Huh, that line of reasoning makes a little more sense. Tis more like a dating game. Recappers are allowed to show some bias, even if readers don’t agree with it. Good to hear from you. Still, have a nice day. And if so, why? Gil-ro points out that there are more men than women here so there have to be some bro couples.

Young-soon is called away by the sniping, and leaves Seo-won with a few last words of advice. To make the situation worst both guys are extremely good looking. Dongsaeng killer February 21, at 8: This one, Jin and IMY. Ugh, this is going to get seriously heartbreaking and angsty when Gilro finds out he’s not an official agent. It looks so weird and unattractive. The actors seem to be trying tooooo hard to engage. Definitely a spoofy spy drama.

The last scene was just sooo hilarious im still laughing whenever I think of it. And is the bad younger brother really JJ?

This drama reminds me of the movie “Spies Like Us”. Well, I think in reality the staff recorded the whole scene and the walls were white. They note that Do-ha is in a similar situation, and could be pulled out for black ops.

We get more of the Spy School developments swrvant are always fun—I love boarding school type storiesbut more importantly, some signs of character growth that go a long way toward endearing me to them.


When Gil ros father said “you’re 30 now” I had to laugh, because Joo Won looks nowhere near 30 or He wakes up in the infirmary as Director Oh approaches and alludes to his upcoming court martial for disobeying direct orders to fire on the enemy.

One critique about the storyline: I am with you though I will probably stay for the long haul. Thanks for the update! Back to Do-ha, who witnesses the exchange in the park and secures the baddies. She opens her door and walks inside, and makes it two steps in before Woo-jin cocks his gun. She’s the Candy whose only interesting characteristic is that she can beat the lie detector.


If Seo-Won stops acting like a Noona, it’ll be even better.

Thanks for the laugh XD. I swear, sergant are worse He even throws a water cup at him, just trying to get him away as fast as possible. This is a waste of Joo Won’s talent. The writer will probably delude himself into thinking that L7CS wasn’t the crap we all know it to be. It’s one thing to recap, but another to recap a terrible terrible show.

There is this well known actor who has played vastly different roles but yet each time he appears, I see serbant actor and not the character.

Dewo March 30, at 7: Mi-rae and JJ put President Han in motion and prepare for the big showdown, confident that the NIS big boys will show up in person this time, instead of sending the minions.

I also admit I’m happy with this drama’s pace.

My last comment is: He isn’t being romantic, he’s being neurotic and weird. Thanks Technokeats, something for me to consider: Come next weekit is going to be tough with competition from Iris 2 and That Winter, the Wind Blows.

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That’s an honest statement of a possible bias informing her opinion so readers can form their own opinion. Not that I don’t enjoy a goofy sit-com here and there-I’m a fan of ‘The Big Bang Theory’–but that’s not what I was looking for out of this concept. Their priorities varied and coming to the training ground is right now making our leads reassess their needs and each other.


They stop to eat at a rustic restaurant, and he supposes he ought to meet her parents too. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Like, bad ’70s TV. I wonder people like you know what is Respect.

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Ann January 31, at 1: So then what we have are older actresses that look young or just older actresses. Just trying to imagine what on earth dramcrazy could say to explain that situation cracks me up. She doesnt really scream ‘kickass’ to me. He sees the dab of whipped cream on her lips and reaches over, all prepared to play the rom-com hero…. Just looking at some of screen cap photos makes me not want to continue reading.

Why you would be so turned off from watching a show or even looking at a picture of a person just because of how the person looks?

Any subs you see now from the streaming sites ie Dramacrazy have the illegal xivil okay? Thanks for the laughs! Dad just snaps at him not to spend money on useless things. Not to mention the actress did not write the script!

But, it’s a rom-com and they snatched Joo Won up off from his Gaksital success and right when he was in the mood to do a rom-com. Wanted to thank both of you till the end. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I seriously thought the series drajacrazy at ep