Manahil gets angry when she comes to know that the proposal came for her and gets mad at Salahuddin for not telling her. Retrieved 15 March Role played by veteran actress Ismat Zaidi who played Durdana, Salahuddin’s mother was appreciable and was a major supporting character throughout the series but was criticised in episodes 24 and 25 due to her negative role as she is famous for playing innocent roles. Salahuddin tries to move out of his friend’s house when he gets yelled at by Cookie to do his chores himself rather than from her servant Jameel and keep distance from Ifti. Soon Salahuddin calls Manahil one last time before going to Karachi, where she expresses her love for him and he asks her to meet and she secretly escapes. When Salahuddin does not go to tutor Manahil, she gets worried and runs to Salahuddin’s home. Retrieved 31 August The series was officially decided to film in late till , however creative head Momina Duraid decided to release it in along with few other shows to improve the position of channels Monday, Sunday and Tuesday slots for its future programming, as a result Director Haseeb Hassan and production house delayed the ongoing shoot of their series Sanam.

Colors climbs in Monday UK ratings”. Geo TV climbs in Monday ratings”. But when Mikaeel sees her, he thinks she is going to tell about his gambling, so he throws her back in her room and leaves. Meanwhile, Jeena consistently try to poison Manahil about Salahuddin. Salahuddin becomes a successful businessman and still deeply in love with Manahil. Jameel confess her love to Jeena when she threatens to leave, he ask her to stay for him. Retrieved 6 January

Mikaeel goes to his parents grave and begs for forgiveness realising that its too late, he then gets killed over his gambling debt. Mikaeel confronts Manahil for mankail his parents about his gambling, to which she denies. Salahuddin tells Manahil that they should not talk to each other and Manahil should only think about her husband and he needs to move on for his career.


Manahil ask Salah-ul-Din to arrange tickets for her and children to Hyderabad but he refuses saying, “he can’t let her go”.

When Rabiya picks up the call, Manahil says that she wants to talk to Salahuddin but she tells her that Salahuddin is talking to his father about their proposal. She came back to Salahuddin and ask him to talk to Mikaeel. Jameel tells Salahuddin that Rehman refuses to take any medicine, so both of them rush to Rehman’s room and they find him unconscious.

Manahil’s mother call Salahuddin and informs about her that draama left him because she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Salahuddin orders Jameel to find out what happened. So she calls him and warns him not to interfere in her life, even episore she is dead. Manahil blames Salahuddin for her parents in-law’s death, as she thinks he told them about Mikaeel’s gambling. From its eighth till fifteenth episode Mann Mayal averages 2.

Geo TV surges in Monday night ratings”. Manahil tries to convince Mikaeel to go to office with his father, but Mikaeel scolds her.

Retrieved 7 June In Hyderabad, Manahil recalls her memories and asked her father that she wants to start her life again on her own and refuses Salahuddin proposal. Manahil blames herself for ruining the lives of people around her and prays for Salahuddin recovery. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat Later, Salahuddin meets Rehman Ifti’s father who is terminally ill and is treated very carelessly by his son, Ifti, and his wife, Cookie, but mostly by their servant Jameel.

Retrieved 16 January Manahil’s family convinces her to stay with Salah-ul-Din for a while until her father’s frama. Retrieved 3 August Mikaeel’s father threatens to disown him, so in fear of being disowned, Mikaeel fakes to agree to go to office. Jameel confess her love to Jeena when she threatens to leave, he ask her to stay for him.


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Manahil decides to stay to help rehabilitate Mikaeel from his gambling habit. Saddened by her result, she furiously runs back home xrama locks herself.

It achieved the record breaking 9. Current broadcasts on Hum TV. In AugustSamina Humayun Saeed and Tariq Shah came on board as a co-producers, both Samina and Tariq previously produced cult followed -drama serial Sadqay Tumhare that aired between television season.

Retrieved 18 July Best Actress – Popular. Later, when Manahil awakes, Mikaeel yells at her for telling his parents about selling the jewellery. While Jeena on the other hand, manipulates Salahuddin and gets him ready for engagement.

Mann Mayal Episode 17 HD Full Hum TV Drama 16 May 2016

Retrieved 9 February TV drama Mann Mayal struggles to answer the question”. Salahuddin’s parents return without saying anything as his father understands that Manahil’s father wants to reject the proposal but couldn’t due to their friendship.

Disheartened by Salahuddin decision, Jeena vows to take revenge from him. She also tells her that Salahuddin really likes her.

He sees Manahil doing chores and confront his mother and tells Jeena that he is going to marry Manahil and calls off his engagement with her. Manahil would ask a question and then Salahuddin would answer her back through Jameel.

Retrieved 25 January Despite Salahuddin’s rejection, Jeena consistently intervene his life by pretending through office work.

All International broadcasting aired the series in accordance with their standard times. She later calls Salahuddin as she recalls the time when Salahuddin said to her that she can remember him anytime she wants.