While Bela wonders if he and Vikrant are conspiring against her, Vikrant too is rattled by his arrival. Bela is optimistic that her alliance with Vish and Vikrant will help her defeat Vyom. He plans to achieve his lifelong dream of acquiring the mystical gem and tries to frame Bela for the murder of a servant. Bela and Vikrant finally come into the house. He is Daksh and Suhani’s father, and Jagmohan’s friend. Week 43 “. Vyom takes takes the Naagmani with the help of Juhi.

In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. The manager, one of Yuvi’s partners in assaulting Ruhi and committing Vikrant’s supposed murder. Sumitra asks for the Naagmani from Bela if she wants to save Mahir. Naagin 3 continues to top the ratings charts”. The first season premiered on 1 November [4] and ended on 5 June [5] , after airing 62 episodes. Vikraant who was at first on his mother’s side decides to protect the Naag Rani Bela , his love, Vishaka with whom he was accidentally married but with whom he later fall in love and Naag Rani Maa Bela’s mother. This page was last edited on 23 February , at Mahir comes across Bela’s mother in the forest and accidentally ends up killing her right in front of Bela.

He was greedy for the Naagmani and was one of the murderers of Shivanya.

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Vikrant’s plan to get rid of Mahir and becoming the Naagraj receives an unexpected setback when Bela strikes back with a plan of her own.

Dfama, whose real name comes to be Shahnawaz, tries to have Bela but is later killed by her. Mahir comes to know that Bela was behind the disappearance of many of his friends.

He was later killed by a group of shape-shifting vultures Vyom, Amita, Amit and Rinky. An Ichchhadhaari gidh or shape-shifting Indian vulture who was on eisode mission to kill Serpent-Queen Bela, bot got jointly killed by Bela, Vish and Vikrant. Week 46 “. The second season of Naagin [11] premiered on 8 October [12] and ended on 25 June [13]after airing 75 episodes; and was replaced by the series Chandrakanta [14].


Like his younger brother, he was also greedy for the Naagmani, and was Yamini’s partner in crime. Rocky helps Shivangi in killing all the murderers of Ritik.

Yamini’s foster son and partner in crime, Ddrama brother. Film productions Kyo Kii The manager, one of Yuvi’s partners in assaulting Ruhi and committing Vikrant’s supposed murder. The girdhs, at first, seemed very powerful. Complete winners list and award pictures — Free Press Rdama. He was the one to commit Vikrant’s supposed murder by firing the gun.

Devastated by the fact that Mahir is responsible for her mother’s death, Bela vows to kill Mahir. But their story takes a dark turn when they cross paths with some murderous hooligans.

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But before she can reveal the name, Vikrant wakes Bela from her sleep. Shivanya eventually falls in love with him, much to the disappointment of Shesha, who thinks that Shivanya won’t be able to kill Ankush because of her love for his son, Ritik. Khatron Ke Khiladi 9. She and Vikrant goes to take the Naagmani and Vishaka takes care of Mahir. While Mahir reveals his bold decision to divorce Bela to his parents, Bela searches for her adversary.

As she wakes up terrified from her dream, she senses that something is not right. When Vikrant returned after 10 months of the incident, he was revealed to have been made Vikrant’s accomplice.

Bela managed to kill many of the girdhs with the help of Vikraant and Vishaka. When Juhi reveals her wish to be the Naagrani, Bela agrees instantly. Six months later, Sumitra is seen giving orders to her husbands and other members of the family.


Heartbroken at her failure, Bela vows to save Juhi and retrieve the Naagmani. See the full list inside”. He, after having the Naagmani, asks his girdh friends to kill Juhi but Bela comes to rescue her sister.

Later, it is revealed that Ankush’s wife, Yamini, is the fifth murderer, and that Ritik is her fraternal nephew. I am super excited to be part of ‘Naagin 3 ‘ “. An Ichchhadhaari gidh or shape-shifting Indian vulture Vyom’s brother.

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Upon learning about Shesha’s feelings for Eppisode, Yamini, who found out that Shivanya and Shesha are shape-shifting serpents, tricks Shesha into betraying Shivanya. Shivangi attempts to commit suicide; however, she survives and becomes a Naagin. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bela finds a trail of feathers in the Sehgal house which draja her to a shocking conclusion. Not willing to give up, he makes another move by misleading Mahir into believing that he is in a relationship with Bela. Ankush’s son Ritik, a kind-hearted and joyful young man, subsequently falls in love with Shivanya. Mahir arrives at Shahnawaaz’s location but his attempt to rescue Bela suffers an unexpected setback.

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The family accountant Sunil Munshi’s son, Pratham’s brother-in-law. In the meantimeSumitra and others go to the Haveli to find Naagmani. Week 32 ; Yeh Rishta climbs up to number 2″.