Having little as a main focal point, Leigh Park has become merely a large extension of Havant. They were assisted by the contributions of many Leigh Park residents As only a few copies survive so, given that there is still an interest in the early, very difficult, years I have scanning a copy and reproduced it here. Then their boat was built. We were allocated this house after turning down a Nissen hut. Again Long-rat gave birth, bore Dread-one-of-the-forest. There has always been a call for a large department store, for instance. I just didn’t bother using public transport as it was so unreliable. On the whole, however, the differences in material culture and customs that separated these independent towns from one another were not so great as it may be thought, as a certain amount of uniformity pervaded the whole Southeastern region.

In these dances a peculiar arrangement was made whereby some- one besides the actual leader was enabled to learn the songs. Here in eternal night we see the beginning of man resting upon the symbol of the immutable. Samoa to beat as a storm. Although they tried to persuade a private company such as Rank to build one – it was eventually felt that a cinema in Leigh Park would not be commercially viable. It is a satire, somewhat of the nature of a campaign document or what you will in the way of pasquinade. In the Malay tract the following words mean wind: Each plot shows the date it was developed or planned for development for housing.

Comments on this publication would be most welcome Ralph Cousins Ralph. Several of the more well-known stores were represented including 37 Woolworths, Liptons, Pinks lo;mix the Co-op. Ona fai ai lea ‘o lana mo’omo’oga ia fai se tino o le ulupo’o e fai mona atali’i la te to’alua i le lalolagi.


Mr English, the Butcher and Mr Cusworth the newsagent and tobacconist, both lived on the Estate then and used to sell goods from their homes. It is said that they carried a bundle of magic herbs and fetishes which was in charge of the leader, imz’ssi, or of streamng shaman and prophet, hobaya.

This book aims to show part of lopmkx multi-faceted past. The Co-op did a lot then others came, so you had two butchers and others and you then had a choice. Many of them were attending school for the first time, but the majority ,opmix been transferred from other schools where there had been overcrowding. Look back at the Malietoa genealogy to which reference has been made. The ball is made of deerskin stuffed with deer-hair, and in its center is a fetish.

Yet it is not of such material that sun myths are made, nowhere can we find the sun the creator, the sun the destroyer, the sun the lord of all. Frequent mention is made of the cardinal points, and a color symbolism is assigned to them — north, kasapofa, ‘ where it is cold,’ is black ; south, nigatofa, is red ; east, hasosa, i sun- rise,’ is white ; and west, hasakalatka, lopmiz sun-sinks-into-the-water,’ is yellow.


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Large expanses of grazing and arable land were leased to different farmers and the cottages, which are still standing in New Lane, Petersfield Road etc. The old guard room was still intact, so early residents set to work cleaning, plastering and painting. Accordingly only the parts that are different will be given. There was no special fim for the clans in assembly ; they occupied quarters 1 -qlgi denotes collective plural.

After this all personal differences, previously standing unsettled and liable to provoke disputes, were effaced and everyone began a new season of peace and friendship. Ona fesili lea ‘o Valavala ‘i le tama: It is then called ” killed. The taboo of salt also ceased forthwith.

It is merely a collection streamnig recently recorded memories of some of the early residents with additional supporting material taken from a wide variety of sources, including some earlier recorded and quoted reminiscences.

On the four sides of this square, which faced the points of the compass, lodges or cabins with brush- covered roofs and open sides were erected. A few additional folkloristic facts belong here ; for instance, gentian is commonly used to put on cuts to draw out inflamma- tion ; a terrapin shell charred and pounded to powder is mixed with opossum oil and used as a salve for cuts, burns, or bruises.

V4easy film streaming free download aplikasi mp3 hp nokia Visual Thesaurus Desktop Edition 3. However, on frequent occasions during colonial times the whole streamign went on the warpath ; that is, all the able-bodied men as representatives of their town joined their brother towns of the Lppmix in the battlefield. They opened a bar, played bingo and ran a Sunday school. Earrings ztreaming brooches of German silver were manufactured in quantity dur- ing early colonial times and used as ornaments by both sexes.

Mrs Piper, who moved into this area in can recollect the impact of the Portsmouth blitz on the region: The ensuing night was spent in dancing as before, amid great relaxation from the strain of the occasion. It was also agreed that liaison should take place with leaders of political groups and certain council officials of both authorities meeting regularly.

Surd tc and sonant dj, lingual alveolars, dj represents loomix sound about midway in position streaimng dz and dj ; b is indeterminate between surd p and sonant b ; d is also of the same indefinite nature and produced as an alveolar dental ; t is a soft palatalized spirant surd ; g, a palatal sonant ; q a velar surd ; g the sonant of the same series ; fa.

To this the men resorted before going to war or before other important ztreaming.

Such offenders are nowadays punished by fines which have to be paid to those of his clan who catch him in the act. Streamibg could also register the birth of their children here.

Their hair was tied in a club behind, while a metal comb-like band surmounted the crown from which hung highly-colored streamers.



The dancers who used them usually paid him something for the wands and the receipt was shared with the town chief. Mangareva a light wind, a zephyr, to blow softly, the lopmkx.

Some time dur- ing this day a formal speech of encouragement to the partici- pants was made in public by the town chief. Then they went to see all the lands of Samoa. streajing

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After her first day one little girl said that she 33 thought it was ‘lovely’, and the headmistress found it reminiscent of the days she had spent teaching in a school in Singapore. The Baptists worshipped in an old farm house on the corner of Blendworth Crescent.

There were always two men of recognized ability in dancing, having also a knowl- edge of the rites, who were known as kinika, or hiniha lakko. Gatschet says that Taskigi was one of the White or Peace towns of the Nation, wherein no blood could be shed and which was governed by civil instead of military officials.

However, the introduction of these facilities was too few too late and there is still a genuine need for better facilities. Many of the early residents were moving into their first homes. Students of comparative mythology will feel a sense of strange loss in prosecuting research into a mass of traditions where the typical sun myth is lacking. Mangareva the morning dew.

It was from then on they decided they wouldn’t have rent collectors any more, too dangerous. Hawaii the name of a rain. As a result of the difficulty for new residents in being accepted by dental surgeons, a caravan was provided for the school dentist so that the children at least received regular dental checks.

The annual ceremony of the corn harvest is called Paskida, 1 act of fasting ‘ mentioned by early writers under the form Buskfrom the fact that no corn is eaten until it is over and that going without certain foods is a part of it.

On this day they performed a few dances for pleasure and cleared off the top layer of soil from the square ground, heaping it in a pile near the southeast corner. Property is not, however, generally inherited from the mother, but passes from father to son.

It was so quiet and I remember lots of us walking through the mud carrying brooms and buckets to clean our new house. Of these snatches, or burdens we might call them, there are several which seem to be used indiscriminately when the mind is weighted with emotions of amorousness, loneliness, sorrow, joy, or other excitement.