If you have abiding interest in philosophy especially metaphysics or holistic approaches to life and thought, this film may well enthrall you, and inspire post-viewing cogitation. Three years ago, president Nyerere asked the question: The subject deals with our place in the universe, and it is explored from several angles, all of which will send your mind swirling to higher and higher realms. View online Borrow Buy. Otherwise, it can’t approach the real heart of the issue, and it spirals rapidly into intellectual propaganda. The world would not have a world if conversation failed to idealize it.

Sonia responds that the problem might have been avoided by emphasizing prevention — more exercise. If you didn’t like “My Dinner with Andre” take a pass on this one. However, I discounted that because I do not know of anyone who viewed the film that remotely enjoyed it, or took anything away from it. It’s a movie you can imagine yourself as an eavesdropper in on one of the most engaging and interesting discussions on life. Well, life is self organizing. There is not body count or sex in this film. After reading the vitriolic diatribes I admit to being surprised that a movie like “Mindwalk” could ever elicit such responses. Don’t watch this if you’re tired you may fall asleep , or don’t want to think.

Mindwalk DVD (Region 1) Color. Full Frame. Sam Waterston, Liv Ullmann, John Heard – Santa Flix

From the political standpoint of this film it states that most people either fail to vote all together, or worse, vote in ignorance of the subject upon which flim cast such a vote. If Jack is resisting her vision, it is only apparent in his persistent practicality probing.


Give it more than a once-over if you can, time not wasted. The whole talk between Thomas and Sonia was absurd because you know they just put that in there so that the writers could put in their two cents. Just open your mind to the ideas expressed, then think about it after the movie has ended, because tuinkers topics discussed can go so much farther.

However, I discounted that passioante I do not know of anyone who viewed the film that remotely enjoyed it, or took anything away from it. In the past century, at the basest levels of our teachings to our young, we have divorced from this elegant and essential vision.

MindWalk: The Monologue of Impossible ⇒ Kirno Sohochari – Sohochari

The only money that was invested in this film was probably the money for the plane tickets to Europe. Sonia Hoffman Sam Waterston Jim B-2 17 August She refuses, wishing instead to remain in the ivory tower of the monastery.

It’s a good discussion and I wish we all had conversations like this more often. He also wrote the story behind the film, which he adapted from the popular book The Turning Point by his brother Fritjof Capra, noted physicist and environmentalist.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A politician presidential candidate calls his brother, the poet, because he’s disillusioned and needs a break.

I read Sophie’s World and I liked how the author explained it through a ficitional lens but this visual medium suffers. Basic premise thimkers three people meet on the island of Mont St Michel in France and walk around the historic buildings and sea-bed!


My Dinner with Andre Based on the book “The Turning point” by Fritjof Capra.

Add to this the stunning backdrop of Mont St. Sometime silent talk can speak lot rather than verbal, albeit it also happened for the pwssionate of conversation itself. Movie Monologue A systems thinker would look at the tree and see the life of the tree… …only in relation to the life of the whole forest. I didn’t find the Liv Ullmann character to passlonate a hypocrite at all.

This movie captures, in a breath-takingly beautiful and dynamic setting, one of the best dialogues in the history of thought. Movie Monologue I want to tell you that the ocean knows this.

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A US politician visits his poet friend in Mont. I thought the movie was nicely filmed and had an excellent pace.

Visually, the direction is downright uninteresting,…. What do we mean by conversation? Trinidad oassionate October I just strongly disliked how the characters were just so wordy with every statement. Search for ” Mindwalk ” on Amazon.

Mindwalk: A Film for Passionate Thinkers ★★★1991 (PG)

Wish there were more of such types out there. I didn’t find her “man hating” either.

Life is a river and you have to swim it unto the end. Made me question how I looked at creativity in general.