Lara Shah explains about the concentration, power and confidence of the mind. In past Abdul Jabbar had killed a pregnant snake on his way to work. Ajit gets furious when he learns about his sister, Madhu and Vikas’s relationship. Pramod, who believed in Prem Shankar Sharma’s medication, experienced its impact after he meets with an accident and his vision recovers. In the second part Bhuvan suffers from illusions of a place named Lonar and he decides to explore it. Auto writing is a form where spirits communicate through writing. Tanya is found dead in her room.

He cursed the palace and all its inhabitants with death. And shares his past experiences. Manoj tells the inspector that a rod bent on its own when Deepak was busy speaking to 3 unknown people. Surekha insists a postmortem on her father-in-law to know about the property share. Amol’s efforts to seek help goes in vain. A young boy named Kanhaiya recollects about his previous birth and calls himself Sanjay. Baba can heal the wound only when he is in the mosque. These locations are abandoned and not safe to stay after dusk.

Other story is about a lady who delivers a baby girl, but, unfortunately it dies after some time.

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In olden days kings were using this technique to fight with their enemy. Vikram promises to come home to celebrate his birthday. Queen Ketevan was killed brutally. Surekha turns mad due to her greed and is admitted in the mental asylum.

Believe It or Not is a reality show based on real incidents took place in various places in India. Irrfan Khan explains us about Kishore and his past experiences with goddess, where goddess asks him to do some miracles that is taking out puris from boilng oil.

Irrfan Khan talks about the belief of people, in existence of the miraculous power of Panchvati in Nashik. Gopal disbelieves his mother at first when she informs him that Kamini is a spirit.


Past life regression, which is a part of Hypnosis help Divya find the reason for her claustrophobia.

The doctors treated Sapna with the help of Rudraksh, crystal and Reiki. He is surviving without food since five years. Only the date of birth and thumb impression is required for Naadi Shastra.

Shah; who narrates her the story of Meenakshi and Rahul and their complications in conceiving. Priyanka loves Ravi and consoles him after seeing his frustrations. On Madhu’s engagement the monkey man attacks her. Acharya as a hypnotist shares his experiences. In between, he faces obstacles on his way by devil spirits. In other half he explains about a marble with some personal experiences of locals who have come across the solution which is got from particular Praveen’s marble.

A student shares her experiences in calling wandering soul. Ranvir tells Ashok that he killed Nikhil, and now he shall kill Ashok too. Existence of Yeti is still a mystery. This news upsets Bunty and his wife. Mahesh Saikya finds a cross mark on the door. Irrfan Khan talks about Auto Writing which is a method of communicating with the spirits.

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Also Ashish and Meera shared their dreams. The girl’s parents lodge a police complaint about her missing. Irrfan Khan hosts the show and narrates about an incident of killer tree in Chaandpur village, Orissa. Avinash finds a skeleton inside the wall which is confirmed to be of a girl and kept there for 6 years. However, Shubro learns that Suneeta has been victimised by maanl evil spirit.

Varsha has ,aano vision on her thumb-nail about her dance teacher’s death. Ananda blessed Appa and brought him back to life. Siddharth Kak visits maao and meets Eutiquio Catawtan, a patient who has been healed by the psychic surgeon without applying any surgical instruments and taken out negative energies from the body.


Baldev Sharma is concerned about his two daughters’ marriage.

A psychiatrist diagnoses her problem. Irrfan Khan explains the subconscious mind. Pramod, who believed in Prem Shankar Sharma’s medication, experienced its impact after he meets with an accident and his vision recovers.

Radha makes medicines with Human bones. Revathy and Satish feel presence of someone in their new house, so they call Avinash to check the house for negative energy.

Alok, a doctor and his wife Payal on their way back home after a party run over a girl with the car. Varsha starts wearing a glove on her hand. Madhu’s marriage is fixed with Neeraj and Ajit warns Vikas to stay nq from her.

Irrfan Khan mentions a temple in the desert of Kutch where jackals first eat the holy offering. Rao, a marine archaeologist, points out that according to the Mahabharat epic, Dwaraka palace is under the ocean.

Amol comes back man sees that the woman’s house is locked. Irrfan Khan comes up with the true story based on a crocodile who stays in a lake in temple and is believed to have some spiritual power in it; as it is completely vegetarian and does not grow old by the day. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Siddarth Kak also supports such thing when he personally talks to Dr. Mishal Raheja talks about auto writing.