Obviously, you’ve never known an Orthodox Jew. Film Theory is the frosting on the top of any social change movement. Consider the matter closed and done. For details and controls, see our Cookie Policy. I suppose it could be argued that Audrey II learned English from listening to the staff and customers in the shop. Closed for Renovation Musicals Forever:

Why look for racism in everything? Our senior and Junior shtick. When it comes to Shakespeare even less. New Password Please choose a new password. Levi Stubbs was the best voidce and Audrey II was the best character in the movie. So say you’ll incorporate with me. You can now login with your mobile number too. We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience.

You have been successfully Logged In! Just to echo what others have said and to voice my own opinion It’s not just Mr. Well you can’t say that the singers don’t have a starring role, but they do. Are deep moviee menacing because as human beings that’s how we hear menace?

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As for the voice of the plant. It creates a product to be sold to the masses.

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Shiva says, “Stop all this shouting! Perhaps I should explain the ‘wave-of-the-hand pass’. A verification link has been sent on your Email ID. Submit or click Cancel to register with another email ID. First of all, Mushnik is not Greek, he’s Hungarian, in homage to The Shop Around the Corner note the reference to O Chichonya and the Three Fates played by Ronette Chiffon and Crystal are not minor characters, in Greek plays they are the key characters because they represent the Gods while movoe mortals are minor.


Hey thanks everyone for your ideas and what not. I still think I’m right though! Look at any movie som the last 30 years.

Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops is the perfect person to do the plant, not just because he “sounds cool” but because much of the music in the play is an homage to the music of Motown.

Your password has been successfully updated Ok got it! I want to see you climbing up my family tree. I am a black woman and I don’t see the racism. Hi Guest Login Register. They have the new Broadway version i think breckenridge55 Profile Swing joined: The song depict the diversity of the slums. And someday when you’re eighty-three.

Instructions to verify your updated email address have been sent. Have fun with that! Also, Audrey II needed to be able to sing it’s a musical, after allso who better to voice the infamous plant than one of the greatest Motown singers of all time? I think all the main characters are meant to be Jewish. Mushnick Seymour Seymour Sir Mushnik Seymour, How would you like to be my son, how would you like to be my own adoted boy, I never like him much be for but count the cash thats in the draw I have no choose I’m much to poorsaw yes Seymour what for Mushnik Seymour I want to be your dad, I want to see you climbing up my family tree I use to think you left a stench but now I see that your a Mench So I’m proposing be my son.

It is a part of the human experience.

Since the main characters all dwell “on Skid Row” wouldn’t it then have been easy to say that they were sterotyping all African-Americans as being poor slum-dwellers if the main characters were African-American?

Member since September Is it racism to construct a black voice as this image? Unless I’m a total misunderstanding buffoon – which does happen occasionally. Mushnik and his boychik, you. And as such, the music is based off of Motown, which was dominated by blacks in this time period. I never liked him much before But count the cash That’s in the drawer I’ve got no choice I’m much too poor Say yes [S: Suddenly Seymour Musicals Forever: Others have mentioned that Seymour clearly seems modeled after Jews, which are minorities in every country that they reside except Israel and who often were not allowed to star in their own shows because they were too “ethnic” — as was the case with Dick Van Dyke, created by Carl Reiner.


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Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. They are the greek chorus of the production. So the answer might be simply that people tell stories from their own ethnocentric perspectives for their own communities. The Audrey II is evil, pure and simple. The kid just said he’d mull it over! They like to pretend writing about movies is important. Lets not forget Sir Olvier in “Black Face” The fact is that America is still afraid of color and only people who have lived privileged lives where they have never encountered being treated different because of the color of their skin can look at the world and say “why is everyone obsessed with race?

Is it racism that Audrey II is black?