April 20th, at 5: Direct download via magnet link. Adam Baldwin in the mix and Eliot kicking all sorts of ass, and Hardison geeking out with the techno screen stuff they were doing. While having sex with three supermodels, Malik has trouble getting aroused, and goes to rehab to visit Jenna. And when Sterling showed up YES!! I really was surprised by the HPE episode, it worked very well, it looked great most of the way only Parker on the subway didn’t hold up for viz FX , and it was quite suspenseful.

But better to wait til November than till next year! Till now, GOT has 7 seasons with Hmmm, probably a tie between Sterling or Lance. Sterling, Chaos, Quinn, Maggie and Tara ;. Sansa marries Ramsay Bolton. I love Eliot’s hair, long or short, he wears both well. Gault’s curator, daughter, ex-wife, lawyer, and semi-estranged son.

Leverage ‘s Summer Finale: While having sex with three supermodels, Malik has trouble getting aroused, and goes to rehab to visit Jenna.

Sansa marries Ramsay Bolton. He had a massive collection of paintings by an artist named Mettier.

Leverage S05E09 and S05E Thanks to Chamallow for the corrections. I’d love to see Leverage figure out how to fit all of its awesome into one episode I mean they really proved it. The Colonel would be restrained by pesky laws and regulations, but the Leverage crew doesn’t have to worry about that kind of stuff, so they began making moves. They chased her, but found her dead in the pool.


Parker climbed on top of the train, then as it sped along she got inside and worked her way toward Scalzi.

“Leverage” The Rundown Job subtitles English

Login to quote this blog Subtitled Close. April 20th, at 5: Eventually Hardison was able to trace Udall’s phone, which led them to a subway station.

I like his hair long or short. He makes for a good, despicable bastard lol!! Specifically “The Big Bang Job”. If you don’t like the extension. Also, Hardison and Eliot.

Leverage – 05 – Complete Season (2008)

Eliot’s hair is more practical. Remember if you see Trusted Posterthis means. Leonard must face his fears after being contacted by his high school tormentor. I loved Eliot’s hair, I liked the first one better, but also loved the second one. Leverage03x12The King George Job.

Subscene – Leverage – Fifth Season English hearing impaired subtitle

Wire S 05 E 08 Clarifications. One season, aired all the way through, and then a short-ish break before the next season airs all the way through. Anybody think the Eliot-to-Hardison “I need your brain” moment was too forced? Can’t wait for the return in November. Other than the ending, I thought it was movie quality, but the ending fit their personalities, so not complaining. As for mid-season breaks, I don’t mind them very much, just as long as they don’t take eternity to return.


I HATE the usual shoulder-length I just love the begrudging older brother role that Eliot plays with both Hardison and Parker, and they are the loyal younger sibs that will do anything for their big bro because his opinion and validation matters.

It tries to do so much, and it has five VERY strong characters, but it has trouble squeezing all of its awesome into an hour-long episode every week. Game of thrones its s04e01 p hdtv xkillers subtitles Download.

Everett Udall talked about bio-terrorism.

Leverage’s Summer Finale: Too Much Awesome for Just One Episode –

April 15th, admin. I liked the first one better, but loved them both.

Eliot’s hair looks much better – I thought it’s been looking a bit scruffy lately.