Matthias learns that the snake Asmodeus has the sword. My Personal Top 35 Shows. Darkclaw, Killconey, and Fangburn think about taking over with Cluny ‘out of service’. Shadow was successful, but was intercepted by Matthias, and fell to his death from the walls. Search for ” To Be a Warrior ” on Amazon. John Churchmouse voice Andrew Gillies

Title sequence for season one. Dimensionpants Chop Chop Ninja Challenge. During a particularly harsh winter, an army of Rats, led by Cluny the Scourge , attacked his village. Mattimeo realizes that the slaves are headed South and will get no help from their parents who are following false trails – they must escape by themselves or not at all. However, many were drawn to Martin’s cause, including the Gawtrybe as he made his way to Marshank. Warbeak and another sparrow go to count the number of rats, but Warbeak is captured and put on Asmodeus’s trail.

Mattimeo is recaptured by Slagar and cruelly forced to abandon his epidode father – it forces the last step in his transformation which chills even Slagar with its cold intensity.

Top Animation Shows See All. Cluny jumped matttimeo and caught Cornflower again, threatening to kill her if Mathias did not come down to face him. Edit Details Release Date: From Redwall Abbey, Warbeak and her sparra squadrons fly South bearing the riddle – mattikeo hope to find Matthias and help his quest. Killconey the ferret, however, hears about it, and Cheesethief is used as a decoy. Matthias and the shrew try to get out from underground. A young mouse named Matthias lives at Redwall Abbey.

Mattimeo and the slaves make their first attempt to escape, valiantly led by Tess Churchmouse, and Mattimeo takes another short step towards his birthright of leadership.

Redwall, Season 2, Episode 5 (To Be A Warrior)

This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Season 55 was able to break out and save the Redwallers as a newly recovered Stryk killed Ironbeak. The kingdom of Malkariss is destroyed. In Redwall, Stryk recovers slowly and becomes a close friend of Cornflower.


Matthias and company ascend but come under attack in the Dark Forest, almost losing Cheek before making good their escape. Below the cliffs, Matthias meets Sir Harry the owl who reveals a way to ascend them. Within the cave Matthias and the Pursuers are close to suffocating while above them – and unknown to them – Mattimeo digs frantically.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Every single time the rats failed, and Cluny began to show signs of insanity. List of Redwall episodes.

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Martin and his friends leave the marshes and epksode into the mountain land where they run into the savage squirrels, the Gawtrybe. However, many were drawn to Martin’s cause, including the Gawtrybe as he made his way to Marshank. Matthias mattineo the last secret of the Loamhedge maftimeo and finds a way into Malkariss – The Old Rabbit’s amulet is the key to enter! Retrieved from ” https: They later saved a mountain bird named Stryk Redkite, who was being harassed and later hurt by the ravens.

Within the cave Matthias and the Pursuers Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat Matthias goes up onto the roof with the sparrow Warbeak to see if the sword is up in the epsiode domain. Raymond Jafelice seasons 1, 3 Jafelice and Luc Bihan season 2. Meanwhile, Badrang’s old shipmate, Tramun Cloggarrived to take Marshank. From Redwall Abbey, Warbeak and her sparra squadrons fly South bearing the riddle – they hope to find Matthias and help his quest.


Add the first question. Matthias is presumed dead when he falls off of a cliff and learns that Malkariss is an old, pathetic ferret.

Redwall is a television series made by Canada -based Nelvana and France -based Alphanim and is based on the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques.

Episode List

The dormouse Furlo the Spicer comes to Redwall and kidnaps Cornflower because Cluny had captured Furlo’s wife and would release her if Furlo kidnapped Cornflower. The new Abbey Recorder, John Churchmouse, signs off saying that the gates of Redwall are always open to travellers, inviting the viewer to visit if they are ever passing.

It is the slow beginning of his transformation into a leader but not yet in time to save them from the treachery of SCURL the frilled newt who steals their few belongings for false promises of freedom. Matthias faces the monster, the Wearet, and the battle underground gets worse. But one night, as the Redwallers were celebrating, they were interrupted by the masked fox, Slagar the Cruel. A raging storm and a fish separated the group.

Epiosde Be a Warrior 29 Jul He also helps them cross the abyss.

The Redwallers find more clues to where Slagar is headed. The Fur and Freedom Fighters returned to Noonvale, where it will remain a secret, while Martin continued on his own path.

Matthias and the others begin to cross the desert but Slagar has burned the bridge.