It is almost unbearable to watch, and in the implicit suggestion that gratuitous cruelty and violence is a perhaps inevitable part of a soldier’s make-up, a consequence of the training and culture of the armed services, the play strikes me as glib and wrong-headed. Opened April 24, All of them avoid the trap of anticipating emotions, playing each moment for its full worth, none more so than Mays, for whom the play was written. It is possible you will not feel good after you see it, which is exactly why you should see it. Amo, amas, amateur Review: Yet there is no doubt that Motortown gets under your skin.

The writing in these separate monologues — playing together on a double bill at the Public Theater — [ In his excavations of working class life, Stephens has often displayed a tender touch. The war was all right. One Night The Moon. But it’s clear that Danny’s problems predate his war experiences: Nobody is coming up smelling of roses, and this England has all the stinking attractions of a dog turd. Please note that print inspection copies are only available in UK and Republic of Ireland. It’s just you come back to this.

Motortown by Simon Stephens, directed by Laurence Strangio. Already, the seemingly hard Danny is beginning to crack up and his next two scenes are with a man who sells him a replica pistol and another, more dangerous, who doctors it to take real bullets. To say this play defends the Iraq war is like saying Macbeth justifies serial killing.

motkrtown I could have done without the dancing furniture, but not the astonishing moments when blood is mopped from the stage in a ritual that feels both like absolution and a terrible punishment. The horror of war comes home.

The ‘this’ is a girl who doesn’t love him, and who has got herself another boyfriend.

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Gray elicits a flawless set of performances from his cast. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.


Mmotortown tough, overhead lighting, thesps slow down the action by choreographically grouping and regrouping plastic chairs between scenes on a stage stripped bare to the back wall. Not What I am: But there is a constant edge of menace about him, too, always simmering and sometimes boiling over into ungovernable rage, and a growing realisation that his mind is actually far more screwed up than that of his gentle autistic brother, whom we meet in the first scene.

At other times, he makes Danny too self-knowing: However, it has not been quiet at home: Early Modern and Renaissance Plays: You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Danny returns from Basra to a foreign England and a different kind of battle. Motortown was written in four feverish days, at the time of the London bombings.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out to be quite as brave and interesting as that, for the chap defending the war in Iraq and pouring scorn on the anti-war marchers turns out to be a psychopathic squaddie from Dagenham, who has been involved in abusing prisoners in Basra.

As well as Mays’s weird, wired Danny, there are terrific performances from Tom Fisher as his damaged yet unexpectedly lpay brother; Daniela Denby-Ashe as the girlfriend, who sensibly decides to have nothing more to do with him; Richard Graham as a deeply sinister and nihilistic gun technician; and Ony Uhiara as the play’s most helpless victim.

Designed by Alice Babidge, motortowh by Da I’ve been putting together an Op His autistic brother, Lee Tom Fisherlets him sleep on his couch because he has no place to go. We follow our anti-hero Danny through a single day shortly after his return from Basra, in a series of short, sharp and often shocking ppay that are played without decor in Ramin Gray’s stark, sharp production.


He visits an old flame, buys a gun and goes on a blistering road trip through the new home front. But this play was written in four days, and it shows. The war was alright. It’s just you come back to this. Stephens wrote it, in syjopsis approaching a creative frenzy, mmotortown just four days, starting on the day London won the Olympics bid, and continuing through the horrors of the London bombings and their immediate aftermath.

This is strong stuff, especially as both Mays and Oni Uhiara as Jade play their parts with tremendous conviction. Laura Benanti is now playing her dream role on Broadway.

Two Brothers shnopsis Hannie Rayson. Nevertheless, Motortown proves a deeply unsettling piece – so unsettling that several members of the first-night audience walked out – and one that taps potently into the troubled spirit of the times in which we live. Notify me of new comments via email.

Directed by Simon Phillips, designed by Stephen Curtis.

Motortown – Simon Stephens

On approval, you will either be sent the print copy of the book, or you will receive a further email containing the link to allow you to download your eBook. The Chosen Vessel True camp Review: Design by Peter Mumford, lighting by Richard Vabre.

The war was all right. The war was all right. Anxious to underline that Paul is not so much amoral as immoral, Stephens gives Paul a year-old girlfriend, Jade a beautifully self-composed Ony Uhiara.

Chaotic and complex, powerful and provocative, Simon Stephen’s new play portrays a volatile and morally insecure world. Amo, amas, amateur Review: