That said, I’d still put it somewhere in my top 30, and it’s still a classic and a great episode. Or, why, when she knew she was emotional, she chose to keep climbing, since she was a very experienced climber. And what was the thing you referenced before on a post where fans got to vote on a special collection of 4 episodes? The hero’s first nameAngus- more… The popular adventures of a resourceful former Special Forces operative, who undertakes impossible missions at the behest of a crimefighting think tank called the Phoenix Foundation. Don’t you remember you hate heights. I don’t think there was a suicide implication regarding Mike Your obsession with the music is a bit kooky, but adds some uniqueness.

A Star Is Born 7. I guess the difference there was that it was isolated scenes where he lost his cool Among MacGyver’s many fans: Available to Stream Watch on. List of television programs by date. Mike’s death was also exceptionally well done for s network television, but the fallout of her death was the weak point of the episode for me.

One thing I forgot to mention in my review is how effectively they captured the “vertigo” sensation during the mountain-climbing scenes.

Mike seems kind of fitting a nickname considering her hobby of rock climbing it it being such a tough thing that mostly men do. Don’t worry, though – you’re certainly not alone in not having women swoon over you when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. People who never seen that episode is missing out!! Add the first question. Start your free trial. Fav Episodes from Diff Series.


Anonymous January 23, at Don’t you remember you hate heights.

Another one that I really love. I figured you might hearken back to my feeling of seeing a rawer version of MacGyver in “The Challenge” and “Lesson in Evil”. Well there are some women named or nicknamed with male names such as there are men with what is more common women’s names.

Nicholas Sweedo April 9, at 7: After Kill Zone, and maybe a few others, I started with 3, then found 1 somewhere in the house, and then 2. I haven’t ever really understood why Mike picked ‘lunch on a mountain ledge’ for an emotional conversation.

Connections Featured in MacGyver: Its good to see another fansite that is very recent. Mark April 8, at Ill always remember those four as “the lost episodes”, having went thru all or almost all the series without them. I seaspn have used a little less moping around in this one but I still love it and hold it up as the high point of season 3.

Mark April 9, at 6: Why couldn’t you have waited until you weren’t sitting on the narrow ledge of a two thousand foot mountain? Mark can probably tell you for sure, but I’m almost positive this was never part of the original episode. I hope Mark remembers. November 16, While MacGyver mourns the loss of a friend, a pyromaniac with a score to settle makes demands of his concentration.

Macgyver S03E08 The Widowmaker – video dailymotion

That’s some natural talent right there! Quotes [ first lines ] MacGyver: Was this review helpful to you? I first saw it around age 14 on TV a s rerun, that is! Mark was waiting to see if I really liked any of the Murdoc episodes — well this is it! As I write this, I remember this is the first episode I ever saw, or at least I think it was.


MacGyver – Season 3, Episode 8 – Rotten Tomatoes

I will have to look online for an unedited version of Widowmaker. Search for ” The Widowmaker ” on Amazon. But either way, I was determined that today I was gonna overcome it all. Newer Post Older Post Home. It’s not a big drawback for me macgyvdr I epispde agree it was nice to see a different side of him, but the entire 20 minute duration of it began to feel a little unseemly to me.

Do not attempt to use any of the techniques used in this episode for climbing. Ill really have to do a ranking, as Ive always wanted to, and now youve set up a bit of a challenge!

Season 3 Episode 8

Well, Ive enjoyed what Ive read seaason your blog so far. In today’s world it would be all CGI’ed up, and it makes me appreciate this scene all the more. Maybe without him, we would have had a soap opera episode instead, and with that, a complete disaster.

Great acting from RDA here