Her behavior in this episode demonstrated completely the contrary. The ploy to get that going – and at such late notice, too! Didn’t know he had it in him. I think this episode is a bit lackluster? Oh and i agree about eun ha. But I prefer singers who use what they have well, rather than the potential of being better.

To his surprise, she thanks him for caring enough as her seat partner to tell her in person. In an attempt to end his life, he was just about to ingest a handful of pills when a quote on a chopsticks wrapper gave him pause: As a package Monstar’s the better show. Even halmoni’s church bingo night one he wore when kissing se yi! He annoys me even more than the bitchy second female-leads who practically shout out “I’m MEAN” of k-drama land. Nearly everyone on the show has gorgeous lips. There is a knock on the door and this time its Do Nam looking for Kyu Dong. So it turns out that the incidental character was not so incidental at all!

What can I say about this monstrosity? I couldn’t reply directly to Requiem because there were no more replies after that last one, LOL. They sit down and she notices he framed her note. Hopefully He changes because nana deserves more than that. However, I am not satisfied with the way that serious issues such as bullying, attempted suicide, and abuse have been handled.

Also see comment 3. I had a really hard time reconciling dramabeand jerk-like behavior toward NaNa after he was so caring to the kids in the cancer ward and give in to his mother’s over-protectiveness epsiode the result of his sister’s death.

I had to write a great “thank you! From the look he sends her before getting into the car, it epixode like he deliberately did so for her to see.

Monstar Episode 8 Recap

Also Nana fitting Sunwoo in the jacket was hot! I’m sure my view is a singular one and ever one else found it so romantic in induced knee wobbles.

Though, my impression was that she told him everything, otherwise, I don’t see how she could have convinced him to talk to the teacher to delay going to Kyu Dong’s grandmother. Oh, my feels for SY’s mother!

He wonders what they talked about after he dramabeasn away, worrying that they may have already become a couple. Kyu Dong walks back to class to find all the students have turned against him because they heard from Jin Rok, who laughs and says this is karma and payback. Would you be able to post ep 12 song where Na Na sings with Seol Chan rapping intertwined? Anyway, I think what’s ultimately great about this drama and its saving grace is the music.


What’s important is that this episode has cemented my everlasting love for Yong Junhyung, with his singing and his acting in the adoption scene.

Monstar: Episode 10 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Requiem – could you post a link for “Canon in D” from Episode 4? Just like last time when you gave the vice principle some cash under epksode theatre seats.

I am just happy there’s only 3 epis left. Fighting Se Yi and Seol Chan. Mar July 30, at I’m waiting for her to do something crazy soon. Sun Woo gives Se Yi a ride and he looks at her while she looks outside lost in her own thoughts. In his situation, Sun Woo has experienced lingering pain because Se Yi is still friendly and hasn’t told him to back off and leave her alone which has given him hope to hold on to.

She asks that he call her mom instead of the more formal mother. I know it sucks to be rejected but dude, have some selfsteem, he was a complete idiot getting in the way between SC and SY, and a douchebag with Nana.

Whatever their stories are, I wish them the best because they are wonderful.

Monstar Episode 11 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Bye, Seolchan, Seyi, and the gang. He calmly apologizes and leaves. The buildup was there and it made it a bit more interesting. I’m a bit worried that the pacing for the last 2 episodes will be rushed compared to the rest of the episodd see, e. That pissed me off a little because it sounded like an excuse. Second dramqbeans all, the driver is responsible for driving safely no matter what the passenger does.

It’s kinda sad because I really liked the show in the beginning but somehow it lost the comedic timing and raw moments of emotion that attracted me in the first place. I was looking at the scene repeatedly trying to figure out who was leering at who, and it never seemed monstra happen.


Also, Seolchan was old enough when he was left at the orphanage to beg his birth mom not to leave him, but not old enough to epispde that it wasn’t his fault. And that’s more egregious than not having a good tone. The show should of been That song Kim Ha neul sang — I choose to love you in episode 5 I think, showed that he has pretty good range and a rather strong voice — hitting notes with accuracy and aplomb.

He leads her into his room where her eyes falls upon the framed encouragement note and the epispde doll by his bed. Kyu Dong reveals he got up the courage to die but Na Na saved him. I mean, Se-yi told him how she felt about Seol-chan, and he still went out of his way to keep them apart.

Adam needs it as much as the kids do! Your email address will not be published.

There are so many other things that Episoee could wish for, like more time to see Color Bar encounter conflict and grow together or some closure on our other minor characters, that I can only settle to wish for. The storyline didn’t impress me much but I enjoyed watching the characters unfold, especially Nana and Kyudong. After school, Seol-chan swoops in to take Se-yi with him before Sun-woo can get the chance to say otherwise. Seol Chan joins the rest of Color Bar in drajabeans basement for practice.

Now that he has shown all other less favourable qualities, if she still likes him, they can start over. Sun Woo is helping the teachers and one notices that he seems different, more manly these days.