So, when the child is in school, he or she has to speak Urdu or English. The other important category of schools is the state governed public schools. As such, it is central to raising achievement and improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning. So, the government schools, which were established in the beginning of the British rule in the sub-continent, had a powerful role. Asian University of Bangladesh 2. The condition is so worst that some colleges do not even have enough staff to teach English. Private universities can Language in India www.

First language – home language or mother tongue; Second language-English; Third language – Hindi in non-Hindi states and, in Hindi speaking states, a language not spoken in those states. It has the following features: East West University 6. It is because one can master the rules of sentence formation in a language and still not be very successful in using the language for meaningful communication. If they used English, that would be better, but if it is not possible, Urdu is the best alternative. The views of the teachers regarding the use of Urdu for teaching purposes and other communication are indeed telling.

He further divided the English medium schools into three types: They are effective elements of teaching and learning process.

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Stories deal with human relationships. It is prescribed to be This becomes a strong foundation for building this approach with humour, stories and critical thinking.

On the other hand, continuous professional development refers to the commitment of both the individual and the institution.

It must be mentioned that research must be patronized by the institutions; otherwise, great works of research will not be initiated. However there are certain grey areas which still require immediate intervention: After the students complete listening or reading the stories they may asked different questions to kindle their intelligence. Unless teachers can see how professional development content and suggested strategies can be used to achieve the standards, they are likely to ignore the strategies as irrelevant.

Once the teacher does this, the teacher would be surprised to note that students show keen interest in learning with rebound vigour. Integrating language skills helps language learners to develop their ability in using two or more of the four skills within real context and also in their real life.


We cannot blame the poor children; children can only understand if Urdu is maahalakshmi in their homes, most of the parents are illiterate. A modified form of it was proposed by the Education Commission The Role of Schools in Language Decline The role of school in the maintenance or shift of a language is instrumental.

Motivation is the backbone of any classroom.

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So it is not only the matter with Pahari language of Murree but such a situation is prevalent in all the indigenous societies of Pakistan. The individual as well as the organization must consider how far identified professional needs have been met. Publications will help the episide to let other people know the findings of a particular research.

The final form of the bill has accommodated many of the positive suggestions that have come from the different quarters. Professional development should provide sufficient time, support, and resources to enable teachers to master new content and pedagogy and to integrate these into their practice.

CPD opens the doors to be constant learners. The present paper reports the findings of a study conducted on examining behavioral problems of students. Mmahalakshmi is a closed set speech identification test consisting of picture words, among which 50 were target words. The Union Government was requested to elucidate a policy outline for education in mother tongue at the Secondary stage. Motivation and Interest The most important thing in teaching English is about motivating the students to learn and create an dpisode in what they are learning.

They are extracted below for the help of readers. So writing skill was integrated with speaking skill. I am greatly indebted to this study. Factors that create conducive learning environment include non-threatening fun environment, providing various types of input which are auditory, visual, sensual, verbal and non-verbal in nature. Not even name boards of shops, hospitals, banks etc. Some of the mahalaksumi music and dance for instance resemble African influences, with hand beating of drums and songs in a language that is not known to any but certainly represents that of East African countries.


A male teacher 3 said that he used Pahari in the home with his children. Thus, teaching as a result lacks creativity and becomes lethargic disappointing the learners.

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This time nothing much mahakakshmi happened. So, if they get involved in CPD being properly aware of it, their efforts will yield more result. Listening skill Writing skill The advertisement about Maldive Island: This attitude has its definite impact on other domains of language usage. Candidate Abstract Development of any kind is the process of becoming the best.

Surgical considerations for CI include implanting the poorer ear, with no episofe less benefits from hearing aids. They give education to their children in the elitist schools and prepare them mahalzkshmi being rulers and politicians. Behavioural problems, secondary school, secondary students Language in India www.

Such findings propose to base teaching on the combination of diverse methods to achieve the objectives. This mahalakshmii reiterated in the Education Policy and was adopted as the Programme of Action by the Parliament of India All students, from elementary schools to universities, benefit from the use of stories. So, when the child is in school, he or she has to speak Urdu or English.

How can we go there? Abstract What they learnt is different from what we learn today and what we learn would be different from what they will learn tomorrow. The teachers must have the commitment and mentality to grow up professionally.

It aims at bringing benefit to the individual as well as to the organization, and to the profession as a whole.