Agent McSweeten, who still thinks that Parker and Hardison are undercover FBI, asks the team to look into the case that obsesses his dying father: Buy a print or ebook copy here! Retrieved August 31, But this con — which must take Moto out in a way to prevent him from running his home country — involves Hardison pulling off a grift that would have been better suited for someone like Sophie. Archived from the original on July 15, The team’s scheme almost gets derailed by the appearance of Jim Sterling, Nate’s former co-worker and long-time nemesis, who attempts to ruin the entire plan.

Retrieved January 15, Businessman 1 Garfield Wedderburn This episode was initially broadcast as a minute commercial-free presentation. Retrieved June 3, With Sophie still in London, the team works with an uptight lawyer as a chaperone, but they soon find out that there’s more to her than meets the eye. He jeopardizes the team by hitting the bottle again, then jeopardizes the job by deciding to go for a bigger scam with an even bigger payout. Retrieved July 1,

The Leverage team targets a shady lawyer looking to leberage his dying client’s estate. I’m not usually invested in the shady scheming going on in a typical Leverage episode, but I found this [premiere] pretty captivating, even if the story was mostly played for laughs.

What I find most enjoyable about Leverage are the small flashbacks where we see how something that was done earlier played into the overall success of the mission. I can understand the performance anxiety aspect of it. Goddamn, what an episode.

His brother, Alexander Moto, owns conflict diamond mines, smuggles the diamonds The job was to steal “the Black Book,” a record of all illegal transactions made by bankers and wealthy people that led to the financial crisis of — On the one hand, I felt really bad for Hardison. Archived from the original on August 19, Meanwhile, Eliot gets distracted when posing as a guard, he sees a young boy being treated and comes to suspect that the boy’s father is responsible for the mysterious injuries which means that the youngster is being abused.


The team goes after a ruthless grifter posing as a psychic, but come across a problem when an ex-con kidnaps him to divine the location of some stolen goods. This entry was posted in Leverage and tagged mark watches leverage.

“Leverage” The Scheherazade Job (TV Episode ) – Cast – IMDb

Available to Stream Watch on. Retrieved September 11, A mark scheherazqde killed during a masquerade ball in an isolated mansion, which leads to Nate becoming the prime suspect in a classic whodunit mystery, forcing the team to find out who killed their mark while also ensuring that Nate doesn’t go down for a crime he didn’t even commit.

To get a convicted felon to reveal the location of his stolen money, the Leverage team steals the hospital he’s confined to and stages a disease outbreak. Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison.

The Scheherazade Job

Retrieved November 29, Retrieved October 23, Okay, not sure why the show felt the need to invent a fictional African country, but I understood that it was meant as a stand-in for Sierra Leone or somewhere along the Ivory Coast. About Mark Oshiro Perpetually unprepared since ‘ Edit Levfrage Episode cast overview: Watch our trailer of trailers.

Leverage was canceled on December 21, amid falling ratings. The team is hired by a former mall Santa to investigate the mall’s owner. The Italian Nnamdi Asomugha The job hits close to home for Parker who jon was an orphan, and Hardison, a former foster child.

Schehherazade drama about a team of high-tech Robin Hoods who scam greedy corporations and corrupt forces that have victimized average citizens. While nursing an injury, Parker comes across the planning of a crime and must recruit a reluctant waitress Aarti Mann to aid her in figuring out the plot.

While discussing the solo crimes they committed as independent thieves, the team members each reminisce about a particular night five years earlier, when it turns out they each unwittingly tried to steal the same artifact at the same time. An entrepreneurwho has made his fortune by stealing his subordinates’ ideas, must be convinced by the team that he has made contact with aliens. The team has returned to their old ways, but are not anywhere near as satisfied as they were before, and they all reunite to take down the banker levreage the Irish mob.


Retrieved September 5, In the wake of Jimmy Ford’s death, the Leverage team must recruit allies for a final confrontation as they seek to take down both Latimer and Dubenich once and for all but Nate’s own plans for the latter may have far-reaching and fatal consequences for both of them as well as the team. Retrieved August 28, Eliot must face an old adversary named Roper to get the scheherqzade back. To make matters worse, a significant portion of the heist depended on Hardison being able to play the violin perfectly at the exact moment needed.

“Leverage” The Scheherazade Job (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Thus, most of scheherszade episode is a test, albeit one that Hardison accepts entirely on his own. Cast Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford. A sly former insurance sleuth captains the crack crew, which includes an eccentric expert thief; a computer virtuoso; a hardfisted “retrieval specialist”; and a grifter with ace thespian skills. Would Hardison be able to pull this off???

Alec Hardison Giancarlo Esposito Man With a Plan. The team enters the fashion industry to con a sweatshop owning couple while they cope with their newest member. Patrick Bonanno csat the Massachusetts State Police is shot while trying to take down a corrupt mayor, and the team steps in to finish what he started.

The ace avengers position themselves inside the all-powerful pharmaceutical industry to crush a crooked CEO who’s trying to market a drug that could kill thousands of innocent people. Archived from the original on July 1, The Leverage team stages a miracle to help, but it ends up attracting too much attention to their mission.