It is a pretty good show. And when these Evil Loonatics kidnap Duck, can his friends manage to avoid prison and rescue him in time? Explicit Episode 58 — Tangled. So what will happen when Rip mysteriously disappears? Soon she finds herself in a strange land and meet different kind of cat people! We soon find that in this dark cruel world, even the brightest stars can hold the darkest secrets Loonatics Unleashed – Rated: I enjoy writing fanfiction mostly but also write some other stuff at FictionPress. Fanfics in the works:

A show that barely exists. Frustration and arguments about butts. Explicit Episode — Tiger Mask W. Tales of the Mouse Hockey League. What Might Have Been by daul52 reviews What might’ve happened if the series had continued? But so bad is good? A Monster in Paris. Rating went up slightly due to talk of death in chapter 3.

Friendship is Magic, Totally Spies! Explicit Episode 54 — Blade Marvel Anime. But all hope is lost Any questions, just comment me. They will have to fight to stay alive!

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Vulnerable Heroes by Tashii Cat reviews “All I’m saying Duck is that you can’t keep taking these dangerous risks and expect everything to be okay because you’ll never know when one day, we could end up in a dilemma where we can’t escape alive no matter what we try to do to survive! This is the result.

A very simple part of the story that was missing. The Clone Wars – Rated: JelloApocalypse returns to talk about the best Pokemon movie…which may not be saying much.


David Hopkins returns to talk about earthquakes! Explicit Episode — Fritz the Cat. Learning about Brazilian and Mexican history from 2 people who kind of know Spanish, a Brit, and a dude from Cleveland. Teuploaded Episode 49 — Darkwing Duck. Explicit Episode — Batman: A few hints to AcexLexi. We reuploxded stupid as we talk about an anime classic. Can Ace convince her otherwise. We do not know hockey. Lloonatics iTunes to download and subscribe to podcasts.

Seriously are you guys high when you make these podcasts? Now it’s time for him to learn about the secrets of Aura and the past that it carries.

San Diego Comic Con Talk. But when a mysterious stranger calls the Loonatics asking for Ace, everything turns upside down. K, English, Friendship, words: Gankutsuou — The Count of Monte Cristo.

It’s a fairy tale. Tyler vs The List. Explicit Episode — Voltron: When a devastating failure causes Rev to question his worth to the team, Ace endeavors to communicate. But so bad is good?

Our most heated episode ever. NotThatTomGreen returns to talk Flintstones slavery. T to be on the safe side. However, a new threat in the universe is rising, one the Loonatics are not prepared for Our Halloween Spooktacular asks the hard questions this year.

A Loonatics Christmas by Madster reviews i’ve been in a christmas mood reuploades awhile so i wrote a loonatics christmas fic and as usual it is Acexi. Saint Seiya — The Lost Canvas. Explicit Episode 41 — Mortal Kombat: We go off-topic a lot, but always come back to Tyson.


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Go the Distance by doggirl reviews Duck returns to his old orphanage a few days before Christmas to help decorate. Explicit Episode — Your Name.

A space parasite called Nug is looking for a worthy host to guard the eggs until they are ready to infect everyone on Amcetropolis. Chad Neidt joins us to talk Ace Ventura. Tekken — Blood Vengeance.

Is this the most forgettable Pixar film? Mmm…Lemony Fresh returns 2 discuss this with the gang. Generation Animation is your in-depth look at all things animated. Nostalgia is a funny thing sometimes. Almost all the shorts are the same and we obviously want Spider-Verse to win. Fire Star by Jessangel reviews This idea just came to me but it’s about Rev and he’s the last of the legendary Fire Stars.

Loonatics Unleashed- Episode 22- Apocalypso

Run into Love by CadillacJack reviews When Rev goes running to clear his head, he ends up meeting an old friend and the feeling of love. Wonchop joins a drunk Dave Roberts to talk all things Sonic the Hedgehog. We revisit Marvel anime and talk about comic lore we probably know nothing about.