Same as the Joysticks Options dialog’s Joystick type option. If this option is off, you’ll have to manually use Options, Save afterwards to ensure that this setting gets written to Fuse’s configuration file. Ordinarily, Fuse intercepts calls to the ROM tape-loading routine in order to load from tape files more quickly when possible. Both 8-bit registers and bit register pairs are supported. This option controls the state of the ZXCF upload jumper. The codes are the Fuse keyboard codes corresponding to the keys.

With the widget UI, the keys shown in brackets toggle the options, Enter confirms any changes, and Esc aborts. This option allows the emulation of the sound output system to be modified. Same as the Joysticks Options dialog’s Joystick type option. Emulate a Didaktik 80 or Didaktik 40 disk interface. Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software: Set a breakpoint to occur time tstates after the start of the every frame, assuming condition evaluates true if one is given. In this case try the plughw:

If set, Fuse will prompt mediarisk which physical joystick or keyboard you want to connect to the joystick interface enabled in the snapshot unless it already matches your current configuration. Ordinarily, Fuse intercepts calls to the ROM tape-loading routine in order to load from tape files more quickly when possible.

fuse(1) — fuse-emulator-common — Debian testing — Debian Manpages

It supports several models including thewith quite faithful emulation of the display and sound. Specify a snapshot file to load.

A line will be rendered as a sequence of dots. The codes are the Fuse keyboard codes corresponding to the keys. New value for the former address, in range 0 to Specify whether Fuse should produce sound.


Display the Movie Options dialog, letting you configure how Fuse’s deals with movie recordings. There is currently no user interface for entering multi-line debugger commands, so the only way to specify this command is on the command-line via the –debugger-command option.


Start the memory browser. Three filters which attempt to emulate the effect of television scanlines. Same as the General Options dialog’s Emulation speed option.

Mediadisk Zx Hd Series Firmware

This emulation is only available for the 48k, k and TC machines. Different choices of speaker limit the bass and treble response that can be produced from the machine. This will in general speed up loading, but may cause some loaders to fail.

Note that any changed settings only apply to the currently-running Fuse. Emulate a Kempston mouse. Select Net Password and the entry screen will appear. Set a breakpoint to trigger whenever memory location address is read from other than via an opcode fetch or written to dirmware condition mediwdisk true.

This is useful if your machine is having trouble keeping up with the spectrum screen updates.

Mediadisk lx series firmware download

In any way can’t Lastmanuals be held responsible if the document you are deries for is not available, incomplete, in a different language than yours, or if the model or language do not match the description.

Fuse also uses tape traps to intercept the tape-saving routine in the ROM to save tape files quickly, tapes can also be saved using the Media, Tape, Record Start menu item. The events which can be caught are: Some details can be found at http: This option is the same as the General Options dialog’s Confirm actions option.

If the value smaller than 10 or greater than Fuse assumes 10 or Select the graphics filter currently in use. Search for a user manual.


Memory address to hs. In the other UIs, emulation is paused and you can use the cursor mediaeisk and press Enter to select it. Start movie recording and RZX playback at the same time. If this option is selected, Fuse will stop any movie recording after a RZX playback is finished. Cause any writes which have been done to virtual hard disk attached to the simple 8-bit interface’s master channel to be committed to the real disk, such that they survive the virtual disk being ejected.

The available options are NoneLosslessand High lossy.

The first machine released by Amstrad, in This instruction is not generally used except for mediacisk trap, but since it’s not inconceivable that a program could be wanting to use the real instruction instead, you can choose whether to support the trap firmdare not. To explain — if tape-loading traps have been disabled in the Media Options dialogstarting the loading process in the emulated machine isn’t enough.

Set a breakpoint to stop emulation and return to the debugger whenever an opcode is executed at address and condition evaluates true. There is not graphical mode, the program just ends with exit code 0 if all tests are good or prints error messages to firmare and ends with exit code greater than 0 if there are failed tests. This option controls the state of the DivIDE write protection jumper.

Set the value of the system variable area: