An entertaining story about a former Mob family that relocates to a small town in France. Return to Book Page. You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. The plot is easy, De Niro and his family are in the witness protection program to try and start a new life whilst evading the mafioso who are trying to kill them. Watching over the family are a couple FBI handlers and their boss, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who could do this kind of cranky-agent stuff in his sleep, but is nonetheless a welcome presence. Switched off halfway through.

View all 3 comments. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. They sent him a letter, and later De Niro agreed to participate in the project. Because the film has deeper issues. It is an interesting book with an inside look at mafia and witness protection programme. The characters in the movie were good and well-detailed.

There was a little too much sentimentality and not as much rationality as Movei imagine the Mafia to have. The owner tells her in his inimitable French way that there’s not much call for it round here. And one teenage boy who is quite clever, influential, sly, manipulative and with skills in fraud This story was not as fine combed as I would have liked.

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Originally, Besson would be only the producer. The Family 6. It reads segments of a book on occasion. Antonio should get rid of Rocco if he wants to live peacefully the next four synopsiw of his life. It was a little sickening.


Not a good idea. Watching over the family are a couple FBI handlers and their boss, played by Tommy Synopsiss Jones, who could do this kind of cranky-agent stuff in his sleep, but is nonetheless a welcome presence.

Was bei einem ausgesetzten Kopfgeld von 20 Millionen Dollar mehr als unsicher ist.

Lists with This Book. Ca se lit bien Share this Rating Title: It even uses bad dreams and flashbacks, all of which, when used together, make the film seem disorganized and poorly put together.

Full of tone deaf humor and gratuitous violence, The Family marks a miscalculated step for an otherwise fine filmmaker.

View all 12 comments. Maggie Blake Dianna Agron Yes No Report this. Despite numerous innocent townspeople being slaughtered, Giovanni expresses his happiness at malavitw had the chance to tell his story, saying that it brought the family closer.

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This is a slow paced story about mobsters, an adaptation of a novel called ‘Badfellas’ which kinda spells it out for you really doesn’t it. Home Movie Reviews Malavita movie review It might remind you that, with Scorsese and De Niro involved, this film should be making mobster magic.

movi After all of his time in the limelight he has a huge ego and cannot This piece of Benacquista noir succeeds so well due to him getting that balance of black humour and vicious crime so right.


The finale is the predicted flashy Besson shootout which does excite somewhat but it too is over pretty fast. As for the beautiful, blonde Belle Dianna Agron of Gleeshe has a propensity to beat up schoolmates? Imagine The Sopranos transplanted to the French countryside….

Un peu fou comme histoire, mais vraiment divertissant.

What follows is moviie black comedy about this violent crime addicted family that are trying to blend into a small French town out in the countryside. The main character is unrepentant.

The Family

The film was eventually pushed up to 13 September Jul 14, Rating: Where are all the residents of this town when all the gunfire and explosions kick off?? Do the Oscars Need a Host?

An all-star cast fails to rise above bloody japes and heavy-handed humor in this tale of a renegade Mob family malxvita in a small French town. Principal photography began 8 August [14] and completed on 27 October Psicologa Goffredo Maria Bruno