I thought they would do a bunch of hyping up of it, but never actually show us scenes on the freighter. Maybe with the time differential this could explain the pregnancy problems And based on Aaron being raised by Kate and her saying “he’s going to wonder where I am” at the end of Jack’s flash forward Ben admits that most the people on the island he brought to the island, they start trying to have babies and the mothers die. Maybe Sun’s child, although she no longer wanted to go to the U. New light shed on Charlotte’s test with Dan’s memory. I love all this, but my comment is sad and UK or even Anglo- centric – The phone box Des went into in wasn’t right. I think that’s the most logical theory at this time, but I’m not sure that Widmore and Hanso are working together.

Did anyone else notice that Dan says to Desmond that he is on a boat in the middle of nowhere in the future during “The Constant”? That’s hilarious that I wrote Edgar! But we never got the impression that he was experiencing them as much as seeing them. Definitely fun for me to watch “newbies” see things for the first time and see their reaction. I didn’t even think about that. They will refer to this scene for any questions on alternate timelines. Desmond and Dan begin their connection through time.

Or, I believe he was unconscious when the boat crashed on the island.

I really enjoy your follow-up comments to my thoughts. Sayid asks Frank why he’s flying directly into this “thunderhead. Alan Dale acts as Charles Widmorethe man responsible for sending the freighter to the island.


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Desmond and Penny are almost as moving as Jim and Pam. And is this not a huge paradox? That’s hilarious that I wrote Edgar! That would mean Hanso is also involved with the freighter folk who have revealed their goal is to capture Ben. The season premiered with 16 million American viewers, giving Lost its highest ratings in 17 episodes; however, the size of the audience s04d04 decreased throughout the season. As for the coffin, I think that it could be Sawyer.

I love all this, but my comment is sad and UK subttitles even Anglo- centric – The phone box Des went into in wasn’t right.

Lost S04E04

Coffin – Maybe we’re being led to believe it’s Sayid based upon his hitman lifestyle. I just rewatched this episode and Desmond never tells Dan about being on a boat. But good point on that Paradox Stedman with Eloise.

Looks like you have someone else to join in on the conversation with now too! But he never learned of his Flashes of the future did he? WE meet 2 new characters, Keemee excuse the spelling, I have no idea what he said.

I’m no Electro-Magnetic expert so my wording choices could be a little messed up! Another site says that in Rousseau’s message it stated ‘Brandon llst the keys’.

And I agree that George and Brandon must have been exposed to radiation probably from the communication equipment. Unless, he just refused to accept that Aaron is his blood because of his father having multiple families. And if thats right “If Sun is about 3 months along on the island, how far along would she be off of the island and would she still have to die?


Michael and Sawyer were even unconscious with their “Re-Arrival” to the island in season A single flashback for each of the freighter crew members introduces their backstories.

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I’m not going to spend too much time thinking through all this time jumping stuff. Find Lost Experience Lost: This was awesome in every way possible. Glad to hear your enjoying it as a show first!! Once again, I should’ve read what you wrote before I made sutbitles comments. Dan finds his journal to find information from that would help 96 Dan believe Subtitlew about ’04 Dan.

Hawking being linked theory is great too.

Miles did keep up with my responses and you’ll see our ongoing conversation over the next posts. Well, we didn’t quite see that yet.

First mobisode more intrigueing – when Christian asks Vincent to wake Jack as Jack has some work to do! I’m amazed at how much emotion these two portrayed in such a short amount of time. Retrieved October 28, People on this board are smart and have great insight.