Please click the LIKE button and make sure to Thanks for your hard work! I was crying tears of anger for Ah Jung at the end. If i were Ae Jung i would not accept him later on.. Finding a good job in a college town in difficult. She has flaws like every human being, but she is not your average heroin in distress who needs to be saved.

Girls Generation Day Bye Day. I’m so sick and tired watching Kdrama kissing scene where they just stand there and like a dead cold fish kissing a wall. Really, no point in re-capping this dreck. Perhaps another series will yield a complete recap. Ki Joon even chased Ah Jung outside, clearly trying to explain things. Anyhow hopefully the rest of the 8 episodes left in this show continue to be cute and have more kisses. Hush hush hush hush there is no other way i get the final say….. Even their near kiss on the bench had me nearly keeling over.

I can really feel her pain and her sincerity. Home News Members Activity Comments.

Ms Koala, We think alike. Thanks once again for your take on this episode, fighting…!!!

Hajiman mwo eottae mabeob cheoreom. I love the Cola-Kiss.

I guess I just have to get in line huh…how do we break kneecaps? The girl know her ho I give her that. After all dramas are produced to entertain us…. Carinne May 31, at 6: Thank you soooo much for this! I hella cried for Ah Jung at the end.

I think its because thats how KJ has always behaved, i think his minds get to kiss first and then do talking later. He finally stands up to her beating, telling her that he cheated on her mw purpose, and did it in a way that Ah Mw would find out.


She doesnt know what to do in this situation and wants SR to help her out of this emotional mess. I just felt soo bad for AJ. Like lending the hotel for Ah Jungs next project…or something like that…. Hoon reads the text and smiles. She goes off to prepare the contract and send it to Shanghai. But some love stories are just meant to end and move on from. Thank god, because I need these two to stop with the childish antics. Login or Register before you can reply to RaySimpson.

Jadi, apakah sejarah kedua orang tua mereka yang ternyata pernah menjalin kasih akan menjadi hambatan? Whether you can get onboard with this version of LTM depends on whether you emotionally connect with the OTP and buy into their love story.

And how easily he reads her….

Lie to Me – 내게 거짓말을 해봐 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Lizzy May 31, at 3: Kiara May 31, at 7: In fact, when she cried in her car and at the end, I cried with her too. I heard that the little girl is playing young Gong Ah Jung. Counting the hours, minutes and seconds to see and episode 9, this is as good for the better.


Also, I want to see jealous KJ… where is that? Where you are smiling for no reason! So Aunt calls them all together and reveals that Ki-joon and Ah-jung are secretly married. YJ goes to where AJ is and wants to have a talk. Unlike our lovely endodo, I have no studies this summer. Wow, the drama has progressed rapidly with ep8!

Lie To Me Episode 8 [Eng Sub] 내게 거짓말을 해봐 – Cola Kiss

Otherwise it becomes a crutch. Does anyone know where I can watch this drama online with English subs?

Well if you aren’t, I guess it still makes sense. It explains a lot and makes me understand things much better. So, thank you for recapping this. So no, I won’t be giving this a second chance. KDrama Fan May 31, at 7: She finally shows up right when Ki Joon is about to give up, berating herself as a epdrzma for coming.

Although I like your recaps much better, I guess I was selfish in thinking that you dont need a break once in a while. Thank you for recapping Epdgama. Can’t eclipse YEH’s presence on screen. I refuse to blame the actors. And thanks for your comment and recap! I definitely feel that holding-hand-after-the-kissing-while-answering-the-phone thing….