As the meaning of resemblance between Ginta and the Cross Guard former captain Danna dawns on him, Gaira summons him and Jack back to the Training Gate. That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice. The Chess Pieces’ King finally reveals himself in a final attempt to bring the world under his control. In , he began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: In the faraway Lestava castle, the news of Ian’s punishment for disobedience to command reaches him, his girlfriend Gido also his companion on the search for Ginta is to be executed in his place. The party deduces that this is the lair of the Ghost Chess. The former conclude with Phantom’s prowess outclassing Ginta’s, whereas the latter reach a stage of stalemate from which Phantom retreats with ease, leaving Ginta brooding over the reason behind Phantom’s undoings. With the last of his strength, Nanashi delivers the death blow and avenges Luberia.

Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Alviss, Ginta and Dorothy heads off after Phantom. Ginta and Dorothy learn that Alviss himself will have to arrive before the path to Clavier will open. Ginta’s 2nd Chess adversary introduces himself as another Bishop-ranked psycho, Girom. When Peta starts to have the advantage, Nanashi is brought to the brink of death. Finally showing humanity, Chimera, before dying, breaks the curse on Gido, and wishes for the two to have a happy life together. Now they must find a way to get Dorothy to remember herself.

On their way to englisy Phantom from existence once and for all, Dorothy and Alviss are waylaid by their target’s remaining most devoted minions, Candice and Rolan. This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri.

Korekkio and it’s the wits of the former that earn him dubbedd victory, while condemning the latter to the late Mr. Login or Register forgot it?

Loco sacrifices the last of her magical power to save Chaton, and ends up as a baby. Unfortunately, when a company delists a series, it usually means that it’s stopped dubbing and releasing it for good.


Galian’s reason for resignation from Luberia and his confession fuel Nanashi’s wrath at his betrayal and induces his summoning of the leviathan eel Guardian Gymnoteoverpowering Galian.

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Twelve pieces of music were used throughout the series, four openings and eight endings. Chimera is last seen with her eyes back to her own normal, compassionate eyes. Sorry, but just for future references Jack and Weasel are initially even, though when Weasel summons his Guardian, things begin to fall in his favor.

Engaging the Knight with self-confidence envisioning opponent understatement, the witch pays dearly with several wounds, one counts vital and turns to the impertinent doll Guardian Crazy Quilt for helps, which finally ensures her victory.

Nick Creamer has the details.

Kouga shows up to fight Alviss, and Giromu attacks Ginta, almost killing him. Dorothy faces off against Pinocchio, the puppet Knight created by Diana.

Inside the Gates, Ginta and Snow, Dorothy and Jack, each group greets their respective training navigator Meriro a soft-spoken, cute nekomimi and Bumolu a dumpy and foul-mouthed bearwoman and enters their training session: Snow’s giant Snowman “Yuki-chan” slams quickly crush Fugi and his geographically advantageous Wind Arm. The Chess Pieces’ King finally reveals himself in a final attempt to bring the world under his control.

Display posts from previous: An old babysitter of Snow, the Knight Magical Roe, faces off against her. Ginta easily defeats Phantom’s weakest Guardians, though once Phantom uses his Phantom GlassGinta is forced to listen to Phantom’s shocking background. You could watch the subbed versions, if they did infact skip episodes during the original airing in the states then that’s where you’d got to subvert that.

Alviss, Ginta and Dorothy heads off after Phantom. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Alviss and Rolan face each other in a rematch. When they refuse to leave, the Misty Knights vow to kill them. Ginta saves the day, and Peach says he’ll get stronger.

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For some reason, Nanashi appears on a motorcycle and kidnaps Koyuki. We get hints that the boy is actually a younger Alviss. Ginta, however, is blinded by his anger of Snow’s capture, and Ian is much stronger than he used to be. Sat Aug 14, 5: However, he is also on a mission by Diana to capture Snow and succeeds.


I watched a lot of Mar a long time ago, but never got to finish it.

Ginta and Phantom finish their battle by using their romanxe Guardians. Granting the request of the cave ghosts, Ginta resorts to his powerful v. Aruvisu no Chikara ” Japanese: Views Read Edit View history.

Garon Rodokin, the Bishop father of the previous Rook siblings. However their identity dubbef quickly exposed, and after Ginta forcibly reclaims Babbo, the two reconcile. As the combatant selection for this duel conflicts with the Knight’s moral code of excluding children from his prey list, it’s Ginta to be graced by the victory parade.

Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama: Fri Aug 13, Leaving the boy with his wrath provoked, Phantom returns from his framed “death” with his head high; Ginta’s bound to give all out against the Chess in the future, given they’ve murdered a ‘friend’ he’s promised protection. The trainees finish their session just in time to fend the Rook off, and Ginta settles their duel with a win, using v.

They are met inside by the Misty Knights and Misty Hadju. Just before the Misty Knights attack Ginta and Dorothy again, the ghost ship from Vestry arrives and advises the Knights that they have been fooled by the Ghost Chess. Meanwhile, Ian approaches Phantom and requests the same, Ginta’s true capacity has precipitated the time he carries out his vow: Although his thunder mastery overwhelmingly dominates her aquatic monsters, again it’s his gentleman instincts that prevail; being witness aawakens the mafchen of her unfortunate teammates, Nanashi deliberately pulls the fight a draw.

If that doesn’t work for you I’d suggest reading the manga.