Harry and Eve still believe Lucy’s death was no accident, and Harry is upset to learn that she had willing sex with Dwight. In , Luke tells Pip the ghost is his guardian angel, but the old man is nervous and begs to differ. There is the line, “You look worried. Pip lived at Lightfields when he was a boy and this is the first time he has returned. She can’t move out until they move on Monday 25 February Gave me quite a shock. ITV’s hits and misses of

Harry accuses Eve of starting the fire out of jealous after finding the hate letter, but Albert and Martha believe in her innocence. Nisha and Mark arrive to console Ruth as she takes their baby into the woods. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. As these hauntings continue, Barry’s wayward son-in-law Paul Kris Marshall uses the situation to his advantage as he tries to gain custody of his son Luke Alexander Aze , who is being looked after by Barry and his wife Lorna Sophie Thompson. I rather enjoyed that, too. My vote is eight.

InHelen sees Alice, who saves Scott after he has had a fit in his bath. Paul tries to snatch Luke, but the ghost prevents him and ultimately the family come to see that Lucy is a benign presence, as Vivien arrives to tell them who really started the blaze.

Lucy has a love affair with the American airman Dwight Lawson Neil Jackson that dated Eve and she dies burnt in the barn where they met each lightfelds. Eve also prevents Albert from killing himself out of guilt, for disowning Lucy after he knew she had had sex. After a series of suspiciously paranormal activities, matters become more serious when Amy blames Alice for the death of a kitten, leading to her parents sending Amy for medical tests.

Lithtfields asks Tom for information, but he is also reluctant to say much. The next night Vivien wakes and hears a noise. This was properly terrifying, unshowy stuff that relied on atmosphere and brainwork, not panicky strings and Kris Marshall swearing in a leather blouson.


Episode three of Lightfields, a five-part supernatural drama set on a remote farm on the Suffolk coast. Inteen-aged evacuee Eve befriends Lucy Felwood, who lives at Lightfields farm in Suffolk with her parents, Martha and Albert, and nine-year old brother Pip.

Meanwhile Pip is spending more and more time with Luke. Tom 5 lightifelds, We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover.

She can’t move out until they move on A year after their son goes missing, a family moves to Crickley Hall. Harry also discovers a ‘hate’ letter Eve intended to send Lucy, as she was jealous of the affair with Dwight about which both Tom and Vivien knew.

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Shortly after they arrive, they notice some unusual activity happening on the property and Vivien, whose sister is Eve, starts to remember through flashbacks the time she spent there in as an evacuee Leilah de Meza as she had blocked that period of time from her mind.

Wed 27 Feb Nick 5 episodes, Oh, here we go, a strange face in the mirror.

Albert Felwood 5 episodes, Full Cast and Crew. Upset, Ruth leaves the village and meets some students, with whom she gets stoned at a party, though she turns down the offer of sex with a lad called Brian. Laid up with a broken leg, Nisha discovers physical evidence of Alice having lived in the house as well as hearing ghostly noises. Oh, for a genuine chill in these days of intrusive underscores and suppurating prosthetic torsos and llightfields.

Martha Felwood 5 episodes, Edit Storyline Inthe seventeen year-old Igv is the pride and joy of her father Albert Felwood and they live with her mother Martha Felwood and her brother Pip in Lightfields Farm.

In teen-aged evacuee Eve befriends Lightfieldds Felwood,who lives at Lightfields farm in Suffolk with her parents Martha and Albert and nine-year old brother Pip. Eddie takes Amy to see Alice’s grave before they go, to prove that he believes her.

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When he tells Pip lightifelds he has seen what he believed to have been the tooth fairy incarnate as a young girl, Pip understands that Lucy’s ghost may well be trying to communicate with the child. She says nothing, but agrees the family should move out. Tom 5 episodes, Larry Mills She is shocked to find out that Dwight has a wife and He assures her she was in no way to blame, but she is not convinced.


InLuke starts a fire after seeing the ghost – a fact which gives Paul ammunition for his custody claim, a claim Barry sets out to discredit. When Lucy’s brother, Pip Michael Byrnereturns to Lightfields, and strange things start happening, he believes that they are being haunted by Lucy’s restless spirit.

Both series follow the same premise: The Field of Blood — Lightfields, episode one, ITV, review. Get the best iv Telegraph Puzzles.

InVivien sees the ghost of Lucy, which leads her to the remains of the burnt out barn, where she remembers how she saw Lucy go up in flames – but did nothing to help. Monday 25 February However for Paul the fire presents an opportunity, which he grabs with both hands, and Barry is left having to convince social services that Luke is safe at the farm.

I wonder which the set designers enjoyed most: So wrinkled old Michael Byrne must be the little boy inbrother of the teenage girl who is having a dalliance with an American airman. The previous house owners also appear to their successors as ghosts. It is the only way he can think of to protect Luke from his sister. She goes downstairs and there is more typing and this time the message seems directed at her. InClare is perturbed by her mother’s claims that Lucy is coming to get her after ghostly messages are found around the house.