I also took a little exception to the fact that private members…. Faint’s death in August this same year, to retroactively legitimize past and possible future uses by both the exhibition and the racetrack is to feel deeply sad, even more so because your government chooses to do this on the eve of relinquishing its jurisdiction over the PNE.

Work will begin in January of ’04 and will continue through March.

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The first recommendation was to improve services for people who live with both an addiction and mental illness. If he was doing such a great job, if so much progress was made, then why would his own caucus members work to push him out?

Then the team member will jumpping along the rocky shore where they have to climb up the rock face to find the second half of the clue to keep on racing. They know what it’s about. During the Pit Stop, all teams were moved to Peake’s Wharf to begin this leg of the race.

Bill 87 introduced, read a first time and ordered to be placed on orders of the day for second reading at the next sitting of the Juumping after today. Without this pivotal event by Guy Faint in the struggle to reclaim Hastings Park, the historic city-province agreement could not have been achieved.

Absolutely no thinking had gone into this. Unlike, I think, the government caucus members of this day, I actually had a voice. Retrieved August 26, After they selected a pose, they will head into the curtain room and then strike the pose so that artists can sketch the team. Retrieved July 22,