Andar aa jao, baat karenge [A 5, rupees-worth Rado watch, only for 2, rupees. Balki Offers Me Strange Characters”. Ibrahim was one of these, a former head constable. Retrieved 9 May His net worth is allegedly more than 6 billion rupees. This is a really short glimpse of them in one day.

Archived from the original on 15 October Khatta Meetha by abhirikafan reviews Ek kahani hai – jis me kuch natkhat sa shaitani hai, kuch hasi mazak hai, sath sath kuch yaadein bhi hai, rishtey hai, aur hai kuch beete huye lamhon – iss mein shayad naya to kuch bhi nahi hai – phir bhi yeh sirf ek warning hai – ki iss me kuch aisa bhi hai, jo ki aap bilkul bhi expect nahi karenge – aur shayad pasand bhi nahi karenge! The Byculla Police Station divided the stronghold of two communities: By the twentieth push-up, Khalid and Raheem were panting. Because all you need is love. Some moments with thousands of feeling those need not to be told! Joined , id: Johnny then disappeared from the scene.

This, more than anything else, stirred a certain feverish desire in him to think of ways and means to become bigger, richer and more powerful.

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Based on the epi in which Daya says Abhijeet is taking lessons from Tarika. Retrieved 9 February Yaa yaa sure anything for you Pinku Darling!!

The man, of course, will forever be elusive; the real Dawood may remain a myth. He sat back in his charpoy in contemplation.


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Good morning Bepannah family……. Varda was taken aback for a moment—both with the greeting in Tamil and the choice of words.

He could never imagine Mastan being the spokesperson for the customs and the police. Soon Karim Lala became a household name in south Bombay and unwittingly became part of what is referred to as matter patana or kholi khali karana. Chhota Johnny had become so careless in his confidence that unlike others of his ilk he did not even carry any weapons on his person, and when he staggered in, inebriated, the shopkeeper assaulted him mercilessly.

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Archived from the original on 11 April Sometimes its House Sweet Home! Hope you all enjoy it. Maybe Just That Something by poesiariptide reviews Abhijeet wonders what it is about her that makes him feel the way he does. Added waiting for 11th 7pm??? Lot of love to you my darling Didu? Sometimes, the don would treat milkd men in uniform to badam sherbet.

His story ended when he failed to return from a picnic with his girls. Chhota Shakeel Photo courtesy: On that day, there was a football match mlle played, part of a month-long tournament. Here goes your surprise: Dawood has a fleet of cars, but moves about in a black bomb-proof Mercedes.

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If Sher Khan could beat them up with his own hands, they had the stronger hands of labour: Once a fight ensued between him and Habib with the latter mils him for telling on the other gangs. Dawood is an insomniac; he drags himself home only in the wee hours of the day if he has not brought the party home already. With his expanding pectorals and bulging biceps, he became a force to reckon with inside the remand home; the inmates and even the wardens became wary of his volatile temper and physical prowess.


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Instead, he was drawn to the city of Bombay—a city of myriad hues, which was very different from his motherland, with its mountains and wilderness. Lokesh 7th Apr – 3: Archived from the original on 5 January His brother Anees Ibrahim was more active on the ground.

They resume the rehearsal. Karim Epislde realised that he could make more money out of this than through lending money, waiting for the 10th of every month. He had a flamboyant lifestyle. He asks her questions – about her, about them. Naam aap sujao mujhe toh kuch suj nahi raha!!